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Insane Ramblings

Queen of Insanity

Emma Love
So, I've finally broken down and got a livejournal. Hey, I resisted for a long time, but so many people use livejournal that you almost have to have one to keep up with everything.

I am over 18, I am over 21, I am over 25, I'm actually over 30, but as far as I'm concerned I stopped at 30, so if 30 isn't old enough... Oh well! ;)
Speaking of age related matters - I've decided to lock down all my adult fanfic/fic, which means lurkers and even friends won't be able to see it, unless they comment here to be added to the Adult Fic Filter.

With the closing of Geocities, I decided to restart my website on InsaneJournal, so while I might still post some fanfic on this journal (my LJ) from time to time, my entire collection of fanfic will eventually (hopefully) be on InsaneJournal.

Other important linkage/information: My Friending Policy - My LiveJournal Rating - Who can comment in my LiveJournal?
NOTE: Even if I friend you, that won't automatically grant you access to my adult fic - you need to comment here before you'll be added to the Adult Fic Filter, because I have friends that are not old enough for that sort of thing and I simply refuse to defriend them for the sake of posting adult fic.

It should be noted that I am all over the map with this journal. Originally I was planning to make it a one trick pony, but that ended up not being the case.
This journal IS slash friendly, both male/male and female/female.

DARN IT! I want fic recs! Over my time on LJ I've made several entries requesting fanfic recs Ghost Whisperer (Jim/Melinda/Rick - fanfic recs, please!), Star Wars (Han/Luke/Leia), 'Lord of the Rings'/'Harry Potter' Frodo/Harry, please!. Pretty please, if you've written or simply know of a fanfic that fits, please (oh please) rec it to me. Thanks.
Seriously, even if you look at those entries and find them months/years old - don't let that stop you from making a rec, because in some cases I've been looking for fics along those lines for years already.

And if you have to give a little to get a little, I have fanfic recs to offer:
Harry Potter Gen & Het, Harry Potter slash A - L, Harry Potter Slash M - Z, Crossovers

Other Harry Potter rec lists - listed from oldest to most recent:
Oldest: Harry Potter (slash/het)
Harry Potter (gen/slash),
Harry Potter (gen/het/slash/femslash/crossover),
Most recent: Harry Potter (gen/het)
Yes, I read/recced a lot of Harry Potter fanfics, and my ultimate plan is to one day merge those four newer recs lists in with the original three (four) lists, but so far that hasn't happened.

But that's not all, I do have a few fanfic recs that aren't Harry Potter:
The Daily Show/The Colbert Report
Star Wars
(Shockingly, I don't have a specific fanfic recs list for Buffy the Vampire Slayer or X-Files, but I do have a post which links to some archives that, of course, have some great fanfic for those.

Most people know me as "Hope" or some variation of that. I.E. Just1Hope (TrollKingdom and EZBoard), EvilHope and (currently) PhoenixHope (TerranBBS). I have been involved with other fandoms, but never really to the extent that I was online with Trek. However, someone might stumble upon here that would remember a "Trickster" from a couple "Buffy" forums, but I really didn't post on "Buffy" boards that much.

The fandom I've been involved with the longest would be Anita Blake, and even though I'm less than enthralled with the series these days I'm still hanging on to that fandom by a thread. Since I know there are some people using LJ that would know me from that fandom, I'll spill my SuperSekritID. If you know me from Anita Blake you would call me "Borderline" from the Throne Rock Asylum.

Of course, I wasn't always "Borderline" in the Anita fandom - I only took up the name "Borderline" when that was how I started feeling about the series. I liked it, so I've kept it. The thing is I cannot remember my original posting name - the name I used when I was actually still a fan. However, I can remember the few boards I used to post on, strange what one will remember. Anyway, they were The Page of Eternal Life and "Jean-Claudes Fashion Secrets." JCFS disappeared long ago, and while the PoEL is still around I haven't made a post since they switched from "Bravenet" to another type board.
Incidently, I may have also posted on the "Alpha's Lair" before it vanished, but it is possible I only lurked there.

Oops, I forgot one message board earlier, I know the reason I forgot is because I don't post there often, but still I should have remembered. Seriously us small group of Harry/Luna shippers must stick together. LoonyLions

Don't get me wrong H/Luna isn't my fav pairing ever, but out of all the Harry pairings I do like this is the only one that had a rats chance of becoming canon.

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Profile Interrupted: I've created a message board for the new Lifetime series Blood Ties based on the Blood Books by Tanya Huff. If you like the television series and/or the books, please check out and join my board.
Again, click here to see and join the fun!
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