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So, I created a new entry for this, BUT I have a good reason - I am taking a potentially mind altering drug, and while that scares the crap out of me, I decided that I might as well have some fun with it.

Here's a link on the off chance you missed Neurontin Day One...

Neurontin Day Two Mental State - I am married to Jared Padalecki
(You may not want to read this, because there may be some triggery stuff in here.)

Yes, that's right, we married sometime the year before last (don't oppress me with your dates!) on the astral plane, and I decided enough was enough and that it was time to go claim my man. I mean, don't get me wrong, the astral plane is awesome, what with the being married to fuckin' Jared Padalecki, but even better we go to have sex with Jensen Ackles every night before we go to sleep. Okay, NOT every night, sometimes Jensen was all "I need a break - go screw someone else." Personally, I think JDM is visiting on those nights, but obviously I can't prove it, cause now-a-days everybody is all "pics or it didn't happen." I find the lack of faith people have in other people disturbing.

So, anyway, on those nights we invade Jim Beavers life - Jared suggested Misha at first, but Jared and Misha's love IS SO PURE that I couldn't bring myself to go there with him, you know.

So, on the nights he went to Misha, I hooked up with this little known chick named Danneel Harris. OUR LOVE IS SO PURE! (Or at least it was - more on that later.)

But on other nights when Jared wasn't visiting Misha, we'd visit Jim together, who was always glad to see us coming, you know. However, toward the "end" he started bringing a friend, and I started to get the feeling he wasn't as eager to see us anymore.


Anyway, so last night I decided enough was enough, it was time to get Gen (Genevieve to you) to stop pretending she had something with Jared. Needless to say she was a wee-bit surprised by the news that I am (or was) in fact his wife.

She was like, "Oh, hell no!"

And I was all like, "suck it!"

And then it was on bitches! That's right, right there on the set of Supernatural (why was we on the set? I don't know, man, stop stompin' my buzz with loop holes!) we threw down. That's right, we started to fight a death match over MY man. Got to say, she doesn't look that strong, but she's got some serious claws. MEOW, baby!

But fear not gentle readers as with most things involving my life on the astral plane this didn't end with epic blood-shed, nope, it ended in a giant orgy. And that, my friends, was EPIC!

Seriously, now you get to be sooooooo jealous because of what I saw. What? You ask. Why I saw Jared and Jensen playing naked monkey in the middle with Misha - it was so f'in hot! Seriously. But prissy Misha wouldn't let me take any pics - he's so modest, you know.

Also, everybody was there... But I guess I should confess now I didn't just go up there to get Gen to back off MY man. No, really we was all there for Jensen. I guess by now you've heard the sad tale of Jensen's divorce, right? Poor Jensen, man, until the naked sexy times he was so heart-broken, but of course you can't stay upset when the healing cock of Jared is anywhere around. Trust me, as his wife, I know. The Padacock heals all!

Damn, now I gotta go touch it again. BRB Hang on.

*comes back three hours later*

*sighs happily*

Now to let you guys in on a top secret secret - Kripke is jealous of the Padacock, which is completely normal, even Jensen gets Padacock envy from time to time, but Kripke got so jealous one time because Jared wouldn't let him touch it, and that's why Kripke used his pen to turn Sam's into a Death Peen.

See everyone thinks Sera is all about the Jared, but she's not. It's Kripke, he's always coming around demanding that Jared remove the clothes and prance around like a painted whore for him. Jared does it (obviously ONLY because he wants to keep his job) but every time he has tears in his eyes. Jared was so relieved when Sera "took" over you can't even imagine.

Also, almost everyone believes that Misha came on board to break up the Js, but that's just not true, he came on board to try and save Jared from Kripke. So, see you guys, Misha is totally a good guy.

That's also how Gen manages to keep coming back, since Kripke hates Jared as much as he lusts for him, Kripke keeps bringing Gen around because he wants to hurt Jared so much. TRU FACS, ya'll!

Anyway, moving on to the bit of news that really started all this, though there may have also been an awesome icon involved:
(The icon had check boxes with writing off to the side - single, then married (I think), then involved with a celeb who doesn't even know you exist - guess which box was checked! I wish I borrowed that icon, I really do.)

You may have heard, but if you haven't I'll tell you now - Stephanie Ware-Ackles has left Jensen, she's divorced him. Yeah, that's right, Jensen's wife (Stephanie Ware-Ackles) has left him. It's really sad, because everyone thought those two crazy kids was in it for the long-haul.
(Note: She may have changed her mind/story since last night when I saw that bit of fun, but there's no take backs - they all belong to ME now!)

But never fear, for Jensen at any rate, because he STOLE my girlfriend. That BITCH (Jensen)! That's right, Danneel Harris is now with Jensen instead of ME. BAH! "Baby, what's he got that I don't got?" You know, except a smokin' hot body, a television career, much more money (assuming he doesn't blow it all on blow), and of course a penis.

But wait! I have something better - I have a smokin' hot fantasy life, and I KNOW his fantasy life is NO MATCH FOR MINE! I think this post proves that. So top this Jensen!


But take heart fangirls, I'll let you in on some more super secret informations - Jared, and indeed everyone who's EVER been involved with Supernatural, has a secret fat-fetish - that's just TRU FACS, ya'll!

Anyway, back to Jensen, Danneel, and me. You know the important stuff. ;)

J & D actually left the orgy early to run off and have a quickie Vegas wedding. Leaving me with a seriously broken heart. "Seriously, Danneel, I thought we had something special. How could you leave me for that painted whore?! WHY?!"

Okay, fine, he's talented and awesome, I get it, but BABY, OUR LOVE WAS SO PURE! *pouts*


*phone rings*



"Oh, baby, of course all's forgiven!"

*hangs up phone*

Okay, my lovelies I gotta run. Danneel called. To make up for making me cry, she's arranged a private orgy (hey, five IS private for an orgy - I forgot to mention that Gen and I decided to share, right? Well, we did, so it's all good), so I gotta run. I'll update you guys again later, K.


Or in other words my mental state is still the same as it always was. Thank goodness. Yes, that's right, that bullcrap above is completely normal for me, though I generally try to SUPPRESS myself because of the sanity police - they're out there, looking for you! Right now! RUN!

Seriously, though, I figure if one is going to live in delusion-land, one might as well have one hell of a delusion to go along with it! Honestly, it just seems so odd to limit a delusion to just one man/woman when since it's your headspace you CAN have them all! Cast/crew (including Uncle Bob), that guy who stalks the set claiming he's working for Jared, plus that awesome make-up girl. That's right honey, I LOVE YOU! And when I find my boom-box I'll spend my nights outside your window proving it to you over and over again - you'll never sleep again.
(Yeah, my 80's boom-box still works! Mostly.)


No, seriously, my mental state is still as normal as it ever was, despite all evidence to the contrary. And I can actually bend my toes today, and I don't mean just move them, I mean they actually bend, which they haven't done in years, so maybe this medicine is actually gonna work, though make no mistake they still hurt right now, I'm just saying I do believe they might be just a little bit better.

If you don't know any of the people I've mentioned, you can easily use GOOGLE, Bing, or Ask to figure it all out. But you have to be careful, because there's all kinds of dirty LIES out there. ;)
Again I hope the meds will work, as for your mental state, I hope it stays giddy and happy. ;)
Well, the giddy and happy aren't quite as giddy and happy today - Todays Update

But I still have some hugs, kisses, and spanks for you. *grin*

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