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So, after so many "I'm ticked off" posts, I decided that I should do an "I feel pretty good" post, even if I don't, not really. I mean I'm in a much better mood today (calmer, and even happy), but I don't exactly feel good. Don't feel awful, but I'm in that space where my body doesn't feel terrible, but neither does it feel good.

However, I am still happy. You may have heard about the big winter storm taking over certain parts of the United States - I am happy, because said storm is missing me. When the storm was first forecast there was a small chance that I might be affected, and okay, fine, we got some rain, but JUST rain (not freezing or storming, just plain ol' beautiful rain). So, this time I was in a prime spot, not south enough for the big bad thunderstorms, but not far enough north to be caught in the freezing rain zone, and believe me I still remember the Ice Storm of 2009 that hit me, and I am SOOOOO not eager for a repeat.

Still later in the week they are saying it'll get cold here, but cold without the ice and snow hopefully won't be THAT bad, nor from what the forecasters are saying is the cold supposed to last extremely long. So, hopefully they'll be right and it'll be just a quick shot of cold air followed by some a little warming up.

*sigh* I don't know why, because I usually don't care, but today (for some reason) it just bothered me when I loaded my LJ page today to see two bitchy posts right at the top. I mean I'm still pissed off about those things, but today I just didn't like seeing two bitchy posts right at the top. Go figure.
*grin, cuddle* happy Hope posts rule.. ;)
Well, I'm glad someone likes them.