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It's not spoilery, unless you've completely avoided episode descriptions and promos for Mannequin 3: Reckoning, and even then I doubt this would actually spoil anything, but if you are one of those who avoid promos and episode descriptions you should probably stop reading right now!

Anyway, based on this early description (aka SPOILER) for this episode, which matches the CWs description, I was hoping the title related to Lisa, meaning evil!Lisa. Yeah, I know, I don't like Lisa, and apparently that's not cool, but after Exile on Main Street I found myself hoping that show would end up revealing that Lisa was evil.
(Or, if not evil!Lisa, at least something other than St. Lisa, because another theory I've seen floated around that I really like is that Lisa saw Robo!Sam watching Dean, and sent him (Sam) away with the same speech he gave to Dean in Exile on Main Street, cause all things considered that was a weird thing for Robo!Sam to come up with on his own. Alas, while that will probably be my head-canon it doesn't appear the show is going to go that way.)

However, based on the promo that aired after last weeks episode, the title clearly doesn't relate to Lisa at all, so I is disappointed. This show is going to drag Dean's Riley all the way to the end, aren't they? *sigh*
(Riley is a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and was to Buffy what (at best) Lisa is to Dean, but while Buffy the Vampire Slayer finally realized that Riley as a character just couldn't be Buffy's One True I'm not sure Supernatural is ever going to realize that with Lisa.)

BUT there is one point in Lisa's favor that I've recently discovered. It seems that before this season started the people behind the show wanted to make Dean all about Ben this season, so I have recently became the biggest fan ever of the actor playing Ben simply because he said "do not want!", because if you think my hate on Lisa is awful... Well, with Lisa I hold back, because I don't actually want to be one of those female hating Supernatural fans (sometimes that doesn't seem fair, because I was never forced to hold-back on Riley-hating), but with Ben not being female I'd find myself with no reason what so ever to hold back on the hate. And, to be fair, I think I really would hate all about Ben Dean worse then Dean having a piss-poor romance with Lisa.

Seriously, though, why would the people behind the show think a good question to ask is whether or not a hunter could balance hunting and family? I admit I'm not in Supernatural fandom (I lurk a bit, and read a few (or more) fanfics, but that's it), and wasn't even lurking in fandom until this past summer, but over the year(ish) that I've been lurking, I'll admit that I've seen fans ask lots of questions, but the one that starts this paragraph isn't one of those questions. So, I'm not sure why the people behind the show thought fans would give two shits about said question.

I mean I think Grandpa and family (from the first episode they appeared, not season six) proved that it's possible, if the hunter (or rather hunters) in question want that, though it does seem to be necessary for all involved to be hunters, or at least all in the full loop, and neither Dean nor Sam seems to ever want to include anyone in their loop, which, to be honest, suits me fine, but doesn't bode well for any (potential) romance they would have with someone normal.

Anyway, with Supernatural I (and I assume most) viewers signed on for a show about two brothers hunting evil and kicking evils ass. We signed on for a show about two brothers in a classic car traveling the Canada-version of the US killing monsters and being happily disfunctional while doing it. Now I'm not saying that's all the show has to be, but I don't see why anyone would thinking jumping from that to family time would be an interesting direction to head.

Granted I think it could work, but I have to admit if the show was going to go that way I'd almost rather see Lisa and Ben actually traveling with Dean (and Sam) with Dean training them both to be hunters, instead of them merely sitting at home to make time for Dean whenever he has time. But have to admit that at the end of the day, I'd rather Dean find someone other then Lisa and Ben for this, because at this point I do not think I could accept them following him around, I just think if the show had went that way from the start with Lisa and Ben it would've worked slightly better then what the show actually tried to pull off with Lisa at home meekly waiting for her man to make time.

One day (hopefully soon) I'll start ranting/posting about something other than Supernatural.
And it will probably be sooner rather than later, because at the moment, I'm half-assedly composing an almost apology rant to Nikita (or rather her fans) after my journey into insanity after a certain delay that-shall-not-be-named. Seriously, I went back and read that entry yesterday and realized that there are a few things which could seriously use some clarity/explanation, because I could totally see someone (based on what I wrote) thinking that I might actually be considering harming actual real live people, and that was NEVER (even when I was pissed off) my intent (for example, when I said I wanted to do bad things, I meant writing a fanfic where bad things happen to certain "people"/characters, not doing something bad to actual people), but I get upset and my ability to make things clear totally leaves the building.
Personally, I think Dean very much wants a family, almost more than he wants to be a hunter. A lot of the time, he hunts more because he feels he has to. But I think that in a perfect world, he wants both. We've seen since earlier seasons that family is his dream. He doesn't think he can have that dream, but he does want it.

Now, I kind of liked Lisa, but I don't think she's necessarily the right girl for him. Personally, I'd like to see him with a female hunter, someone who could take care of herself and hold her own against him. Because Dean needs people to be safe, so I'm not sure he could ever truly be happy with someone he was terrified would get hurt all the time.
Different strokes and all, I guess, because I've always believed the family Dean talks about wanting (and has longed for) is John/Dean/Sam (and possibly Mary) not a wife and child of his own. That's why bringing Lisa back for Dean felt really weird to me, but I sort of wanked it in my own head as Sam not actually understanding what Dean means when he speaks of family, and Dean knew Lisa was the only one of his past lovers that might would maybe take him in.
(*grins* When Lisa said that Dean would never be happy with Sam... Well, I see it slightly differently, because I don't think Dean will ever be happy without Sam, and that's also a part of the reason I can't see Dean ever walking away from hunting to live some apple pie life, because at this point I cannot see Sam wanting to walk away from hunting, because I think he's given up on life outside of that because of everything that's happened to him.)

Still I completely agree that if Dean has even a remote chance of finding love it would have to be with another hunter, and also someone who didn't have any dislike of Sam (obvious or passive/aggressive).

As for Lisa herself, I admit that I didn't honestly care about her one way or another, but then in the very first episode of season six she lost me. At first, it was working, then she tried the emotionally manipulative "best year of my life" on Dean, and that just lost me, though (in fairness) I didn't actually start to hate her until she pulled that whole "you go hunt, and Ben and I will just put our lives on-hold for you." Sure from a guys point of view that makes her the perfect mate, but from my point of view it makes her a desperate doormate. So, I'm completely over Lisa, and will be very glad when the show (and Dean) also get over her.

Edited at 2011-02-18 10:56 pm (UTC)