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Note: My mood is accomplished, but not as accomplished as I'd hoped, but also mostly unrelated to getting these reviews typed up and posted.

Yep, that's right, it's time for gardening prep-work, but it was still cold enough that my right hand got a bit numb while I was trying to dig up the dirt a bit to add some manure to my gardening spaces, and because of that I hurt my thumb. Not badly, don't worry, but it bleed like crazy, and that's the only reason I knew I'd hurt myself, because "hello, numb!," (and, of course, it hurts like crazy now, cause not numb anymore, but anyway...) I came in and bandaged up, but went back out to finish at least two spaces. But as I finished the second one, I realized that my left hand was starting to get numb, so I decided to stop.

The good news is that it's supposed to be really warm tomorrow, seriously, first blast of spring warm, so instead of being online tomorrow, I'll hopefully be outside finishing the manure add, though I really have a lot of spaces where manure needs to be added, so I'm not exactly hopeful about getting that finished tomorrow, but I am hoping to get the spaces where the onions will soon be going at least, outside of that the other spaces won't be used until April/May, so I should have plenty of time to get those ready if I can just get the onion spots ready tomorrow.

The Vampire Diaries 2x15 "The Dinner Party"

Okay, I squeed, I admit it. And it wasn't over evil!Stefan or shirtless!Stefan - I squeed because of the lip service this episode paid to the books. It wasn't much, but it was enough that for some reason it made me happy.

And while not as squeeful, I admit that once again I liked seeing Stefan being all Damon-like, and I didn't hate Damon being all Stefan-like.

Plus, Lexi's back! YAY! Or, well, not really, she hasn't come back to life after Damon killed her last season, but in flashback she's all alive and well, and it was awesome seeing her again. It was also awesome seeing her put feral!Stefan on the right path.

Also this show finally managed to make me jump, just a little bit, but it counts. That's right when Alaric stabbed Elijah I was totally not expecting that, so it surprised me. I probably should've suspected it, but I really didn't.

And, funny story, Elijah would've stayed dead after Alaric stabbed him, but turns out you have to leave the dagger in and some idiot (don't know who - I did have to pee, so it might've been shown, I did rewind, but might not have went far enough) removed it, and so when Damon went back to check the corpse there was no corpse.

You know, while I don't ship it, I must admit that I did squee a little bit over the Alaric trying to bond with Damon stuff.

Oh, yeah, and once again Elena is fuckin' made of WIN! It's weird, when it comes to the books I never cared much one way or another for Elena (in fact I lean toward the side of not liking book!Elena), but the show has me pretty much in love with her.

Anyway, after Alaric failed to kill Elijah, Elena knew he'd be coming for her. Now I was a bit fooled here, even after Elena and Stefan had something of a chat before Elijah showed up.

So, Elena tries to make a new deal, and Elijah is all "hell to the no," and so he calls Elena's bluff, and she stabs herself in response. Granted it wasn't a fatal stab wound, but her stated plan was not to die by stabbing but death by bleeding out before being turned to vampire by Stefan thus making her unsuitable as the sacrifice, so in a panick, Elijah accepts her deal. At that point, I would've been okay, but the show just had to go and make Elena just a little bit more awesome.

So, she staggers through the door to collapse in his arms, and when he catches her... When he catches her, she stabs his ass, and this time they leave the dagger in, which makes me wonder how exactly they're going to kill Klaus, but I guess we'll see. Also, maybe there's more then one dagger or something.

There is, of course, some stuff (a lot) that I haven't commented on, some because I didn't like (the Bonnie subplot of this episode - HATED IT!) and other stuff (the Alaric/John/Jenna subplot) because in the context of everything else going on it just wasn't all that interesting in comparsion. Perhaps if Alaric had come clean with Jenna when he had the perfect moment to do so, or even after that if Alaric had told John to go to hell and just walked away from Jenna period it would've been more interesting to me. Instead, he doesn't tell Jenna the truth, and he just gives John the ring, so I've decided that Alaric is not just a pussy but a coward.

PS - Elijah did indeed still have the moonstone, Damon pilfered his pockets and found it.

PPS - Katherine lied, big surprise, she knew exactly how to get Damon to do what she wanted, and so she pretended that killing Elijah was something she didn't want, and that made certain that Damon would do it. Turns out an original vampire can mind-rape a vampire, but that ends when the original dies, so Kathy is no longer trapped in the tomb. Can you say good times a-coming boys and girls? I knew you could.

What makes me happy, though it's probably a bad idea (for the characters) is that she is staying around claiming that she's totally on-board with the helping, but she's Katherine and I know Nina loves playing Katherine, and I for one love watching Katherine.

Supernatural 6x14 "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"

So, the title listed on my DVR and the title the episode actually flashed onscreen was Mannequin 3: The Reckoning, but the CWs website had it listed as Mannequin 3: Reckoning. However, I must say the thing reads better with the in there.


I think I'm rattling on about unimportant things, because I'm just not sure I liked this episode. Parts of it was unbelievably boring, while other parts was pretty damn good, but I think on the whole I lean more into disliking rather than liking this episode.

Still the truth is that this episode had some awesomely creepy stuff, but then other parts (the boring stuff) just keeps lowering my opinion of the whole. However, lets talk about the creepy stuff - the mannequins. This is like giant spiders it can be creepy or it can be silly (and I'm terrified of spiders, but sometimes the giant ones on movies and TV just aren't scary), and this episode made the mannequins if not outright scary they was certainly creepy.

The creepiest moment, for me, was the very first scene with the mannequins eyes slowly moving. Awesomely creepy!

So, yeah, this episode starts really well, not just the creepy, but there's some good stuff with Dean and Sam. I don't know why, but I really like Dean when he's trying to be helpful but totally missing the mark. Not to mention the part where he pulls the heart out... Nice shout-out to shippers and Valentines day.

Anyway, I know I am biased when it comes to Lisa and Lisa stuff, but I actually think those scene's with her really drug the episode down, even more so then expected. Plus, it doesn't exactly make sense that she's giving Dean shit for showing up, it was her asshole child that called Dean and said she was in danger, Dean didn't just show up for shits and giggles.

And that puts me in an interesting position, because recently I've come to fangirl the actor playing Ben, but I really outright loathed Ben in this episode and was so very deeply disappointed that somebody (anybody) didn't spank his ass! Seriously, though, the Ben stuff in this episode was trite, cliche, and overall craptastic.

Though, to be fair, it wasn't just the Lisa and Ben stuff that bored. The dude Sam ended up trying to save was also a boring dick. That's right just because he was a dick didn't make him interesting. Hell, I was so bored by him that I wasn't even rooting for him to be killed. Though, why was he acting like a mannequin was his girlfriend? Was that supposed to be some sign that while he was outwardly a dick he had some deep and meaningful issues that I was supposed to care about? Cause, just for the record, I didn't, it just had me going WTF?! So, he's probably even more to blame then Lisa and Ben for this episode dragging.

Really, this should've been a good episode, because it had creepy moments, some funny moments, and two (Ben and the dude Sam was trying to save) sad pathetic assholes, but at the end of the day it just didn't come together as well as it should have. Still I'm going to talk about some of those funny moments that I did enjoy.

When Sam had his ah-ha-mannequin epiphany that forced Dean to ask exactly what Sam was accusing him of was a good moment, not to mention the first scene with Dean offering Sam a mannequin heart, because I believe I all ready mentioned that. Oh, and Dean being so perfectly freaked out by the "it's mannequins" reveal was also great. Of course, unlike some in fandom, I tend to really like it when Dean gets really scared, it would explain why I absolutely LOVE Yellow Fever when it seems most everyone else hates that episode.

On the other hand, I wanted to spank Sam, and not in the fun naughty kind of way, but when Sam kept insisting Dean answer Lisa's call it started to piss me off, and I was struck with the urge to hit him with a rolled up newspaper saying "bad puppy, no biscuit." But seriously, Sam (and Show) really need to stop beating the dead Dean/Lisa horse. And, yes, I know this episode felt like the end of Dean/Lisa, but I also thought the stuff in You Can't Handle The Truth felt like the end of Dean/Lisa, so I'm not exactly hopeful that show means Dean and Lisa is now totally and completely over and done.

However, this episode did have another really good moment for me, and that's when Dean admits how he deals with all the crap in his life. He knows it's not healthy, but it works for him (and me). Seriously, given that I'm totally against Dean and/or Sam ending up as fully functional and healthy adults this really pleases me.

And, of course, I can't stop without mentioning:

"She possesses sex dolls! This -- This is not a sex doll."

That along with Dean treating her like a lady, and going out of his way not to hurt her... Well, I couldn't help but wonder if this means that the Impala has never had a cold lonely night. *wink* Crack-Impala/Dean-Fic, here I come!

But there's something else that I can't stop without mentioning, because for me it's the biggest WTF? moment the episode had. Why exactly are Dean and Sam feeling guilty about the sisters death? It's not like they killed her, her ghost sister killed her, and even then it was an accident, so I'm not sure what the show was trying to say by having Dean and Sam feel guilty here.

However, to end this on a positive note - NEXT WEEK IS THE META EPISODE! I can't wait, even if it's bad, it's gonna be so good. I hope.
I'm with you on your SPN recap. The Dean/Lisa thing is both sweet and annoying. As in, if the series ended after "Swan Song" then I would have loved Dean staying with Lisa and Ben forever. However, since I want to keep watching spn and want interesting things to happen - not trite, bittersweet, romance stuff - then I sooo don't want that pairing to exist anymore.

Is it just me or is s6 really hard to get into? *sigh*

I cannot wait for the meta ep, though. And the extended preview was hilarious. Mostly I want to see meta!cas/misha :)

I really enjoy your recaps. They're fun to read!
*grins* I'm glad you like my little recaps.

As for Dean/Lisa, I admit that because of the way I want Supernatural to end (Dean/Sam riding off into the sunset in the Impala OR both of them dying together, and that's not really because of a shippy thing, it's just the way I feel it should end) I really didn't like the idea behind season fives ending - one of them dead and the other off with a girl.
(Of course, my personal theory is that if they hadn't been picked up for a sixth season then it would've probably ended with Dean and Sam in the hole, and I would've been much more okay with that.)

And, the truth is, as far as Lisa was concerned, I liked her better before they brought her back. Honestly, in season six she doesn't even seem like the original character. At first (and I mean WAY back in season three) I could see why Dean liked her, but the way she's been written in six she just doesn't even seem like Dean's type anymore.

META META META! I know some folks have an embarassment squick when it comes to the meta episodes (and I can understand that), but so far I've liked them all (though the one in season five wasn't as good as the one in season four, I still didn't hate it), and so far there's nothing based on SPOILERS that makes me think I'll dislike this one.

*sigh* Though I haven't yet been able to watch the extended preview yet (my PC is tricky when it comes to videos), but did love the one that aired after Mannequin. Though I do hope they don't end up going crazy with the Polock jokes.

Finally, getting in to season six, I'm pretty much in it now, but I wasn't until Family Matters before that epsiode I was having trouble connecting. And, I mean, I get it now the feeling of everything being wrong was intentional, but for the first block of six it really was very weird.
It always feels good to be poductive doesn't it and I was really miffed that it has started to get cold again here I was finally able to go outside. *pouT8

Sadly I had to give up on Supernatural quite awhile ago but I have to say maniquins are always a good choice, they go from creepy to terryfying, trust me i worked i na museum.
*grins* I don't remember it, but according to my family, as a kid, I was terrified by wax figures/mannequins. Apparently, I was a big fan of The Wizard of Oz until I saw some wax figures of them, and apparently after that I freaked out around all human looking but not human shapes. However, I remember none of that, which is a little weird - you'd think if it scared me that bad I'd at least have some vague memories, but I got nothing, and I still sometimes watch The Wizard of Oz.

And, yeah, after yesterday I'm feeling very productive - my arms and legs really hurt today, but I did get all the gardening for food spaces ready. The flower spaces not so much, but then I can't put out flowers for a few months anyway.

Still it kind of works out, because it's going to get a bit cooler again, so I'll have plenty of time to rest before having to do it all again.