So, this review ended up being more of a recap style review, and because of that I decided to go ahead and give it its own entry this week.

This is NOT a true recap style review, because I mainly just recap the good bits, which this episode had a few, while mostly ignoring the boring/annoying bits of which this episode also had a few. However, since I'm expecting to love tonights Supernatural I'm expecting that one to get a longish (but hopefully not recap style) review as well, so I decided this week I'd give both shows their very own LJ entries.

Now you watch, tonights Supernatural will be so good that it'll end up rendering me non-verbal.

I also really need a few more The Vampire Diaries icons, cause I'm using the only one I've got to death.

The Vampire Diaries 2x16 "The House Guest"

Well, despite having lots of Katherine I got to admit that this episode had a rather boring start. However, after the first twenty minutes... Well, some stuff took off, other stuff bored and/or annoyed. I suppose I found the first part of the episode kind of boring because it felt like we was retreading old ground instead of breaking new ground.

Fun fact, my doggie had a tummy ache... Well, pretty much all day yesterday, so it was a little fun (for a certain value of the word fun) having to pause the episode and let the dog out several times during the course of this episode.

Anyway, after the first twenty minutes I got a little more interested when Katherine starts to suspect she and Damon aren't alone. She goes off to chase something that doesn't appear to be there, but the audience and Katherine know there is something there.

While she's off searching, Stefan shows up, and Stefan and Damon pretend that Damon hasn't, in fact, found something in the journals he was going through.

At this point, Katherine is barely paying attention to them, because she has followed her feelings into the room with dead!Elijah, which is a good thing since specter!boy!witch has also found dead!Elijah... It should be pointed out here that Team Stefan tried to make a deal with the man!witches to work together to kill Klaus, and while boy!witch thinks maybe it's a good idea man!witch is having none of it, so they came up with a plan. Man!witch will anchor specter!boy!witch while he sneaks into Castle Vampire and removes the dagger from Elijah, because man!witch doesn't watch the show he thinks working with Elijah is the only way to save his daughter that Klaus kidnapped (though I originally thought they revealed that Elijah had kidnapped her so the man!witches would have to help him kill Klaus, but never mind, clearly I was wrong). And that was more attention than the duo-man!witches deserved.

So, anyway, Katherine enters the room in the nick of time, because specter!boy!witch has started to remove the dagger. Katherine slams her hand down and the dagger isn't moving. Boy!witch mistakenly assumes this is Elena who's fighting him, but never fear Senor man!witch knows it's Katherine, and he instructs boy!witch to kill her dead. Yeah, this is gonna end well for specter!boy!witch. <- That was sarcasm, in case you missed that.

Come on, Kathy, kill him real good. For me, please.
(After the way this played out, I feel really bad for thinking this, but I didn't just think it, I actually wrote it in my review notes, so...)

Katherine senses trouble, and calls for Damon, who to my great surprise, comes running, but not in time to keep Katherine from getting staked, but I couldn't tell whether or not she got staked through the heart.

I rewound, and still couldn't tell.

But when the show returns from ad break it's clear that she was not staked in the heart, and she alerts Damon to baby!witch who's again trying to remove the dagger.

And now, thanks to Damon, we having flaming boy!witch. Daddy!witch realizes something is wrong, because boy!witches body across from him also explodes in to flames. Daddy!witch pulls boy!witch back saving him. Maybe, or I thought, but now it looks like no, because now daddy!witch is working or trying to work some magic that apparently fails, and so now I feel bad. That's a horrible way to die. Poor Luka.

Then the episode crashes again, because we head back to Elena and the boring ass GNO (girls night out). This is made worse by poor lied to Jenna and asshole!Matt.

BORING! And annoying, because this looks like it's going to end with Matt and Caroline getting back together.

Caroline, honey, you deserve so much better then this asshole. So, Boo to the Hiss on this Matt and Caroline making up bullshit! Also, Caroline, you should know that you can't be with Matt without telling him the truth, and that will only lead to more asshole!boring!Matt in the show, and that's bad, mm'Kay.

Shitty, shit, shit!

Anyway, now back to Senor man!witch, who is pissed, and I can't really blame him. On the other hand, if he'd worked with the main characters on this show instead of working against them Luka would be okay right now, so I can't feel to bad for Senor man!witch, because he's the one who decided working against them was the right plan.

Also, Stefan is on his way, because it would seem they don't realize that Damon actually killed Luka. So, this should be interesting, and also the end of Senor man!witch. So, Stefan really needs back-up, but doesn't actually know he needs back-up.

Okay, mildly interesting, Senor man!witch doesn't kill Stefan. Nope, he pulls a Bonnie on Stefan, and then heads straight for Elena. And since Elena is clueless and off having that GNO things there might finally get interesting.

Whoa! Damon just staked Katherine, and I don't mean the naughty kind of staking. Thankfully, though, he didn't kill her, that was just a warning stake.

More interesting, Katherine reveals that Isobel and John want Stefan and Damon out of Elena's life - that's actually old news, and not the interesting part. The new news is that they offered Katherine a deal, all the details of said deal are not revealed, but part of it is that Katherine has to stay and help Elena or Isobel and John will kill Stefan, which should really make Elena like them. Oh, yeah, even if they managed to kill Stefan (remember Isobel is a much younger vampire then Stefan) it still wouldn't end well for them.

Anyway, as part of said deal, Katherine could only save one (Damon or Stefan), and to no ones surprise (except Damon) she chose Stefan.

I think maybe this is Damon's final straw. The fall-out from this should be really good.

But then we're suddenly back at the Club of Boring.

Shit happens, and then finally Bonnie tells Elena about Jeremy... BORED NOW!

Finally, Elena gets a call from Stefan - hopefully this means the Club of Boring is about to get crashed by the Party of Interesting. Yep, there's Senor man!witch now.

But then we're back to Damon and Katherine, the latter who has a plan. Tell me, baby, I am all ears.

Alas, no, we're back at the CoB, where Senor man!witch is blowing some lights, and scaring all the little people. YAWN!

WHOA! I think I love that hunk o' hunk of burning love that is man!witch now. Did you see that? Man!witch just broke a bottle and stabbed Matt. In the neck. With the broken bottle. BRB, rewinding now.

*lovingly lingers over scene for longer then she's going to confess too*

So, now I believe I'm contractually obligated to love and support man!witch now. *sigh* Well, only if Matt does, in fact, die, so there is a loop-hole. *grins*

And, of course, here comes stupid Caroline to feed him blood and save his stupid ass.

Oh well, at least I'm no longer forced to love Senor man!witch.

Anyway, I guess Senor man!witch was all distracted by killing Matt (*watches scene one more time*) and everyone just went home. Odd.

So, Bonnie and Jeremy are just suddenly back at Castle Elena talking when Stefan and I'm going with Katherine enter. Why am I saying Katherine? Well, two reasons really - one, the look isn't quite Elena, but could be because Elena's scared, but I don't think so, because Stefan just lets her go off upstairs all by herself. Now, really, would Stefan just stand there while Elena goes off in to a trap? I think not, so it's got to be Katherine.

And I was right.

And, also, Senor man!witch is dead now.

Also, thanks to bad weather I almost (but thankfully didn't) lost my sat. signal here.

At this point, Bonnie gets infected by the stupid disease that's running rampant through characters throughout this episode, and starts in on Katherine about how she didn't have to kill Senor man!witch.

Thankfully, we went with Katherine's plan on this one.

But Bonnie's stupid is a fast progressing strain of the disease, and so she moves to close the eyes of not-so-dead-yet Senior man!witch, and to no one's surprise, except the clueless characters who apparently don't even watch the show, Senor man!witch wakes up and grabs her. So, now I'm thinking Bonnie's not Bonnie anymore. But the body of Senor man!witch looks now to be truly dead.

Now Elena wants to know how they (Stefan and Damon, I assume) convinced Katherine to do this, which is (or would be a valid question), but Damon reveals that this was Katherine's plan.

And sat. signal almost left me once again - this one a little worse then the first one, but still only created a distortion of Elena's head before snapping back to normal.

Ah, spring time... The only pretty ring time where bits of episodes get distorted and/or actually missed. Those are the times when I really miss cable. Mostly cable wasn't affected by storms unless the power itself went out.

Anyway, Elena hates Katherine, and Kathy isn't real fond of Elena either. And Kathy smacks Elena with a little truth. You go, Kathy!

Oh, yay, now more Jenna and Alaric. Just what this episode needed.

Are we done yet, ma?


Once again Alaric doesn't come clean, though he pretends to come clean, or as clean as he can. Which since he left the decision to tell Jenna in Elena's hands... Well, that was cowardly of him, but apparently Elena doesn't want Jenna to know, and makes me think that maybe Alaric doesn't want Jenna to know, and he's just slapping the responsibility of that off on Elena. But whatever.

Anyway, to my surprise Jenna does not accept the few crumbs Alaric gave her and forgive him. That honestly surprised me, so I guess this scene wasn't all bad.

Also, after Alaric is gone, Elena and Jenna chat a bit, and I thought Elena would spill the truth, but, no, Elena just leaves Jenna in the dark, even after realizing earlier this episode that it's getting more and more dangerous for Jenna to be left in the dark.

*sigh* I guess I was wrong about Senor man!witch possessing Bonnie. It looks like he simply gave her powers back. YAWN. Not that I wanted Bonnie to remain powerless, but what happened to all that epic man!rage Senor man!witch had going on?

Oh, and even better, Jeremy's being a prissy little bitch here. Again, just what this episode needed.

But wait, I guess Senor man!witch decided killing Klaus was more important then his own man!rage, because Bonnie reveals that she now knows how to kill Klaus.

Also, seems like I was wrong about Damon's final straw, because I expected him to be a bit broken after yet another confirmation that Katherine loves Stefan best, but it seems that aside from that moment it didn't bother him at all. He's also discovered that Katherine betrayed Emily Bennett to the towns people, who then killed her (Emily is Bonnie's don't know how many greats Grandma, and the witch who made the sunlight rings for the vampires that have them) - naughty Katherine.

Oh, and to no one's shock, Katherine likes it when Damon plays rough, or at least that should shock and surprise no one.

And, GO DAMON!, he turns her down flat, I was impressed. Of course, that no doubt makes her almost as hot for Damon as she is Stefan now. Anyway, when Damon orders her away, she doesn't look happy, but she does go.

Damn. Now we go from awesome stuff back to crappy stuff.

Matt wakes up, and is confused. He also doesn't believe Caroline, or maybe he does believe her and it scares him. Whatever, I DO NOT CARE!

But, yeah, Matt freaks out, and then turns around and to no ones surprise (or it shouldn't surprise anyone) he's an ass to Caroline, who just saved his worthless ass!

UGH! Go go GO AWAY, Matt!

Seriously, he jumps from Caroline being a vampire to the stuff that happened with his now totally dead sister Vicky... Which I admit makes sense, but he's always such an ass to Caroline that I can't even feel for him here. I think I'd have related better to Matt here if this had all taken place between Matt and Stefan rather than Matt and Caroline. Because at least then, Matt being an ass to Stefan wouldn't feel as ass-y of him (cause Stefan did have some part in the whole Vicky mess, up to and including the staking of vampire!Vicky) as his being an ass to Caroline does.

Back to Castle Elena just in time to hear the doorbell ring. Elena lets Jenna go answer it, but then has second thoughts...

(I'm not sure why she had second thoughts, but I was actually expecting the person at the door to be Katherine.)

Jenna opens the door, and Isobel introduces herself to Jenna while Elena stands in the background watching.


Got to admit that, at least, is a pretty good cliffhanger. If only they could have left Matt's fate in question, I could've had fantasies over the break about Matt being immune to vampire blood and dying, but NOOOO show had to reveal that Matt is okay, and as ass-y as ever.

At this point, the truth is snapping it's fingers in Jenna's face yelling "see me! SEE ME!" How will the show continue to keep Jenna clueless? Tune in next week - or rather in just over a month from now - to find out. Cause I'm sure they will be keeping her in the dark, and at this point I admit I'm kind of interested in just how far they are going to twist to keep Jenna in the dark.

*sigh* I did not mean to recap this episode, I really didn't. I guess when the episode finally got good, I started writing stuff down (or to put it a different way, when it was good I felt the need to lovingly hump it's leg), and only stopped during the dragging points of this episode. So, this isn't a true recap, but it is still much more then I intended to write about it.

Anyway, this episode kind of had it all. It had some boring crap, some shitty stuff, and some truly awesome moments.

But now I'm scared for tonights Supernatural, because I am expecting to love it, but don't want to end up writing another recap style review.