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But I'm lucky in that in most big fandoms my kinks are usually well represented, but lately I've been thinking about those poor souls who have a rare and/or unusual kink that doesn't get any (or much) representation in fanfic.
(Rare and/or unusual should probably be in quotes, because in some cases they are popular kinks, just not apparently popular kinks in fandom.)

Where exactly does this come from? Well, I can't say exactly. I had a writing dry spell that started towards the end of summer (2010), but now I'm getting back in to it. However, apparently rather than working on my WiPs (Consequences VIII, Xander Season Three, & Uncharted Territory) my current ideas are for fanfics that challenge myself - writing outside my comfort zone. Not sure why, because sometimes I feel like I suck even in my comfort zone, but there you go.
(Seriously, when I've tried writing my own kinks I can never feel like I've got it just right.)

For example, instead of being able to jump easily back into those current WiPs, I found myself writing five chapters (and a handwritten sixth and last chapter) of a Buffy/Hostel crossover (that I'll probably start putting up on Twisting the Hellmouth tonight/tomorrow)... Basically, I found myself with this pressing need to try and write an NC-17 rated fanfic that had absolutely no sex (though obviously if torture is your kink you might find it sexy) contained within the story. And once I started the whole thing just flowed oh-so-awesomely, so much so that even when I felt I was done for the day and turned the PC off I ended up handwriting the "closure" chapter. And I can honestly say that I'm happy with the end (but unedited) result, but part of me wonders if I went far enough to earn that non-sexual NC-17 rating, or you know if the fic is any good at all. Guess I won't really know that until I start posting it, but, as I said, I'm happy with it, and I think it probably does earn that non-sexual NC-17 rating.

I thought once that was done and finished (even if not all polished and typed) that I'd be able to get back into those WiPs I keep mentioning. Nope, in fact since then I've only been able to write two paragraphs for one of said WiPs, because my mind apparently wants to try writing a scat scene, which I don't think would work very well in any of my current fanfics. And trust me when I say that's so not even remotely a kink for me. So, I honestly have no idea where I'd even start, but my mind keeps throwing up ideas and yelling about how "we" must do it NOW! Seriously, I don't even have a fandom in mind yet for this one, just a vague idea for a scene containing scat-play - I don't even have characters in mind for the scene.

Then there's the whole fact that since it's not my kink I'd probably be even less able to write it then my own kinks. But I suspect my brain isn't going to "shut up" about it until I at least attempt to write something like that. Then maybe (hopefully) finally I'll be able to get back to those poor neglected WiPs of mine.
Your mind is trying to write that? Huh.

Whenever I think of scat my mind immediately jumps to that scene in Ace Ventura 2 when the detective squirms his entire naked body out of the rhino's ass.

There's a story by Alan Dean Foster where some humanoid otter cubs break out of a jail run by an obsessive compulsive germophobic society by flinging poo. You could write a scene where scat-play is used because a character who is trapped in a cage/zoo wants to seem as much like an unintelligent animal as possible.

For some reason this also comes to mind:
Sadly, or not so sadly depending on your point of view. My mind really wants the scat-play to be serious (and therefore sexually erotic) in content. And I'm not sure I could do serious with a human "playing" with or mimicking animals. Honestly, the few ideas that won't leave me alone involve human scat-play that just happens during "normal" sex.

I'll probably never be able to work it into a larger fanfic, but if my mind doesn't soon shut up I'll probably just kick back and write the few scene's in my head, and then maybe (hopefully) I'll be able to move on.

Anyway, thanks for the links, I will be checking them out, but for now I'm off to update Only Monsters Remain.
Heh, good luck, and if you want more kinks, try here: