However, I admit upfront that I am having some trouble wrangling my thoughts in to a coherent shape. Even in my head it just rambles all over the place. Still I'm going to try, and I'll also be cutting away quickly, so those who don't want to read a garbled gabble can skip (seriously, I'll be rambling about everything from Lisa to a little line from last season that struck me wrong at the time, but didn't bother me until a rewatch, to why I hate the idea of Dean and Sam growing up to be healthy "adults").
(PS - No, SPOILERS here, unless you haven't seen all the currently aired episodes from season six.)

First, I guess I'll start with Lisa - I think I figured out why the Lisa bashing fanfic I recently tried writing turned out to be something else entirely. Yes, I've been thinking again, and I believe I've discovered that I kind of feel bad that I don't like Lisa, or rather don't like the Dean/Lisa relationship. Yes, I kind of liked it as it appeared in Exile on Main Street, but now the show appears to be trying to sell it as something else, and I just can't accept that. The fanfic I wrote sums up what I feel Dean/Lisa is - something they both kind of settled for because of a lack of something better.
(Dean more than Lisa - promise to Sam, and not wanting to hunt alone (see pilot episode), so he settled in and got comfortable, but being comfortable does not equal love, especially when you consider how easily Dean lied/hid things from her in the previously mentioned episode.
With Lisa, it's not as obvious, but I'm starting to think much the same thing happened with her. She was (probably) doing okay as a single mom, but then suddenly there's someone around helping take all the pressure off of her, and she probably liked that.

However, as I said, I feel almost bad for not loving Lisa or the Dean/Lisa relationship - mostly because how most (all) of the females on Supernatural get hated on by fandom at large. But I comfort myself with the fact that my dislike of Lisa doesn't come from the "she's Dean's girlfriend" place, because I liked Dean/Anna (in fact I wanted more of Anna period), and I'm also still a little bitter that the show refused to give us the Dean/Bela hatesex they teased us with. Still I think that's why the fanfic mentioned above refused to go in the Lisa-bashing direction I originally intended it to.
(Still I am terrified (over-statement, much?) that the show is going to pull a Xander/Anya with Dean/Lisa. Huh? What? Well, Xander and Anya was chugging along all nice and fun (and, yes, I like season four Xander/Anya), then suddenly mid-season five Xander busts out the "I love you powerfully and painfully" bullcrap. I can see why Team Whedon went there (honestly), but I hated it, and had much trouble buying that it was coming from a real honest space, I felt like Xander was just suddenly terrified that Anya was going to pull a Riley (i.e. up and leave his ass). Now in season six Team Whedon proved me right, but I'm not sure I have faith that the team behind Supernatural would develop a post-"I love you, no really I do!" as organically with Dean/Lisa. So, what's happening is that the more Supernatural tries to push Dean/Lisa on me the more I end up hating her character, especially when Dean spends much (most) of the episode wangsting over her. Enough all ready - move on!)

And, speaking of moving on: Why Erotically Co-Dependent, while fun, was not accurate...

Okay, even at the time I thought neurotically co-dependent would've been the better way to phrase it, but I also figured Team Kripke was poking at the fans, and so I let it go. No more letting it go, and it's all thanks to Dean/Lisa. Dean/Lisa is like Canada (see South Park - everything that goes wrong is Canada's fault.)

Anyway, here's a brief summary about codependency:
Codependency describes behavior, thoughts and feelings that go beyond normal kinds of self-sacrifice or care taking. Codependency does not refer to all caring behavior or feelings, but only those that are excessive to an unhealthy degree.

Now I think we agree that could totally fit Dean, and maybe possibly post-Stanford Sam, but I can't really apply it to pre-Stanford Sam (i.e. young Sam) cause I think if that was the case then no matter how much Sam wanted to escape John he wouldn't have been able to leave Dean.
(However, on the flip-side, I think it totally and completely fits Robo!Sam (i.e. early season six Sam) and probably says a little something about not-Robo!Sam.)

But unless I have misunderstood something, while Dean and Sam could certainly (all things considered) BE erotically codependent as far as the show has gone they actually aren't.

Okay, maybe what I'm about to say is wrong, cause I admit that I don't know everything. But from what I do know of codependency, if Dean and/or Sam was erotically codependent, Dean wouldn't be able to have "relationships" that Sam wouldn't approve of (and same thing, Sam wouldn't be able to have sexual relationships with people Dean didn't approve of), and both of them have in fact had sex with people the other didn't approve of. Sam rarely (if ever) approved of Dean's one night stands, and Dean wasn't around to actually give approval to Jess (before Sam/Jess happened), and Dean certainly never approved of Ruby, also Dean didn't approve of the good Doctor Cara either (though, to be fair, Sam might not have known that before it happened). So, they can and both has had relationships that the other would not/does not approve of.

And, yes, I know codependents can have sex addiction, but from what I understand that tends to happen with the person the codependent is codependent on/for, which would equal Dean/Sam, not Dean numerous nameless women/men.

So, yeah, I think that was just a tease to the Dean/Sam shippers, but for some reason the stupid line really bothered me on my recent rewatch, and I think that's because it doesn't actually make sense with the way the show has presented things.

However, that leads in to my next thought about not wanting Dean or Sam to become healthy functioning adults. I'm so totally okay with them being codependent (and I'd actually be fine with erotically), but I just love Dean and Sam best when they are so screwed up that they can't actually see straight. So, I always cry a little (inside) when I see fans wishing for Dean and Sam to be all mature and adult now. Sorry, I do NOT want that, ever! This show ends with Dean and Sam dying together, or riding off into the sunset in the Impala, anything else is (in my opinion) unacceptable.
(Okay, fine, I'll accept Cass dying with them, or riding off in the back of the Impala with them. And just for Cass, Meg can be there too.)

What's weird is the fans wants and needs wouldn't bug me so much, if I was sure the show wasn't trying to head in the direction of healthy Dean and/or Sam, but towards the end of season five and some vague(ish) hints in season six... Well, it does make me wonder if the show isn't trying (or going to try) to pull a healthy Dean and Sam out of its backside. And, as I said, even the idea of that makes me sad, because part of what I love about this show is that Dean and Sam are seriously messed up, and turning them in to healthy happy adults would take something away from the show that I like.

Of course, there is one other little thing I'd like (in all of this), and that's for Dean to stop being so emo. Remember when Dean maybe wondered what it might be like to have a life outside of hunting, but didn't emo about it, because hunting had its perks? I do, and that's the Dean I want back. You know, he's screwed up, but not depressed/emo about it.

And now, I think I'm done, for now...