What is this? A short(ish) review from me. RUN! Run for your lives!

Supernatural 6x16 "...And Then There Were None"

Well, the first thought I had was that Bobby, Rufus, and most especially Sam need to be tied up and spanked. That's right, all of them. Why? Well, you see Dean was all set to keep his Grandpa killing promise, and then those three jokers got their panties in a bunch and stopped him. Okay, fine, Sam and Bobby more then Rufus, but I still want to spank Rufus anyway.

And, no, Dean's body killing Gwen does NOT make up for Dean not killing Grandpa. Also, Sam threatening Grandpa does NOT make up for DEAN NOT KILLING GRANDPA! Though it was a nice touch.

And you know what? I'm not exactly thrilled about this episode spending so much time teasing me with Dean pointing guns at Grandpa all the time, though I did like Dean being all dog with a bone when it come to that. However, at a certain point, you just KNOW that the show is going to steal the kill away from Dean. Now granted I'm mostly a Sam!girl, but I really wanted Dean killing Grandpa is all I'm saying.

On the other hand, Dean and Sam cornering Grandpa was more then a little awesome. But mostly, I'm starting to think Robo!Sam and Grandpa maybe had something sexual going on, and that's why Grandpa didn't want soul!Sam back. Which does fit in with my Grandpa had a bit more then fatherly love going on for Mary. Weirdly, though I'd rather the show suggested something sexual between Gwen and Robo!Sam. Yeah, that's right, I was a secret Gwen/Robo!Sam shipper. Of course, I'm one of those who loved the whole Deliverance feel (I believe is what some called it) of the Campbells, so I can just imagine Robo!Sam going through the whole family, or you know the whole twisted family going through him. *wink*


Sorry, I'm back now, and DAMN IT ALL!

I'm back just in time to realize that Dean isn't going to kill Grandpa.


*stomps feet* *screams cause of extreme foot pain* *coughs*

Dean kills Grandpa! *gives Show the hairy eyeball*

*sigh* I mean, yes, I love Sam, I love badass!Sam, but Dean promised, and Show clearly remembered that based on the previously at the beginning of this episode. I might have been okay with Sam killing Grandpa, really, but the show even ruined that by having Sam only kill him because Sam knew Grandpa had the Kahn worm. I wanted Grandpa killed in cold blood, not some kind of justifiable homicide.

Speaking of sucking, Bobby is seriously sucking in this episode. First he sends Dean away like a damn child, and then he sends both Sam and Dean away. UGH! Bobby, really, STFU! Dean should've killed Grandpa at the beginning, cause it isn't as though he was helpful, and then acting like Dean or Sam would turn in to shrieking violets to see Grandpa's corpse cut up. STFU, Bobby. YOU AREN'T THEIR DAMN FATHER SO STOP ACTING LIKE IT!

Oops, I think my extreme John!girlness may have just snuck in through the backdoor here.

Interesting, because so far it's been Grandpa, not Bobby, who brings out my inner John!girl, but in this episode it was Bobby.

You know, I didn't really like that this episode turned Rufus into a bit of an ass either, but since he's only being an ass to Bobby, all is forgiven Rufus, all is forgiven. Though I admit hearing Bobby tell the story of their meeting was interesting (at the end of the episode and after... *sobs* No, I just can't talk about it!).

Oh, but wait, Grandpa ain't dead yet! *glares at Show* This is your chance - DEAN KILLS GRANDPA!

Fuckin' Bobby!

FUCKIN' Bobby!

The first is, of course, because Show had Bobby kill Grandpa. Bad Show, no biscuit! The second is because asshole!Bobby just had to go and kill Rufus. WOW! So, Rufus would've been better off all around if he'd just not saved Bobby in the first place. Poor Rufus!

You know, at first I didn't like Bobby, but by the end of season three (I think it was) Bobby started to win me over, but then came season five and I ended up hating Bobby. However, until now, I had started to like season six Bobby. All the things that annoyed me about him at first and in season five seemed to have been removed from the character, but this episode brought all of that back full force.

"Why do you keep talking about herpes?" HeHe!

Anyway, Dean/Sam, look at me. Yes, that's right, over here darlings. Look, I know you guys (unlike me) don't want to kill Bobby, and I get that, I do, Bobby has pulled the wool over your eyes (evil!Bobby FOR THE WIN! Obviously, he let the wife/girlfriend of Rufus die so he could have Rufus all to himself, but that plan backfired because it was obviously his very first evil scheme *coughs*), but you are hunters. You hunt and kill monsters, sometimes that means the humans taken over by the monsters also get the gank (which is one reason I couldn't hate season four Sam, at least with his powers the humans caught in the crossfire generally lived). You know what you have to do here, right? KILL BOBBY! You kill Bobby, you kill the monster, and you save the world. Okay, maybe not that last one.

Seriously, though John's half-assed under-parenting is still a million times better then Bobby's whiny assed clunky attempts at over-parenting.

On the other hand, I suppose it's possible that the monster might reveal some interesting stuff, so maybe Bobby can live a little longer.

Nope, boring. Kill him now!

Boys, yes, over here again. Sure, you taped Bobby's mouth and ears, but I must inform you that a human (male) body does still have one more possible escape hatch, at least for a wormy little monster. Think hard, I'm sure it'll come to you. No, okay, think ass-plug. Of course, since this is the CW, I understand that they couldn't show the boys removing Bobby's pants to plug that last potential escape hatch, but I'm gonna go right ahead and pretend that's exactly what they did.

Oh, and for anyone who thought that Bobby was actually dead - you clearly haven't been watching this show that long, or at all. On the other hand, I like Jim, so I'm pretty okay with Bobby being okay, besides sometimes it's kind of fun to hate on him (the character, not the actor).

On the other hand, I'm inclined to forgive Show this time, since I liked the bit of Bobby backstory we learned, and LOVED Dean's little speech, except for the part where he's a bit harsh on poor poor Rufus. Dean, honey, Bobby's an ass and Rufus was totally justified in not forgiving.

So, overall, despite certain flaws, I liked this episode. I even liked Grandpa. Especially the bit where you could see him realize that because Sam didn't remember that left Dean as the only witness to what he'd done, or tried to do, and so he attempted to make everyone think Dean was lying. Of course, that little plan was doomed to fail, but I love that Show had Grandpa attempt to go there.

*sigh* Mostly, though, now I really (so much more then before) want someone to write me a Dean/Mary & John/Sam fanfic. Yes, I am sick and twisted, and seem to have no sense of shame. Bite me. But seriously for those pairings (but only together in the same fanfic) I would read a non-magic AU.

Though I honestly think it would really push my buttons best in the context of a Mary Lived type fanfic (maybe she had a stomach pain and had to go to the bathroom before going to the nursery - then obviously YED would do something else to cause them all to end up in the hunting life. Yes, I really have given this a lot of thought), the only bump here would be working in how/why Mary wouldn't just go back to her hunting family, but then again by that time her parents are both dead, so it wouldn't be that hard to work around, especially if YED went ahead trying to wipe out the people in her family that knew her. But mostly I just want something like this for the p0rn, plot would simply be a delightful bonus.

*drama Queen* Why Fandom, WHY can't you please to be catering to my kinks?!