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Okay, since I did mention the dog would be having surgery today, I figured there might be one (maybe two) people who'd be interested in the outcome. So, so far all has gone well. *grins* She's had two before (for different things) and every time they tell me she's going to be slow and sleepy, so I keep expecting that, but every time they've been wrong.

Today, for example, I pulled the pet carrier out when I went to pick her up. Well, I finally got her in the carrier, but mostly only because I was afraid I'd hurt her to pick her up to get her in the car, and then again to pick her up and get her in the house. But she did not want to get in the carrier, she wanted to walk right out the door all on her own thank you very much. I finally got her in, but it was slow, because I didn't want to just grab her and shove her in considering she'd just had surgery. But even after I finally got her in, she spent the whole trip home trying to figure out a way to dig herself out.

But the worst was - I couldn't feed her after midnight last night, and (of course) she woke up hungry this morning. And she was starving (starving, I tell you) by the time I brought her home, but they tell you not to let them eat too much too fast after surgery, because it might make them sick. So, I gave her a piece of bologna (thin sliced), but knew that wasn't enough, so I ended up opening a can of dog food. No, I didn't give her the whole can, I got a spoon and gave her several spoons full. After that she did lay down, but as I said she still hasn't slept, and about an hour ago, I gave her a bit more food, and speaking of which it's about time for me to give her a little more, so I gotta cut this short now. Feed the dog, and then watch the Supernatural.

Next real life update - THE PAIN! OH, HOLY CRAP THE PAIN! My feet have started "bruising" (that's not really what it is) on the bottom. So far it's only a small area, but the pain from that small area is making my whole damn leg hurt. What's weird is that they aren't "bruising" on the parts of my feet that actually touch the shoe/ground, but on the arch of my foot, and trust me when I tell you I have high arches, unless I add a special sole to the shoe, my arches never touch the shoe/ground, so that they would "bruise" in that area is weird.

So, in just over a week, I'll head back to a foot doctor, because the doctor that told me about the high cholesterol (which, don't get me wrong, grateful about that, but...) seems to think this whole extreme foot pain thing I've got going all is all in my head. Seriously, she keeps telling me to do exercise and walk, to which I say, yeah, pretty much not happening until I get some foot pain relief to which she suggested swimming (SWIMMING) in the freakin' winter. Do I look like Paris Hilton to you, lady? I ain't got no access to an indoor pool.

Anyway, the foot pain is why the beer will continue flowing rather freely, despite what the cholesterol doctor wants. I have to get enough pain relief to sleep at some point, and considering the pain killers I was given before... Two different kinds - the first made me scared of my own shadow, only it built so slowly that I didn't realize it wasn't just normal until the next pain killers I was put on upset my stomach so much that my behind ended up bleeding for three days, one AFTER I stopped taking the meds. Also, the fear factor vanished entirely once I stopped taking them. And, worse still, neither of them actually knocked out the pain, not completely. So, yeah, at this point I'm pretty much beer over pain killers. Beer only makes me pee lots, and maybe a headache in the morning, which usually fades once I drink a gallon of water. Granted, beer doesn't offer relief all day, but at this point I'll take a few hours over extreme fear and ass bleeding.
^^ Could you be suffering from that?

I guess the dog will be okay, in any case lively ;)

As for beer vs painkillers, I'd suggest ibuprofen.. also beer sucks, its fat, impure, causes headaches and so on.. I suggers trying bourbon or whisky (of course NOT a lot of that stuff) its less tainted with all kinds of crap, causes less headaches and so on.. if yer a pirate then rum of course.. but painkillers are better.. really, far better then alcohol..
Not if that page is accurate. The pain isn't in the heel of my foot/feet, it's more the area just behind the toes, mostly the area behind my big toe, especially on my right foot these days (but make no mistake both feet hurt, it's just that one is hurting so much more right now that it's making the other one seem almost pain free), which is the foot with the "bruising" now, though the "bruising" isn't on that ball, but just behind that.

Though thanks to that link, I see it might be Metatarsalgia, though that doesn't explain the "bruising" on my arch. And if that's what it is then I'm back to the whole lose weight thing, which, yeah, I'd like to do, but how do you do that when you can't work out without causing so much pain that you literally can't stop crying?
(And I can't really cut back on food, because I've all ready done so - it's not enough without being able to also work-out, or take weight loss meds, something I don't want to do.)

As for the pain - over the counter meds haven't really helped. Sometimes they aren't completely useless, but even the ones that have some effect don't produce a real reduction in the foot pain.

So, no, I can't agree about the painkillers. Maybe there are better painkillers out there, but the ones I've had experience with either don't help (over the counter), or the side-effects are so bad that I cannot stand taking them. I.E. The prescription ones didn't completely knock out the pain, and (as I said) those come with side-effects are WAY worse then anything beer has EVER done to me. Seriously, even back when I drank WAY too much, I never had beer adversely affect me near as much as those prescription painkillers did.

As for whiskey or rum, no can do. I can't go "stronger" then beer, because those tend to lead to me being a more extreme version of me, and while that might sound good trust me when I say it's really not.

Anyway, as for the dog, yeah, she seems almost back to normal today, though she scared the crap out of me last night. I wanted her to sleep on the couch, like I do after every surgery, but nooooooooo! She sleeps in the bed, and the bed is where she's going every night unless there's thunder around. During thunder the couch is her safe-space.

So, naturally, when I picked her up, she squeeled a bit, which I expected, so I didn't panick, and finally we was both in bed. And just as I was drifting off to sleep, she started breathing very harshly. I might have panicked a bit then, cause for awhile her whole body was shaking like she was having trouble breathing, but the first time she was sound asleep, and didn't wake until I woke her. The second time I realized it might have been her trying to sneeze. I'm still not sure that's what it was, but it hasn't happened again, and today she's mostly back to normal. She's still not jumping around wildly (she sometimes think she's a cat), but I can tell from the way she moves today that she's not in pain.
*hugs* I hope they can figure out the problem soon, maybe you should see a different doc for a second opinion...

Good to hear the dog is okay. :)
*grins* Unintentionally, I am seeing a new foot doctor. The one I saw the first two/three times back in 2009 retired toward the end of 2010, so while I'm going to the same place/office I will be seeing a different doctor.
(Though I did like the first doctor, he was nice and friendly, but seemed more interested in loading me up with painkillers instead of you know trying to figure out what was actually wrong.)

However, new doctor or not I just can't get my hopes up yet again. This will be the forth doctor I've seen for this whole foot pain thing. The first doctor sent me to the second doctor, and then after the second doctor failed, I found my own, and she's much more interested in the other things wrong with me over the problem that actually brought me to her. So, after three damn doctors, I just can't get hopeful.