So, I haven't made an entry in awhile and decided I needed to make one today. Easier said then done, because I couldn't really think of anything to say. Then several things hit me...

The biggest is my current story Unexpected American Vacation, I've been intending to finish off chapter three of that story for two weeks - things keep getting in the way. Of course, I started not to even talk about that, because I think I only have one reader of that story on LJ, but decided there were other things that I wanted to rattle about as well.

Anyway, two weeks ago I got the outline for chapters three and four (or the first bit of four) outlined, and told myself I'd seriously work on it over the holiday weekend. What happened? I just didn't feel like working on it. Mostly I think over that weekend I ended up laying on the couch watching (or sleeping through) TV.

I said fine, and planned to work on it and get it finished off by this weekend. *sigh* Despite the holiday I had to work Monday, then Tuesday I had to return to the doctor for a check-up. What I didn't realize was that check-up would consume most of my afternoon. I ended up having to go back to the hospital for more blood-work, so the doctor could see if the treatment was working. I tried to tell him it was working, because I felt better. Okay, so I was kinda sickly over the weekend, I still feel better overall. But I can't gripe too much, because retesting is a good idea.

So, I pushed working on the story back to Wednesday, and what happened? Well, I had to wash clothes, not usually that time consuming, but this week I had three blankets, thick winter ones, that had to be washed as well. So, there went that morning and afternoon, and by the evening I just didn't feel like tackling something as attention needing as story writing.

Today I had to work again, but it was a short work day. However, it'll probably be tomorrow before I get any work done on that story, because today I'm playing catch-up with online stuff. Maybe this evening or tonight I'll be able to work on it, but it is unlikely because in addition to nightly housework there is two hours of "must-see" TV tonight, for me anyway. Still I'm going to make myself work on the story this weekend feel like it or not. At least if I get something written, then editing and/or cleaning it up shouldn't be as time consuming.

~ * ~ * ~

This has nothing to do with the entry, but I'm using this puppy or one like it until 2008!

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Todays story quote is posted in honor of my special Mouse:

"All right, then. One final question. Albus Dumbledore. Great Headmaster? Or … the greatest Headmaster?"
Stephen asking Lucius Malfoy the tough question in Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness