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See, you guys, I told you I wouldn't ALWAYS be making posts about Supernatural.

...and that theory is that I think Amy Farrah Fowler (Sheldon's girlfriend) is a lesbian who doesn't yet realize she is a lesbian.

Seriously, I know the show has her dating Sheldon (which I admit does not please me - I just want Sheldon to NOT be sexualized, but then the relationship between Sheldon and Amy is about as non-sexual as a relationship can be and still be a relationship), but shortly after this season started, I really started seeing a Penny-crush coming from Amy, which surprised me.

Then came last weeks episode, and now she's totally crushing on Priya Koothrappali (Rajesh Koothrappali's sister). Seriously, it honestly felt like Amy dumped Penny last week for Priya even though Priya is dating Lenord. Still after last weeks episode, I cannot see Amy Farrah Fowler as anything other than a lesbian who just hasn't yet realized she is a lesbian.

Which would be a totally awesome storyline for the show, but something tells me that the show isn't really writing her that way on purpose, and it kind of makes me sad that they're putting all that in there just for the jokes, and maybe not even actually realizing that they keeping writing Amy as an unrealized lesbian.
(Of course, another awesome storyline would be Sheldon finally honestly realizing that he's asexual, and considering the show brought Amy on to be his girlfriend makes me guess the show isn't going there either.)

Yeah, I should have posted this a bit more timely, I guess. Still better late than never. Honestly, though I meant to post this after last weeks episode, but got caught up in real life issues and the whole LJSmith fired from her own books thing, and completely forgot about it until (for some weird ass reason) I started watching Criminal Minds tonight.
I'm a new BB fan and haven't had a chance to watch the current season. However, I love the idea of Amy coming out of the closet! Now I need to start DVRing those eps...
Well, I'm not sure I'd get my hopes up for out of the closet Amy, sadly I just doubt the people writing the show understand exactly how Amy comes across.

The reason I say that is because there was an episode, I think during the current season, where Amy experiences her first sexual attraction to a man. She's confused and Sheldon is disappointed. But that whole first man-crush stuff, to me it felt very forced and false, where as the girl-crushes feel very organic and natural for the character.

So, yeah, I don't want to get your hopes up that the show is making Amy gay on purpose, because I'm not sure that's really their intention.