So, as I mentioned in my review I was a bit disappointed in Fridays episode of Supernatural, because of things not really related to the episode itself. And, as mentioned, I had to go buy a couple fire alarms Saturday, and ended up also buying the first season of Dexter on DVD too.

And it was as I started watching Dexter and finding myself disappointed because Dexter simply wasn't violent enough that I realized that my problems with Friday's Supernatural was also because of the mood I was in and not the show itself. Seriously, I expected Dexter to be a much darker show then it actually is, but that doesn't mean it's a bad show, it's not, once you get past the first few episodes it's actually quite engaging/addictive, but because of my mood I found myself disappointed at first.

And that's when I realized that was also my problem with Fridays Supernatural - I wanted Robo!Sam to tear someone (anyone) apart with his bare hands, instead what I got was cold shoot 'em kill 'em Sam, and, of course, Dexter's method is all professional and very seriously lacks passion, which in my mood was also disappointing. Dude, you're a serial killer, at the very least you should enjoy what you do. And, honestly, in those first few episodes, he just didn't appear to enjoy what he did with the killing, him not enjoying everyday life made perfect sense, but for him to make the killing look like a chore rather then something he liked just felt weird to me.


The only other issue I really have with Dexter is the actress playing his sister. I can't decide if she's a really good actress trying to pull off a bad character, or a good character that's simply played by a bad actress. Every so often I'll decide she's simply a bad actress, but then she'll do something that makes me think it just might be the character rather than the actress.

Well, that, and for once I've found an opening credit sequence (that's more then a title card) that I don't like. I mean, I get why they went with that, I do, but I don't like it, especially not the bit with the egg yokes, and the drop of... *shivers* Honestly, that bit grosses me out every freakin' time.