The Vampire Diaries 2x13 "Daddy Issues"

Yes, I watched this episode Thursday night, just not live (but I knew after not being able to wait three days to watch Hellcats there was no way I'd be able to wait three days to watch The Vampire Diaries), but I was feeling like shit warmed over yesterday and soooo did not feel like sitting at my PC and typing this up. I feel better today, but my damn head still hasn't stopped completely hurting. Oh, well, at least it isn't hurting as badly today, so I'm calling that a good sign.

Anyway, I must admit this was not a favored episode, in fact I didn't really like it, mostly because NOTHING I wanted (was hoping for) happened here. Plus, unlike some I am not a fan of werewolves, but especially not these type of asshole werewolves that need to disappear even faster than the tomb vampires from last season. So, maybe if I'd enjoyed it more I'd have been more willing to type through the pain.

So, moving on now...

Okay, Caroline, I know you still have issues for Matt instead of issues with Matt, but darlin' lets move on. Not saying you have to jump on Tyler (considering the events of this episode I'm starting to be as against that) but you need to accept Matt is a douche and move on.

Also, you know I don't really love Jenna, but it is getting a bit silly that no one (especially Elena, or Alaric, her boyfriend) will tell her the freakin' truth. (Not to mention Uncle John and/or Jeremy.) On the other hand, at least she does now know that Uncle John is Elena's daddy John. So, that's something.
(And given some of the events of this episode, I wonder if some of those things weren't put there to prime Jenna for the truth.)

Oh, and have I mentioned yet how much I loathe that blonde female werewolf? Not yet. Well, allow me to mention how much I loathe her, and how much I hope she gets offed soon. Still it was nice to see Tyler having some doubts about her early in the episode, though that gets totally canceled out later, cause he does end up being a heavyweight douchenozzle.

Seriously, I spent most of this episode hoping that Tyler would see what a bad "person" that bitchy blonde bitch was. And, of course, this episode introduced a new male werewolf that's even worse, but no Tyler was eating all their shit up (turning on his one true friend) and begging for more. Bastard!

Honestly, for most of this episode I was trying to tell Damon that yes Tylers a bit confused right now, but he's not a bad "person" but by the end of this episode I was so totally over Tyler. That's right, Damon, as far as I'm concerned you may now kill ALL the dirty werewolves.

And DAMN IT ALL, but I gotta do it - POOR JOHN! *sigh* Now I feel a bit dirty, but yes this episode (in the beginning anyway) made me feel bad for him. Yeah, right up until the end I just wasn't certain he was up to no good. But considering the bit at the end with Katherine, I'm no longer sure his intentions are entirely on the up and up.

Wait! WAIT! WHAT?!

Why in the world is Jenna trying to play matchmaker for Damon? No, seriously, where the hell did that come from? Was a bit weird, and totally stuck out like a sore thumb.

And it's offical, I LOATHE woobie!Damon, and he so totally needs his badass grove back, STAT! Yes, please to be getting him past his woobie crisis any time now. K? Thanks.

Witchman almost impressed me here. Yeah, almost. Would've been better if he'd killed all the werewolves, but he did save Damon, Stefan, and most importantly Caroline, so he can stay awhile.

What I did love was the post-torture scene between Caroline and Stafan, in fact I love it more than I probably should have. Actually, truth be told I loved everything about post-torture Caroline, even when she did finally fall apart.

I also kind of loved all the Damon/John scene's in this episode, which actually surprised me. And even if John is bad, I think I'm finally starting to really like him. Damn!

Supernatural 6x12 "Like A Virgin"

Hmm, was this episode worth the extra long wait? Yeah, but I do think, in the end, it might have been just a tad overhyped. Still in many ways I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. You see, for this one I was more then a little SPOILED.

So, to start I'll address the biggest surprise. Based on SPOILERS I was expecting Sam to give Dean hell about not still being with Lisa and Ben, and I was thus prepared to give Sam hell for being an idiot. Instead what I got was a Sam that simply asked about them, and Dean said it didn't work out, and that was that. So, I was happy.

Second, I complained about Cass being all 'lets not resoul Sam' (from a preview clip) and going as far as to give a bit of shit over it, but in the context of the episode it didn't seem as bad (to me) as it did from the preview clip. Though, of course, I totally support Dean in this. Leaving Sam's soul to continue suffering was unacceptable, so I do still have a bit of trouble getting where Cass was coming from.

Third, Bobby being a little leery of Sam... I was expecting this to piss me off at Bobby. When it comes to Bobby I am on the fence of not liking him more then I'm on the fence of loving him. However, this season (unlike season five) I haven't been miffed at Bobby once, and this was no exception, because all things considered I can totally understand Bobby having a few issues.

Plus, he did have a point, Sam did figure it out on his own. On the other hand, I can (for once) understand why Dean didn't want to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. He had no real way of knowing whether or not that would bring down the great wall of Sam.

Then we have Dean vs the rock, which turned out to be silly, but not as hokey (or bad) as I feared. Part of me thought (based on SPOILERS) that Dean vs the rock just wouldn't play well at all, but I thought it did play well.

But what's with all the romance, or potential romance BS this season? Seriously, it is okay to sometimes just have that 'wham bam, thank you, ma'am' sex. Not all of it needs to be turned in to some kind of BS potential epic love thang.

On the other hand, Dean's whole "I think it just goes to show being easy's pretty much all upside" almost makes up for the new hints of Bobby romance.

So, yeah, overall I enjoyed this episode (maybe even loved it), but I also find that those early viewers might have overhyped it just a tad.

Okay, yeah, I know I haven't mentioned the ending, but that's mostly cause I don't yet know what to make of it.

And, also, a P. Diddy mention, I would LOL again.
(It's funny because of the whole twitter thing that happened before season five started.)

Finally, these virgins just weren't able to top "when this is over I'm gonna have so much sex" Nancy. Though, to be fair, I'm not sure show will ever be able to top that. *sigh* Nancy is another one of those side characters that I didn't realize I missed.

PS - I wonder how much exactly Cass was able to tell Sam. After all, Cass wasn't present for all parts Robo!Sam, unless Cass has been stalkery watching him from a distance all season.

PPS - Also, I had a room full of teddy bears long after my cherry went buh bye. Okay, fine, my room was baby blue not pink, but still full of teddy bears, and back then I also wore a lot of pink.