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Or, "Don't expect a The Vampire Diaries review from me for season two episode thirteen, at least not a timely one." Yes, I plan on seeing the episode, just not the night it airs...

But first things first - I feel dirty, or what I did last night, besides rewatching The Vampire Diaries (on DVR - I would NOT have watched the dirty stinkin' should not have happened Friday encore airing even if I'd missed the episode in question.).

Basically, this is just a little preamble to my main thoughts (outside the cut):

So, Friday night nothing else was on (of interest to me)... Yes, I know Fringe was on, but I've tried watching that one at least twice before (once during this current season) and I just couldn't get interested in the story. However, I let it play live in my house as a mini-protest of the CW last night, but before turning to Fringe I decided to turn over at the hour mark and see if the CW would at least give a "Supernatural won't be seen tonight, but tune in..." type statement. They did NOT! They jumped straight from The Vampire Diaries promos right in to Nikita, not even a scroll across the bottom of the screen...

Well, rather than let Nikita play on my TV more then one second I flipped that channel and landed on Fringe. To be honest, I planned to change the channel again, but I scanned my guide and didn't see anything of interest, so I decided to leave Fringe on. However, before getting up to do some housework, spur of the moment, (I sinned) I decided to DVR Nikita, not because I'm considering giving Nikita another chance (never happen after this - I don't care how good it may or may not get), but I decided it would be nice to scan the ads later for that mythic beast known as a Supernatural television promo.

So, after my room was a little cleaner (still more to do today) I got a cup of coffee, and started my DVR, and to my surprise I did actually see two (count 'em) promos for Supernatural, I was actually shocked. Still miffed that they couldn't toss in two more at the beginning and end of THAT show. On the other hand, that may be the fastest thing I've ever watched on my DVR, it took me less then five minutes to find and watch those two promos, and then I gladly deleted THAT show from my DVR. Though I still feel a bit dirty for having DVR'ed THAT show in the first place, and, of course, after deleting I realized I should have just gone for the gold and watched all the ads that aired so I'd know which products to delete from my shopping list, except for those that also buy ad time during Supernatural.

I suppose part of what really pisses me off here, is that I used to defend the CW, at least as far as Supernatural was concerned. Granted I am a late comer to Supernatural, but I did think the CW was actually fair enough to the show - I usually saw at least one ad during The Vampire Diaries (which is the CWs highest rated show, and honestly the best place for CW to run ads for their other shows) sometimes two. So, sometimes I would think Supernatural fans expected a little to much for their show out of the CW, but now I totally get where each and every one of them was coming from. Smallville and Supernatural, while being some of the highest rated shows on the CW, don't get properly treated by the CW at all. So, bitch away, I shall no longer say you are being unfair to the CW, because really the CW is unfair to Smallville & Supernatural fans.

Let's just say that after all this bullshit, the CW damn well better give Supernatural a seventh season, because if they don't renew Supernatural, but renew Nikita it shall not be pretty at all. No, sir, it shall not be pretty at all. We're talking language, violence, hard-core adult content, and full-on cumsumer boycotts.

*pauses to hmm the theme song from True Blood*
Before the night is through, I wanna do bad things to you...
And I ain't talking fun sexy times, just for the record.

Sorry, Nikita fans, (I thought after a comment, I should clear this up a bit) I actually don't want to hurt your show (sure, yes, I am one of those La Femme Nikita fans that just couldn't get in to this version of Nikita, but until Supernatural was bumped from the schedule for Nikita I didn't hate NuNikita - that's one of the reasons I stopped watching after two episodes, I knew if I kept watching I'd end up hating it, so I stopped before that happened) what I want to do is hurt the CW, and (sadly, depending on your POV) the only way I know to do that is to start crossing products off of my to purchase list, and since the CW seems to be turning this in to a Supernatural vs Nikita thing... Well, as Buffy would say, it is what it is.


Anyway, as you know (if you've read my recent entries) I've been raging over how Supernatural has been delayed, and seeing all those "calm down" posts around the internet by net nannies - YOU ARE NOT HELPING! Seriously, seeing all those "calm down" posts do not make my rage go bye-bye, no it has a slightly different effect. Besides, look at it this way, if people are raging on the internet at the very least that makes them less likely to do something truly terrible, so why not just let them get their rage out of their system. Shoving rage down never does anyone any good.

So, while I know some don't like the rage on display, at least if people are raging with words they aren't raging in other - shall we say - more illegal ways. Think about that. And I'll even give an example, since this announcement broke Thursday I've been entertaining thoughts about things I could do to the cast of Nikita, and lets just say those things don't involve congratulating them on a job well done, which considering the ratings they managed to get Thursday night they deserve.

Then today I (finally) pushed my Nikita hate away, because honestly it is NOT the cast and crew of Nikita's fault. They don't set the schedule, or make bullshit changes to said schedule at the last moment. No, that's the CW, but how could I express my displeasure to the CW in a way that would speak to them, because lets face it emails and letters probably won't be seen by people you'd like them to be seen by.
(Gardening is magic! Yes, it was while I was doing some early gardening prep work when I was finally able to see this wasn't Nikita's fault.)

That's when it hit me - this coming week the only thing I will be watching live on the CW will be Supernatural (if the CW airs it) - now I love The Vampire Diaries (and still don't completely hate Hellcats), and I know I could not give up The Vampire Diaries not completely, but I can refrain from watching anything live on the CW except Supernatural (if it airs) this coming week. And unless I have less self-control then I want to believe, I will wait until after three days to watch the shows I'll record, so the only CW show that will get any ratings points from me this week will be Supernatural... Hell, you know what? I may even watch Smallville live this Friday - I did watch it once before this season and didn't hate it, but if I hated jumping in to a show in it's fifth season (Supernatural last season) then I am not jumping in to a show in it's tenth season. However, to show my support for another show done wrong here, I may just tune in to both their Friday shows (if they air) live this week, and NOTHING else on the CW.

So, yeah, it's only two (three) shows my decision will affect (Hellcats and The Vampire Diaries, and maybe Smallville, but the last in a more positive way), and that's not much, but it's all I can honestly do to express my displeasure and remain on the right side of moral and legal law, but in a way that could make some kind of real statement to the CW.

And think about what might happen if all the viewers of Smallville and Supernatural who watch other things on the CW decided to do this - on the other hand, maybe Smallville and Supernatural viewers (aside from me) don't actually watch anything else on the CW... But if so, this is probably the only real way to get the attention of the people who pulled this bullshit instead of some poor soul who merely checks the mail/email, but is completely not responsible for the CW crap pull this Friday.

And, of course, I will NEVER consider buying a Kia Optima since they sponsored Nikita Thursday night, and may be (at least in part) responsible for this scheduling SNAFU. Unless, of course, they decide to do something nice for Supernatural, as well, otherwise NEVER EVER!
(And I do have a list - one that includes Princess Cruises (among others), because they created ads that hijack browsers, which is in my opinion worse then television ads period. So, yeah, I've made a list and I count it twice, and "congrats" Kia Optima you've landed at number two of two that are on my no-shop list from television ads, a rare thing indeed, so Go Team!
For the rabidly curious, the other product I've banned from a television ad is Head-On. And, yeah, I might would've been a Head-On customer if the damn ads hadn't annoyed me so.
PS - Since I admittedly don't know that Kia was behind the schedule decision made by the CW I would be willing to remove it from the list, as I said, if they did something nice for Supernatural, too, or put out a statement saying they in no way encouraged the CW to bump Supernatural in favor of Nikita. However, I truly doubt the company would care enough to do that, and so it shall remain on the list.)
You do realize that none of the advertisers or the Nikita staff have anything to do with this, right? It is on CW and only on CW. Not that there is anything wrong with being pissed or with not liking Nikita, but CW is the place that deserves all that rage.

I'm actually considering watching all CW shows that I like online for the rest of the year in protest. Because I'm pissed too.
Yeah, oops, I meant to make it clear that I was dropping my Nikita full-on hate & transferring it to the CW, which means advertisers for the CW, since that's the only way I really know to make a point to the CW in a way that would bother them, because unless they are truly different from every other network then they don't give a shit about letters from fans or other fan stuff. Got to speak to their money bags. And doing that means advertisers who may or may not be at least in part responsible for the CW pulling their little Friday night SNAFU.

Now I admit it's possible that Kia only sponsored Nikita's Thursday airing, in which case I don't have anything against them, but I can't be sure of that, because I literally did not watch the Friday airing of Nikita, I simply scanned the ads for Supernatural promos, which was (in hind-sight) a mistake on my part, I should've watched all the ads that aired.

So, yeah, boycotting products from advertisers is the only real way I know to hurt the CW, but at the same time I also don't want to hurt the wrong ones. I want to support the ones that support (not hurt) my shows. So, that meant looking at ads from Nikita, especially the biggie (Kia) who could be responsible for (or just supporting of) the CW's decision Friday, and hope that maybe that will have some effect on future decisions made by the CW, cause after all this I know the CW doesn't give two shits about their viewers, but if their advertisers start being affected then they (the CW) might actually start caring, at least a little bit simply because the advertisers will start caring.

However, after rereading the entry I made, yeah, okay, I get where it might not have been clear that I wouldn't be blaming/bashing Nikita anymore.

So, I'll state it here for the record, unless Supernatural is once again bumped from the CWs schedule for Nikita I probably won't even mention Nikita (show, cast, crew, or otherwise) again.

Though I do freely admit that if the CW renewed Nikita but failed to renew Supernatural... Well, after all this THAT would greatly piss me off and make me a bit more proactive. Likely I'd start DVRing Nikita just to watch the ads and make sure I avoid certain products, but in fairness I wouldn't spend time ranting about it, or bashing Nikita. But I have no plans to do that for the rest of the current season, and I'm reasonably certain that despite certain talking heads at the CW not liking Supernatural (or its fans) that it will be renewed, so my plans probably won't be enacted anyway, but I like to have a plan.

Edited at 2011-01-29 11:07 pm (UTC)
And if someone started saying this crap about "The Vampire Diaries"? How would you feel?

That stupid vampire show displayed a show on Friday just like "Nikita"!
How would I feel?


But to elaborate, considering how upset I am about what the CW did to Supernatural it wouldn't surprise me if there was Smallville fans just as pissed, and they got just as much right as I do to protest.

The problem is I doubt the CW would care about a simple (or hell, even a large) fan protest. So, when I thought about what the CW would care about the above LJ entry is what I came up with.

In other words, while I do actually like (love) The Vampire Diaries I'm not going to seek out people actually talking smack about it and demand they stop, especially if said smack talkers are pissed off Smallville fans. They've got just as much right to be pissed off as I do.
Hi! I saw this via the TtH Blog list and just wanted to say I am in COMPLETE AGREEMENT. I didn't even realize SPN got postponed- I turned on my tv on Friday and did a double take. I'm still so angry and I may tune into Smallville (even though I don't like it) live on Friday night too, just to show my Friday night suport.

And I'm also a latecomer to SPN - I just started watching it last March thanks to TNT reruns :) Of course, thanks to Black Friday sales I bought each season on dvd and am now all caught up!
*grins* At this point, what I'd really like to see when the CW does finally air new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural is for those two shows to get the highest ratings of anything on the CW that week.

Probably won't happen, but I can dream, and that more than anything is why I do plan to watch both Smallville and Supernatural live when the CW does finally get around to airing new episodes.
(As I said, I did watch a December episode of Smallville, and didn't hate it, though admittedly I didn't fall in love with it either, so while I'd have probably never watched another episode (on my own) I don't actually mind wathing another one.)

It's really weird, looking back, because as I said before now I thought the CW was mostly fair to Supernatural, but after this I realized that TNT seems to actually do more to promote Supernatural then the CW does. And, of course, then there's that whole TVGuide thing, but that was fans and again not the CW.