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So, first I must say that I made a point to watch all the damn ads that aired during The Vampire Diaries last night, and there was not one damn ad (aired during the CW's highest rated show) announcing the preempting of Supernatural Friday. Now granted I know these days there are many people online, but there are still a few who aren't, or don't spend (i.e. waste) their online time looking up TV scheduling, so those poor bastards will be expecting Supernatural Friday night, and they'll get surprise!Nikita instead, and I hope every one of those turn the TV off or change the channel, because the CW should NOT be rewarded for pulling this crap!

Seriously, I saw ads for Gossip Girl, 90210, and the CW's piece of crap Nikita, but no ads announcing changes to their Friday night line-up. None of those shows are having a delay, but the CW was more than willing to promote the crap out of them anyway. Seriously, CW don't you think adverting a schedule change would be more important then promos for stuff airing in its normal freaking time-slot?!

The Vampire Diaries 6x12 "The Descent"


But this is supposed to be a review for The Vampire Diaries not more rage on the CW/Nikita, and don't let my ranting fool you, Thursdays episode of The Vampire Diaries was very good. *grins* That's one reason I generally don't make lots of entries/posts about The Vampire Diaries - if this show has something I don't like at least the story moves so quickly that generally the bit(s) I don't like won't be around long unlike other shows. So, generally I don't feel the need to post/rant about The Vampire Diaries


SPOILERS for The Vampire Diaries 6x12 "The Descent"

You actually did it - YOU KILLED ROSE!


Okay, fine, all things considered it was awesomely done, I'll give you that, but still YOU KILLED ROSE!

See, I was hoping there would be some last minute save, I don't know, like say Rose drinking the blood of the bitch (literally) that bit her curing the werewolf bite. Alas, show didn't even try that, I was so disappointed.

Speaking of which, I expect Damon to kill that little blonde bitch violently and painfully! VIOLENTLY AND PAINFULLY, are you hearing me, show? You better be. Bitch gotta die! She made her bed, and then made it worse by trying to bond with Tyler.
(And worse still because now she's trying to dick with Caroline - that makes me want her even more dead!)

Also, I have to admit while I'm not a big fan of the Damon/Elena stuff this show sometimes shoves in, I got to admit the last scene of this episode between them was pretty damn good.

On the other hand, I both loved and hated the last scene of the episode with Damon, though that could be because I'd rather Damon went after the bitch instead of basically crying in his beer, so I may be biased on this one.

Anyway, there was other stuff, of course, that happened in this episode:

Rose continually mistaking Elena for Katherine, and Elena actually being somewhat able (as much as a human could be) to hold her own when Rose had those less than lucid moments. In the end, all I could say was "poor Rose!"

Stefan wanting to find Isobel (Elena's vampire mother), because Katherine said she might be able to help him find Klaus, and getting surprise!John (i.e. Uncle of the missing fingers Bastard) instead. But I think he might actually be here to help, so GO TEAM! HeHe! Okay, you might not find that funny, but for some reason it actually made me laugh when he showed up.

Matt kissing Caroline - Boo Hiss! Okay, I hate Matt/Caroline, which is weird cause when it first started I loved it... Anyway, while I boo the kissing, the scene was actually done well. Tyler kissing Caroline - YAY! And Caroline saying that everyone needed to stop kissing her - HeHe! I love you, Caroline, and I would also be trying to kiss you.

Oh, and while Bonnie might have been fooled by the magic destroy the moonstone show (I wouldn't know because she wasn't in this episode), I have to give Elena some more massive points, because she clearly wasn't fooled, and she wasn't even there when the fake spell happened.
(I really hope that show will have Bonnie seeing through it too.)

But I must admit that I'm still in enough of a rage over Supernatural scheduling change that I can't really cover everything properly, so I just hit the highlights instead. Well, that, and the fact that I watched the previews for next week before writing my review, and lets just say I'm less than thrilled/excited for next weeks episode based on those previews.

So, last night around mid-night(ish) I watched the episode again, and saw a little something interesting that I missed the first time around - when Alaric sends Stefan Isobel's phone number... Well, I don't know how I missed it first time around, except in my defense I'm so used to TV phone numbers not being real that I hardly ever focus on them... On the other hand, this episode made a rather big show of displaying it clearly and plainly - they was, in my opinion, begging the audience to call it, so it's weird that I didn't notice first time around.

(919) 399-2507

So, I called honestly expecting a message of some kind from Isobel, instead there's short "cute" messages from Katherine, Stefan, and Damon.

Seriously, when they did this last season the number was kind of hard to see, so I wasn't terribly surprised that I didn't notice that one, but this one was clear as a bell, and held on the screen for a long(ish) time.
I admit that I actually like Nikita, but the rescheduling still pisses me off. Nikita and VD got their shot on Thursday. They do not need to be reaired. And to let us know only a day in advance and not even advertise it on tv is not cool at all. I was so excited about this week's SPN episode. I've had a crappy week, and I wanted one thing to go right.
Well, in my less then annoyed moments, I can see that the CW probably panicked... Not exactly sure why, I mean they've known for awhile now that The Vampire Diaries would be going against American Idol on Thursday's this spring, but I sense this move was made because someone (Dawn?) panicked at the last moment, but after seeing the ratings today the move looks even more dumbass, because The Vampire Diaries scored a 1.6/4 Adult 18-49 rating and Nikita scored a 1.1/3 Adult 18-49 rating, which for the CW is damn good, so even if those numbers do drop a little when the final ratings come out (there was a few preemptions in local markets), the CW still held up pretty well against American Idol, so they've basically pushed Smallville and Supernatural for no good reason, and because of that I hope both encores crash and burn tonight. And, yes, I like The Vampire Diaries, but as I said the CW should not be rewarded for pulling this crap.

Still they could (if they just HAD to) encore The Vampire Diaries and Nikita on Wednesday (their general rerun slot while America's Next Top Model is on vacation) instead of pushing their Friday shows back another week. So, yeah, I'm probably not gonna stop hating on the CW (or Nikita) until I FINALLY get a new episode of Supernatural.

Edited at 2011-01-28 08:25 pm (UTC)
You can't kill a vampire, they're not alive.. :P ;)
:P Actually, it depends on the genre - not all vampires in fiction are presented as dead things, some are presented as simply a different species. And I kind of thing that's the way The Vampire Diaries are presenting them.

*grins* But I do get your point.