Oops, for The Vampire Diaries it says SPOILERS for episode only, and that's not entirely true, I do mention (SQUEE over) one little thing indicated by the promo that was shown in the promo for next week. It's only one little thing, but I know some Anti-SPOILER folks actually try to avoid any and all info, so I thought I'd give a heads up that that one tiny thing is there.

The Vampire Diaries 2x14 Crying Wolf

Well, based on the ratings (1.3/4, which ties a season low that ties a series low) it would appear I was not the only one that, based on the previews, didn't think this episode would be all that great.

I mean, honestly, the on air promos made it seem like Stefan/Elena taking a romantic vacation only to get attacked by werewolves (which did happen)... And, on top of that, those promos failed to instill a real sense of danger to Stefan and Elena from the werewolves, and most viewers know the show isn't actually going to kill Stefan and Elena, so the promos made the episode look fairly boring.

Seriously, I think for promo purposes they should've went with a shot of Damon getting tortured (not the whole scene, but something from that scene), a shot that made it appear that Tyler was totally okay with killing Elena (he wasn't, but promos lie all the time). Maybe even a shot of Luka laying on the floor with Bonnie getting ready to do magic, and then maybe throw in a shot of John telling Jenna to ask Alaric about his supposedly dead wife. I think those things would've looked more interesting to potential viewers then Stefan and Elena on vacation.

However, I can admit when I'm wrong, though the first half of this episode was pretty boring I have to give it credit for picking up towards the end, and the "surprise" twist was just awesome (Elena).

I also have to admit that the Bonnie/Jeremy stuff didn't suck as bad as I expected. Still I doubt I'll ever be a Bonnie/Jeremy shipper, but I have to admit that the shippy stuff between them was handled pretty well. However, this show has a history of this (with only Stefan/Elena and Jeremy/Anna being an exception, and the latter didn't really last long enough for the show to mess up), they start a ship well, make me like it, and then it all goes horribly horribly wrong (Damon/Caroline, Caroline/Matt, Caroline/Tyler), and I end up outright hating said ship. So, I can't help but wonder how this show will end up screwing Bonnie/Jeremy up.

Oh, and the whole "Jenna thinks Alaric is hiding something" was rather a let-down. Turns out she didn't suspect a thing, and Uncle (Daddy) John nudged her, and then it was a fairly tame nudge. Of course, that's probably because Uncle (Daddy) John wants to blackmail Alaric to make him stop seeing Jenna (I don't know why), and to get his magical make one immortal ring (I do understand this one). The one John gave to Isobel who then gave it to Alaric before running off to become a vampire.

On the other hand, at least this episode did kill almost all the werewolves (FINALLY). The downside was they left the one alive who needed killing the most. However, since she took Tyler away I'm not sure I'm upset that show left her alive.

The one thing I outright loved was Elena. I love how this show makes Elena human, but also smart and capable. First, Elena stabbed a werewolf twice (sure it didn't kill him, but it kept her alive), and as if that wasn't enough... *grins* After the wolves are dealt with Elena reveals to Stefan that she knew her deal with Elijah wouldn't protect her. She realized that he was careful with his wording - he would protect her friends and family, but said nothing about protecting her. I love that, and I'm actually okay with her being okay with that, though I certainly understand why Stefan and her friends are not.
(Oh, and the getting info out of Luka was fairly well handled, but only really revealed what Elena all ready knew, though, in fairness the other characters didn't, so at least they learned something knew, but they'd have learned it anyway after Elena revealed it to Stefan, cause I'm sure he'd have told them.)

So, yeah, overall this episode was NOT as bad as I expected, and the previews for next weeks episode make it look like it'll be good. Evil!Stefan, YAY!

PS - This episode may or may not have left it unintentionally unclear about what happened to the moonstone. To save Damon, Elijah flashes the moonstone, then lays it on a table while he kills some wolves. However, at the end of that scene we don't see it again, and the blonde werewolf did escape, so she could have possibly grabbed it, though when we see her again at the end she certainly doesn't act like she had it.
(She looked a little confused, but mostly scared and upset, so I think she'd have looked a bit more happy if she had the moonstone.)

PPS - I love the Damon torture scene - the only thing that could've made it better would have been naked!Damon. It's sad when evil!werewolves don't know how to properly torture a vampire.
(Yes, they had it almost right, but was missing the naked victim (Damon), so I can't give them full marks.)

Supernatural 6x13 Unforgiven

Well, I got to admit that I didn't love this episode like I expected too. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but based on certain things I expected to love it, and didn't.
(I think I wanted more Robo!Sam then this episode gave me. And, shockingly, I don't mean more naked Robo!Sam, though I certainly wouldn't have said no to naked Robo!Sam - I guess when it comes to Robo!Sam I just want him to do (or have done) something shocking.)

I will say that all things considered, it does make sense that Grandpa didn't bond with or truly care about Sam. Though, of course, Grandpa still needs a good killing from Dean, I'm just saying I do understand why Grandpa was all Mary < Sam.

I also have to admit that this episode pulled off a pretty good surprise twist. I honestly thought the wife was the monster so much so that I thought she was having some kind of vision when her "dead" husband appeared in front of her. I thought she was just waiting and hoping Sam would remember cause killing him then would be more satisfying or something. But that wasn't it at all. So, good hustle, show, good hustle.

*grins* I really should've loved this episode, it had so much I liked. You know, Sam in a cage, and then later Sam all helpless and in need of a good rescue from Dean... That just does something to me, you know, down there, because Sam in a cage and/or otherwise restrained generally leads to some hot action rescue Dean, which when combined just leads to a party in my pants.

Anyway, I was also caught off guard a bit by the ending. I knew Sam didn't seem to remember Robo!Sam, but I admit Death removing the memory of himself telling Sam not to scratch the wall seemed deeply stupid to me, so I went in to this assuming that Robo!Sam was not locked behind the wall, but that it was just taking some time for Sam's mind to work itself out and get back in line. So, the flashes of memory coming upon Sam during this episode didn't seem or feel like wall scratching to me. However, considering the ending, I guess Sam remembering Robo!Sam was in fact because Sam was scratching that wall.

On the plus side, at least maybe that flash of bad at the end will clue Sam in to the fact that Dean is serious and now he will stop scratching that wall.

Anyway, I planned to watch again tonight (maybe all things considered I was simply in a bad mood last night). Long story and not related to the show itself, but thanks to a not working properly and smoking much more then necessary kerosene heater I learned that both smoke alarms in my house weren't working properly (not to mention all the cleaning of soot starring me in the face thanks to that). One was no longer working at all, and the other was trying to do the warning alarm thing, but rather sounded like a mouse squeaking instead of the blaring sound that grabs my attention like nothing else, so today I went down (or up) to Wally World to buy myself a couple fire alarms, and ended up picking up the first season of Dexter on DVD - I've planned to give this one a try for months, and apparently I was more impatient then I realized, because I usually don't buy stuff on DVD before watching it through Netflix first. So, rather then rewatching Supernatural tonight I'll probably be watching Dexter instead. Oh, well, maybe I'll rewatch Sunday night and see if I find it better, and I honestly suspect I will.