Okay, this post comes from the fact that looking around the net you can see that Fringe fans are worried that when Supernatural returns (if it does) that the ratings for Fringe will drop (and visa versa). Honestly, that idea amuses me, and I'm a Supernatural fan (still I like to think there's enough room in the TV universe for both shows). Yes, in the fall Supernatural was beating the FOX show on Friday then (which was NOT Fringe), but I don't expect that to continue, mainly because Supernatural has never beat Fringe. That's right, even when Fringe went low it still had higher ratings then Supernatural.

So, truth be told, if Fringe is hurt at all (ratings-wise) I really expect that damage to come more from CSI: New York instead of Supernatural. In truth it's probably more likely that Fringe will hurt Supernatural.

Still that doesn't mean it's all bad news for Supernatural, because even though it was getting beat by Fringe last season it still got renewed. Obviously, or we wouldn't have had ANY Supernatural this season.
What I'm terrified of is not Supernatural going against Fringe, I'm afraid that Supernatural fans ticked off about the CWs actions last week will end up not watching Supernatural live this Friday (if it airs) mistakenly believing that is a good way to hurt the CW, when in reality the only thing that hurts is Supernatural itself, and since the CW doesn't really seem to care about Supernatural I don't think the network would actually care if Supernatural was hurt.


Anyway, that's what I think people worrying about Fringe vs Supernatural keep forgetting - last season Fringe went against Supernatural and neither show was hurt by the other (not to a noticeable degree anyway), so my thinking is if either show was going to be hurt by another the one they'd be likely to be hurt by is actually CSI: New York, and while I can't speak for Fringe, Supernatural has been going head to head with CSI: New York all ready this season and holding its own. So, while Fringe might drop against CSI: New York, I don't honestly expect Supernatural to suffer, nor do I expect Supernatural to cause Fringe to suffer.

Could I be wrong? Well, yeah, Fringe could hurt Supernatural, but as I said I'm more terrified of Supernatural fans hurting Supernatural thinking they're hurting the CW somehow. But aside from that, I really believe that both shows could stay in the same time-slot against each other and have both renewed for another season.

Of course, there's always other reasons that one or both might be canceled, but I don't believe going against each other will be the reason.

For example, if Fringe gets canceled, it would (in my opinion) have more to do with FOX having so many shows ready to go in the fall, which means they have less room on their schedule, and somethings got to give, and FOX might decide Fringe is that something.

And with Supernatural it would probably have more to do with contracts and stuff then low ratings caused by going against Fringe, or the fact that the CW doesn't care for Supernatural unlike FOX who does seem to care about Fringe, at least more than the CW seems to care about Supernatural anyway.