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So, as I posted last year I had all kinds of blood tests, and those tests revealed that I had high bad cholesterol and extremely low good cholesterol. Not to mention the high sugar reveal.

Well, as far as the sugar is concerned this time, it's all good news. Sure enough me finishing off that open cola last time rather then letting it go flat overnight tilted the results, because this time that (at least) was completely fine. Though it might help that before that last test I had started drinking four/five cans a day, which in fairness, I knew was bad. So after that last test I tried to limit cola to one (with a meal - I can't stand water or tea with food, though I drink both all the time outside of that) can a day, and for other meals I bought some milk (breakfast) and SunnyDelight (it has sugar, but not near as much as cola) for other meals or just for something to drink when I don't want coffee/tea/water.
(Sometimes, yes, I had more then one, but two is still a lot better then four.)

And, as far as I'm concerned the cholesterol results was good, though granted the numbers on the bad was still high. But thanks to the fish oil I've been taking the good cholesterol was impressively up (but that's basically only cause it was impressively bad first time around - meaning not high enough, but still an impressive rise). However, no, the bad cholesterol was NOT impressively down, but it was down, which means I'm on the right track, so I'm happy. However, the doctor was not happy, and she's now put me on a statin (or however you spell that), which I've not yet went and picked up.

Don't look at me that way, there's a few other real life issues at the moment. For example, today my car only had enough gas to take me to the doctor, and the pharmacy they called it in to, while cheap enough, was clear across the county. So, I've got to bum a twenty from someone (offline) for gas before I can go pick up the meds, or make my plastic cry, but that's a whole 'nother issue I'm having a spot of trouble with at the moment. Either way, though, I shall do my best to go get the meds tomorrow.

So, anyway there it is for those who care, and I put it behind a cut so those who don't can easily skip it all. Next real life update will probably be me talking about the doggie sugery my dog is scheduled to have the first Friday in March.

So, why does my doggie need surgery this time? Well, she had some troubles a couple years ago with false pregnancies (basically she NEVER stopped making milk), so I had her fixed. At that time, there was a small knot on one of her boobies, but after the surgery it started getting smaller and smaller, so surgery didn't seem necessary. However, within the past several months it's starting to get bigger again, so I figure it needs to be removed pronto.

*sigh* She's an older dog, think like over seventy in human years (she's eleven in real years, and now almost completely covered in white hair, it's adorable), so I hate to put her through another surgery, but then again I hate not to do it, so I scheduled the surgery in hopes that my gob'ment (refund) check will be in my hot little hands by then. Otherwise, step right up, folks. That's right, keep your eyes on the plastic, it shall start weeping any moment now.
I hope all your problems aches and troubles will go away soon, greet the poor old doggy from me.

*hugs* :)
*grabs Santa and hugs tight*

Seriously, I just really need a hug. I'm worried about the dog, but not as much as this new medicine I'm about to start taking. To be honest, I don't like RX medicine, it generally has to damn many side-effects, but I figure I'll at least give it a try, but at the first sign of trouble I will stop taking it.

But thanks to my adorable gray haired dog, I've decided if I ever adopt a dog in the future I'm gonna get an older one. Everyone loves puppies, but older dogs need love too.
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