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Okay, I'm sorry if I left anyone hanging without an update yesterday, but I was actually busy, and okay so there wasn't much in the way of updating necessary.

And thanks to what I did Friday and Saturday I have now gotten a good start on gardening. However, that start is a bit late, especially the planting of tomato seeds, I really should have gotten them started around the first of the month. On the other hand, hopefully it'll be okay, because last year I started the tomato seeds on time only to have just about all the baby plants die on me, so basically last year I "started" them later then this year.
(However, it should be noted that most of those plants last year didn't do as well as usual. It could be something else, but I blamed the late start, because knowing I had started them late I bought special plant food and stuff which didn't seem to make much of a difference. Still as I said, while I didn't start them as early as most years, they are officially started slightly earlier this year then last year. And this year I have compost manure for the feeding plants, which hopefully means they'll do better this year.)

So, yeah, all I really did online yesterday was log on to order a few plants and then I was off again. And, yeah, there's still more to do, but aside from a few more seeds that I'll start over the coming week, most everything is now "done" until it's actually time to start putting plants outside.

There's an interesting bit of good news to report today, though. You may remember how I said I thought Neurontin wasn't creating moods merely enhancing the moods I had? Well, someone mentioned losing a parent this morning and I got really really sad, because as you may or may not know my mother passed away some years ago. Now I've had many moments of sadness over the years since she passed away, but today I literally starting bawling and couldn't stop. However, the good news part is that while I was very very sad I still didn't have the urge to hurt or kill myself, so it's possible these continuing updates may not be necessary.

Also, on the pain front, I do think the pills are helping. They haven't magically made the pain stop, but considering everything I've done over the past two days my feet should be hurting so bad that I'd be forced to use pain reliever and basically unable to really get out of bed. However, they honestly aren't hurting today any more then a constant low-level pain, which seems lower-leveled then what I would've previously called low-level pain. So, YAY!

Even stranger - I was crying like crazy this morning, but now I'm almost in one of those great moods again. Sooooo, you know what that means, right? An update from my astral plane!

I regret to inform you (my gentle readers) that despite our great and epic love, Danneel has broken up with me, apparently that bitch (Jensen) was jealous of our epic love, and so Danneel folded like a cheap suit.

But never fear, I'm all right, because I now have an epic love thang happening with Gen. What can I say? She's hot, at least I think so, and clearly she has a sense of humor, and that's good enough for me.


So anyway for the past few days Gen and I have been planning to run away together. However, every time we're thisclose to walking out the door Jared will pull the Sam puppy eyes of DOOM and then both of us fold like cheap suits just before pulling out some gear and scaling mount Jared to have our dirty dirty wicked way with him. A good time is had by all.

(PS - It seems there has been some confusion on this, so I thought I'd just mention that on my astral plane there is no such thing as straight or gay, everyone is bisexual.
That's right, you're bisexual, and you, and you, and most especially you - you're so bisexual that you're thinking about me naked right now. It's okay, I understand, I'm thinking about you too.

Glad to know the pain is less then usual.

Oh and on any astral or other plane I am after women only :P ;)
No, no, NOOOOO!

It doesn't work that way, darling. You are as bisexual as me on MY astral plane. In fact, on my plane I can clearly see you doing the nasty with some big strapping man that maybe I'll reveal later. *evil grin*

If it helps, maybe tommorrow I'll see you having a threesome where you're the only man involved.
But that'll only happen if you're a good boy today. *wink*

I guess I very much hope that you'll think I'm a good boy then.. ;)

As for you, still crossing my fingers for you, I hope they'll find a way to cure you without reliance on meds *hugs* :)
Yesssssss, I do believe I see you with two pairs of super awesome ta-tas - one pair in your face, and the other pair are being held around your cock.

So, we're all happy now, right? Cause, mostly I like making my friends happy, until (of course) they need to be punished, but that's probably just another form of making them happy, right?

I really need an icon with boobies! Big bouncing boobies!
Yes, that would indeed make me veeeeeeery happy ;) *cuddle*
Good, because it dawned on me (after I went offline, of course) that you might not be as big a boob man as I am a boob gal.

There are, after all, some people that like other sexual parts more then boobies. Yeah, I don't get it either, cause boobies YAY!
I do like boobies, they don't have to be big though for me to like them ;) as for other parts, I like those too but that's a subject for PM or so.. ;)