Update (One Day Later): Whoops, in all my rage over the news that a new episode of Supernatural would not be seen tonight as I'd been expecting all damn week, I forgot to cut this entry. Sorry, flisters.

However, if you're curious I am still pissed over that fact, but I'm no longer considering doing bad things to the brain-trust at the CW who thought this was a good idea, and/or one or more of the stars of that newly dubbed (by me because of this) piece of CW crap that is Nikita.
(I am still thinking about sending a rather nasty letter IF Supernatural is not seen tonight, but I'm lazy, so I doubt even that'll happen. Still I have my dart board and some pictures.)

To those wondering, and even those that aren't. Todays topic is - Why are most of my Supernatural slash fanfic recs Dean/Sam and John/Sam? Now granted there's some other slash, not to mention the het and gen, but I ended up reading (and therefore rec'ing) much more Dean/Sam then I expected.

This entry will be more about other pairings I'd like to read (and some I have read), but with any rec lists I've ever made - only the fanfics I want to read again (and probably again and again) make said lists no matter what the fandom.
Oh, and PS, I won't be talking much about John/Sam either, cause really as I said in the rec entry itself I just find it hot.

Anyway, I've been thinking about this since I created my big list, and wondering exactly how so much Dean/Sam ended up on it, and that's what I feel like babbling about today. Because you see I have read much more then just Dean/Sam, I have. I've read (and liked) many Alistair/Dean, but most of the A/D I've read is in the form of short stories, and I rarely feel a burning need to read short stories over and over again - I'm not sure why, just the way I've always been.

I've also tried reading Sam/Cass, Dean/Cass, and/or Trickster/Sam, my problems with these aren't exactly the same, but they do kind of relate. First and foremost, I've discovered that despite really liking Cass/Sam, I just can't get in to some angels having a sexual relationship. Mostly, because I just can't see most angels (but especially Cass) just jumping in to a homosexual relationship, at least not without much angst and crap beforehand. Yeah, I know, it surprised me too, but that's why there's no Sam/Cass, and only one kind of/sort of Dean/Cass on my rec list. However, that's not exactly the same reason I can't/don't read Trickster/Sam, because that's one angel I could easily see just taking the homosexual jump...

And that leads in to why there's so much Dean/Sam slash on my rec list and little in the way of anything else. I like (at least as far as Supernatural is concerned) dark!fic, and pretty much all the Trickster/Sam fic I've been able to find has pretty much been all light and fluffy. I have tried, I really did, but I just can't see Trickster/Sam as a light fluffy ship as everyone else seems to.
(I'm sure there's some not light and fluffy Sam/Trickster out there - I have to believe, I just haven't managed to find it.)

Hell, I've even tried to read a few fanfics with Ash - don't look at me that way. I didn't really care for him one way or another when I watched season two, or at least I didn't think I did, but then when he made an appearance in season five I realized that I had missed him. And I did find one of those Ash fanfics (Ash/Harry Potter) I liked enough to rec, but I lost the damn link before I could get around to it. The rest of the Ash fic is like others, I liked the ones I read just not well enough to want to go back and read again and again.

So, yeah, dark!fic is pretty much the reason why there's so many Dean/Sam slash recs and very little in the way of other slash recs. Maybe at some point my taste for darker fanfic will lift, but until then it does kind of seem like I'm stuck with Dean/Sam.
(On the other hand, I'd love to see a certain brand of het Wincest that I haven't encountered before - Mary/Dean, and at this point I'm not sure I'd be picky enough on that one to wait specifically for dark!fic. Cause, yeah, I have this idea in my head of some weird universe where John/Sam are going down while Mary/Dean are going down. *naughty*)

*sigh* Good thing I mostly had this typed up before I saw this news! Supernatural (and Smallville) are being bumped a week for encores of The Vampire Diaries and Nikita, which makes it official - I officially LOATHE NuNikita now. When will that crap be canceled? Not soon enough.

Guess it's back to fanfic for me for just a little while longer.

Seriously, I'm in a Nikita/CW hating rage right now, so any mistakes I didn't edit out of all this is because I am now a little off my game with rage right now.
*kicks Nikita*
*smacks the CW*)