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Okay, first, I must confess that this episode was not overall as funny as expected, but the episode itself was as good as I was expecting. It's just that certain things in the AU was as sad as funny.

However, I was delighted enough by this episode that instead of writing this review I was seriously tempted to just remove my underwear and ship them off to Ben Edlund. Considering how much I actually wrote about this episode, I probably should have went with the undie plan and saved myself the time.

Honestly, they keep doing things like this and I'm gonna end up loving Jared and Jensen as much as I love Ben Affleck - see Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back if you wish to understand why/how I ended up loving Ben so much.
(Here's a hint - it's the hooker stuff. While I do not love how the poor hooker always gets the gank, in real life or in movies, at this point, Ben could snap and start roaming the countryside killing hookers, and I would find a way to defend him.)

Anyway, lets get started...

"It's an Alpaca, dumbass!"

"You married fake Ruby?"

Supernatural 6x15 "The French Mistake"

First, I suppose I should confess that at first, despite liking the actor, I did not like Balthazar, I felt that he was a cheap ass replacement for Trickster/Gabriel, and I accept no substitutes. However, after this episode I find that I love Balls outright, and no longer hold Trickster/Gabriel against him.

And, yes, that's at least in part because of the Godfather references, even though (brace yourselves) I don't think those are the greatest movies ever made.


Sorry, I just got distracted by the conversation about blowing off the scene where they sit on the Impala and talk about their feelings. Honestly, sometimes I don't care for those scene's, especially the ones that don't really feel necessary, or feel like they're covering ground that's all ready been covered. So much so that sometimes I wondered why the show felt the need to have them in there, and now I know why.

Seriously, do they really get hate-mail if they go to long without the boys on the Impala talking about their feelings? Seriously?

"Season Six."

I must confess I love that repeating comment, I do.

Though I suppose I should stop here and make another confession. I don't really want to know to much about how shows are made - I personally like to believe that there are magical beings who come in and wave a wand (or whatever) and then for almost an hour things are real, then after the show is taped those little beings come back, and it's real life again. Which is weird, since I do like knowing a little bit about how shows are made. But then I think anyone who reads this all ready knows that I am more then a little weird sometimes, and this just happens to be one of those times.

Anyway, my worry that Show would go to far in showing me everything about everything was groundless.

"I'm a painted whore!"

Ah, but you are such a lovely painted whore.

"No, seriously. Why? Why would anybody want to watch out lives?"

"Well, I mean according to the interviewer, not very many people do."

But to stop for a moment and address Dean's question. They probably watch for the same reason they read the story of Dean and Sam. Yeah, considering that they all ready know about the book series I'm not sure Dean should've been so tripped up about people wanting to watch the lives of Dean and Sam, though personally I watch for the monster killing, and yeah, okay, I like the bromance part too sometimes.

Ah, poor Dean, just when he thinks that maybe something will be normal - the Impala's a fake!

"I feel like this whole place is bad-touching me."

Okay, this one seriously made me LOL, because if fandom has anything to say about it, then, yeah, that whole place probably is bad-touching both (all) of them.

Now I have a question - am I the only one who noticed (thought) that they made (poor) Misha a touch pathetic here? Poor Misha. Now I'm not saying it didn't work, it just struck me as a bit weird. Either way, I knew instantly that the boys wasn't dealing with Cass, though I liked how the show almost made me doubt that once or twice during the conversation.

I also love Dean's prayer much more then I probably should have.

Also, "Amen, Padelaski." HeHe

"Misha? Jensen? What's up with the names around here?"

Well, at least Collins, Ackles, and Jared are somewhat normal names.

Love, loved, loved the trailer, the fish-tank, but especially the YouTube clip. Baby!Jensen is awesome.

Also, loved the props scene - you know when Dean and Sam are going through "Bobby's" stuff looking for a way back. I love how everything they found was fake. That also lead in to another running gag that I liked as much as "Season six," and that is "at least they're talking."

The J-Mansion was also awesome! Seriously overdone, but seriously awesome. The pics, the tanning bed, the animals, but I got to say that the best of all was Gen, who I might add was smokin' hot in this episode.

"I should figure out her name."

But, no, Ruby, er Gen, you are wrong about one thing - he has not been Sam Winchester long enough.

And, now thanks to a recent discovery I've made, I found the "actor stuff" along with the "camera stuff" way more funny then I otherwise would have. You see, I recently stumbled across a certain Supernatural gossip site (I was looking for SPOILERS), but once I started reading... Well, for quite some time I couldn't bring myself to look away.

But when I finally did pull myself away, the thought I came away with (more than anything else) was how poor Jim Beaver gets no on-set lovin'. So, now I can only imagine poor Jim crying daily on-set in a corner because (at least according to that site) none of the other cast wants to have the HAWT BUTTSEXXORS with him. JDM, Misha, and even others who aren't in near as many episodes all get in on some of that hot J on J action, but poor Jim always seems to be left out in the cold cold lonely world. Poor Jim.

Welcome to the set of Supernatural where you'll find all kinds of HAWT BUTTSEXXORS for your pleasure, unless, you know, you're named Jim Beaver.

Somebody, please, start thinking about poor Jim! Naked, and with one of the Js, surely, at least one of them would be willing to give him a little love.

Seriously, though, as I read through some of that, I found myself thinking that if even half of that stuff was true there'd never be an episode of Supernatural filmed because there simply wouldn't be enough time between orgies to actually film an episode of the show, unless they wanted to film said orgies, and I got to admit that would be just fine with me, but I doubt those would be things the CW would be allowed to air.

Sell it to HBO, Showtime, or Skinamax, CW/WB. Sell it!


Sorry, apparently at least a part of my brain is still trapped on that gossip site. I got to admit that it really is addictive in a weird sort of way.

Anyway... Moving on!

So, there is something I'm torn about here, and that's the "acting." I love the bad acting, I really did, but honestly considering the experiences of Dean and Sam over the years, I think maybe they'd be able to pull off acting a little better. Obviously, in context, not as well as Jared and Jensen, but still slightly better then they was able to do in the episode. However, as I said, I love the bad acting so much so that I can mostly overlook this one. Mostly.

Loved the reactions of everyone to "Jared" and "Jensen" beating the crap out of the "extra." Though from what I've heard in real life extras aren't exactly well loved by show people. Okay, fine, I've never heard anyone involved with Supernatural saying bad things about extras, I'm getting this from what other people from other shows have said over the years.

Poor Sera.

And "Octocobra."

"So, is it money? Is this the kind of act that goes away if we can scare up some coverage for a raise?"

"More money? You all ready pay these two jokers enough as it is."


This probably wouldn't have been near as funny to me without the recent antics of one Charlie Sheen, but because of the Sheen stuff this one had me roaring with laughter.

Also, "Uncle Bob."

Noo! Because now I can't stop seeing "Uncle Bob" bad-touching "Jared" and "Jensen." My mind really is sometimes my own worst enemy.

Oh, but now "Uncle Bob" is actually touching both of them.

SEND HELP! Dying from laughter over here!

"You cannot make up your own lines!"

Is that honestly the biggest problem on-set? Really?

Oh, and now I feel a little bad for "Uncle Bob." It's not pointless, Dean, it's entertainment!

"What does it all mean?"

Oh noes! Poor, poor Misha. At least, he can take comfort, in the after-life, for once again landing a couple of Texans on the cover of a periodical.

"How bad can an Angel with no wings be?"

How bad, indeed.

But in the meantime, it's probably a good thing Dean never made it to Jensen's house to see Jensen's own smokin' hot wife. If he had, they might have said "screw monsters" we're gonna stay here and try this "acting" thing.


You killed Kripke! You bastards!

No, not poor "Uncle Bob." You bastard!

Not to mention taking out a whole shit-load of people. I think I kind of like the Supernatural version of "rocks fall - everybody dies!"

At least Ruby, er, Gen made it out alive this time - also, Sera, maybe. After all, Virgil got left behind, so it's possible he might go a-hunting and kill the rest out of spite. But I like to think he decided to settle down and give this whole "acting" thing a chance. Or, you know, rotting in jail on account of killing all those poor people. Whatever, GEN and SERA LIVE!

Anyway, finally, the boys are back home, and Balls finally explains helping Dean and Sam in a way that made sense for me. You see, while I didn't mention it, I was having a bit of a problem seeing Balls taking time out of saving his own ass to stop and save the super fine asses of Dean and Sam. After all, unlike me, Balls doesn't much care for the boys. But in the end it makes perfect sense. He gets to save himself and screw with Dean and Sam at the same time.

And now, I believe thanks to this episode we've nicely transitioned to the Angel part of the season.

But there's one thing this episode didn't answer, and I NEED to know, show. Seriously, I NEED to know! Where was Jared and Jensen while Sam and Dean was running around playing them? Where? Did Balls simply shove Sam and Dean in to Jared and Jensen's bodies, or did Jared and Jensen suddenly find themselves running around in Supernatural-land while Sam and Dean was running around in J-land?

Come on, people, I need answers here!

See, I knew this would be long, I should've just went with the undie plan.
I, too, had been looking forward to this ep and was *not* disappointed. At all. *grins*

Yeah, I liked Balthazar but he felt not just like a cheap Trickster/Gabriel replacement but a cheap Crowley replacement as well. And I love both those guys. However, I like good ‘ol Batty a bit more now as well :)

I am so not surprised by the fact that they get hate mail if the boys don’t talk about their feelings. I’m 25 and love this show but, like any fandom where the majority of fans are tweens and teens, I’ve learned that sometimes you have to humor the silly girls and endure their desires *le sigh*

Haha and I LOVED some of the quotes. I cracked up so much in this ep – especially the parts about "I'm a painted whore!"…."No, seriously. Why? Why would anybody want to watch out lives?"…"Well, I mean according to the interviewer, not very many people do." :P

I did feel bad that Misha was so pathetic but it was so funny that I was willing to overlook it. Plus, I did kind of love how it went from “Cry Baby Misha” to “Bad Ass ‘Screw You, Raphael’ Castiel”. That was epic!

“At least they’re talking” – yeah a great running gag! Haha ;)

I cracked up so much during the phone conference when they were talking about J&J kicking the extra’s ass. Hahaha. That was so much fun.

When Dean calls out Robert Singer for naming a character after himself, well that was just hilarious as well. Also, I’ve kinda wondered the same ;)

Kripke dying was epic. And a nice way to symbolize that Sera’s the one in charge now ;) Also, I LOVED the French ducking the bullets not just once, but twice!

Sigh. Such a fun episode. Tonight’s was good as well but now I’m sad that we have to wait until April 15th for a Wild Wild West adventure :(
You know, it's probably weird, but Bobby being named after Robert just never bothered me. Of course, I'm the type who would do something like that myself, so that might be why it never bothered me.

As for the french guy dodging the bullets, I didn't actually notice that until the third time I watched. The first time I was laughing SO hard, and the second time I was polishing up my review. It's weird, though that I missed that two times.

Anyway, moving on!

Misha, I admit at first I didn't like how they showed "real life" Misha (though I admit that I'm not a real big fan of Cass, I like him, but it's Misha who I love), but the second time around, I found myself liking this poor dude who followed the Js around like a little puppy, especially in light of a certain gossip sight that speculates Misha is a dirty dirty manwhore trying to come between J and J's epic love.


Anyway, as you said, the contrast between "Misha" and Cass was pretty awesome in the end.

*sigh* I should probably send that site a fruit basket or something, because I don't think I'd have found this episode near as funny if I hadn't stumbled across that gossip site first.

(Disclaimer: I'm not saying the site is right or wrong about J and J being gay, I just think since J and J ended up married to girls either they are honestly straight, or they wish to remain in the closet, and either way it's really not my business. Of course, I guess I can say that because I don't really care whether they are straight or gay. I'm more interested in Dean and Sam's epic gay incest love is basically what I'm saying. *grin*)