Reviews/Comments: The Vampire Diaries 5x17 & Supernatural 9x17

Supernatural 9x17 Mother's Little Helper

So, this was delayed because I was sick when I watched the first time and I found myself really liking it, so I felt like I needed to watch again before trying to review it. Because I have noticed in the past that sometimes when I'm not feeling myself while watching something I will weirdly like it so much better than I otherwise would have.

Not this time, because even after a healthy rewatch I still liked it. More than that I kinda loved it.

Yes, I know there was some issues, but even then I still couldn't do anything other than sit back and bask in the fact that this is pretty much the first episode of Supernatural that I've truly loved and enjoyed since the middle of last season. Seriously, I remember the "old" days where I would rewatch episodes numerous times and that hasn't happened consistently since season six. So, apparently I don't care that this episode had some issues I'm just gonna like it.

Now I suspect since some of the things here will be plot-relevant later on that there will be some retro bitching. But right now all I can do is be all like "this is good and I liked it."

The Vampire Diaries 5x17 Rescue Me

Honestly, I've been trying to start this for awhile and I just can't come up with anything to say about the episode, except that (and I'm not sure why) but Jeremy came across as a big giant asshole to me. And apparently it was bad enough that it pretty much ruined the whole episode for me. When really outside of that I can't recall the episode being horrible.

Well, there was that one thing where I kept hoping Caroline had given a certain someone her blood, but that doesn't seem to have been the case.
(Because who didn't see that coming. Apparently, Caroline.)

I don't know perhaps I'll think of something more to say about the episode later, but probably not since I don't plan on rewatching it.

Reviews/Comments: The Vampire Diaries 5x15

Okay, it's weirdly looking like LJ is biased or something - for two weeks it's let me post my reviews of The Vampire Diaries, but for The Originals and Supernatural I've had to put them in my "various" thread.
(But then it won't let me edit and I always notice a mistake after posting *sigh*)

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Even more thoughts - Re: Supernatural Season Nine

So, I rewatched the recent three episodes last night and I believe that helped me work out why I'm so bothered by the way Sam is currently acting toward Dean, because it's not as though Sam doesn't have at least one valid reason to be angry. But taken as a whole I'm ultimately just not feeling that Sam's anger is justified (or at least the seeming extent of it is justified), and that was actually bothering me just a little bit.

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And look at this - apparently making my sticky catch-all post was exactly what was needed, because since making that LJ hasn't even attempted to lock me out of posting.

More thoughts - Re: Supernatural 9x13

(I don't have a proper Supernatural icon for my thoughts here, so just pretend the one attached to this entry says - "All Was Well - (But my Supernaturalmania ended up pretty damaged for that to happen.) - because that seems to be the direction Carver wants to take with Supernatural.)

You know - I was wrong in my review I said Carver had made Sam Sally (Sally from Being Human who even after having been turned into a flesh eating zombie and yet managing to come back from that has learned nothing - everyone keeps trying to tell her she needs to stop and think about her actions before you know acting, but she never does or at least hasn't yet), but that's mostly because I was comparing one Carver show to another, which upon reflection isn't really correct. No, Sam is more like Rebekah from The Originals, though not exactly because Rebekah isn't trying to emotionally manipulate her brothers into becoming different people - she's just wanting to take the pound of flesh from them that they've taken from her. What? It's not any healthier, but it does seem somehow more honest than what's currently going on between Dean and Sam on Supernatural.

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The Various and Sundry LJ Entry - For My Own Post Making Needs

This is my sticky entry, because LJ is getting worse and worse about letting me actually update my own LJ. So after this previous week I decided I needed a sticky post because usually when LJ is not letting me make entries it will still let me make comments - ergo this is my comment post, because sometimes I just need an entry to vent my spleen so to speak and that always seems to happen when LJ refuses to work for me.

Basically this means that if you care and suddenly realize I haven't made an entry in a while (especially in the TV season when I usually at least make weekly episode review entries) read the comments on this entry because if I'm around but haven't been making entries then it's because LJ hasn't been letting me and I've been reduced to making comments on my own LJ to say what I want/need to say.

I kinda hope it won't ever be necessary for me to use this one, but based on recent history it probably will.

Yep this is what LJ has reduced me too - I'd actually consider leaving if I hadn't made this a perm account - if I want to use my own journal I have to comment to my own entries. *sigh*

Yes, it happens to be working right now, but I apparently can't count on that lasting.
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Reviews/Comments: The Originals 1x12/13, Supernatural 9x12/13, The Vampire Diaries 5x12

The following would've been an entry made on Saturday but LJ and my internet was bitches! My internet stopped being a bitch Monday night, but LJ didn't stop until today.

So, last week I had three days in a row off from work starting after my shift ended Wednesday afternoon. Now I knew Wednesday evening/night I wouldn't be watching my shows, because Tuesday night I had problems sleeping/resting because of a wicked combo of tummyache/heartburn. But I had planned to start watching on Thursday night, but alas I had other stuff that needed doing and so I did not get around to watching the following shows until Friday evening/night The good news is that I did watch the following on Friday night, but couldn't post these on Saturday afternoon as was the original plan, because I could not get connected to the internet. But despite that hiccup I'm still happy, because Friday and Saturday I did manage to get almost completely caught up on my TV watching. Still as mentioned I typed these up Saturday morning before I started watching other shows, because I didn't want my thoughts from these episodes to get lost in the thoughts of other stuff.
(And I probably won't get behind much (if at all) this week, because for some reason I'm not working as much this week as usual either - I'm starting to feel paranoid about that - like what did I do wrong? - but that is a topic for another time, especially thanks to being called for tomorrow night I won't be as lacking hours as I would've been without that.)

Anyway, I have no idea when/if my internet connect will return, so I have no idea when I'll get this posted. But while this would've been late it wouldn't have actually been this late is my point, and while I do have to work tomorrow night - if everything goes well I should be able to watch The Originals and Supernatural sometime after work tomorrow and if my internet doesn't go screwy again be able to post the reviews on Wednesday.

And, of course, now that my internet is back up LJ is post-blocking me again! *sigh*

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End of the first entry - Begin second entry, which would've been made today!

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PS - If this entry does post, and then I find I can't post another... Well, I've decided that I need to tack a post for all my commenting needs since LJ is very flakey on letting me actually post an entry. So with that in mind - if you come around and see I haven't made an entry in a while - read the comments to the most recent entry, because that'll be where I'm making "entries" now up to and including posting my episode reviews. Because yep that's what LJ has come down to for me now - I'm having to comment to my own entries just to be able to use my own damn LJ.
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