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IF Supernatural didn't forget the Lisa/Ben storyline (and Dean having a letter for Ben was the last straw!)... However, to be honest 2010 was not a good year for me and writing - the ideas was still there, but I just couldn't get them on the page for some reason. The good news is that I've finally started writing again, and not just this little bit of crack, but on my other long stalled WiPs. So, hopefully for those waiting for an update on some of my on-going fanfics won't have to wait much longer. Maybe, hopefully, anyway.

*coughs* Anyway, story time now...

Title: Crazed Fangirl Can See Reason
Author: Emma Love (aka ME, I wrote this!)
Rating: PG-13 (bad language)
Summary: An insane fangirl manages to hunt Lisa down, and plans to kill her off, but Lisa doesn't go gently into that good night.
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, and after this bit of crack that's probably a good thing.
Notes: Okay, I've been saying I'd do something like this if the show (Supernatural) kept having Lisa on (or kept trying to convince me that Dean loves Lisa - I can't buy it, I just can't)... This did not turn out at all as I expected - I expected it to be a Lisa bashing fanfic, not a fanfic with a reasonable Lisa.
(In truth I meant this to be a "Kill Lisa" fanfic... Instead it all went horribly wrong somehow. I mean this doesn't even qualify as a LisaBashing fanfic. *sigh* Apparently I fail at writing hate-fic.)
Special Notice: Just so no one thinks I'm talking about them, the crazed fangirl in this fanfic is based on me, no one else!

Crazed Fangirl Can See Reason

Lisa pulled out her keys to unlock the door. She'd been more then a little paranoid since that night Dean had returned acting weird. Even when she'd finally broken down and called him after that, he wouldn't tell her why. Still she knew there had to be a reason, despite the harsh things she'd said to him over the phone, she knew he wouldn't have come around just to hurt them.

In fact, after much thought, Lisa couldn't help but believe Dean had come by that night simply to say goodbye. He had mentioned dying, and sooner rather then later, but obviously he was still alive. However, for whatever reason that night Dean clearly believed he was dying. The question was why had he believed he was dying, and it was a question he'd refused to answer.

Sadly, Ben still wouldn't talk about that night, and that was proof enough, as far as Lisa was concerned that she was right in telling Dean that he couldn't be a part of their lives.

Still more often then not she missed having Dean in her life. So much so, that at times like this, if not for Ben, she'd pick up the phone and tell him all was forgiven. Sure, despite what she'd said the year they'd had together hadn't been perfect, but it was nice, especially nice to have someone else in her life, and a father figure for Ben. She also knew that despite the fact that Dean didn't love her, that he hadn't hated being a part of their lives either.

Keeping the keys from jingling, as best she could, she unlocked the door, and entered. It would've been funny had it not been sad, Dean had spent weeks trying to instill a sense of paranoia in her, but it ended up being Dean himself that had her practically jumping out of her skin over every little thing.

She slipped her keys into her purse as she closed the door, and that was when she realized something was wrong. It was dark outside, but far to early for the house to be this quiet. Ben should've been up playing video games or watching television, but the house was dark and silent.

Moving past the fireplace, she picked up a poker, and found herself hoping that whatever was going on was something human, because while she knew of non-human things, a human was scary enough as far as she was concerned.

"Hello, Lisa," a voice that sounded like it didn't belong to someone sane came from behind her.

Lisa spun around, and gasped. The female was about her size, their hair color might've even been the same, but the style was all wrong. The hair was teased out, which creeped Lisa out, but it was the fact that the person was dressed in bedclothes that really put the whole thing over the top.

To Lisa's amazement, the woman pulled out a piece of paper.

"We, the fandom, have decided it is time for you to be canceled."

Lisa sighed. Never before had one of the crazies got so close. That was when she realized she wasn't scared, just very deeply annoyed. It was a bit confusing, because the woman before her had a crazed look in her eyes that was scary, but Lisa just wasn't feeling it.

That's when she realized why, she was tired of these fangirls hating on her. It wasn't, after all, her fault that her reentrance into the series had been handled badly. She'd done the best she could with what she'd been given, and she was damn tired of getting shit for it.

However, there was, for the moment, a more pressing concern. "Where's Ben?"

"That little shit," the fangirl snapped. "I fed him to the impala while Dean was speaking little bitch to a demon."

Huh? Lisa barely stopped herself from saying, mostly because she didn't figure there was any room for reason here. The fangirl was clearly nuts.

That's when what the fangirl said sunk in, and Lisa saw red. And when her vision cleared, the fangirl was flat on her back with Lisa sitting on her stomach.

"What the hell?" The fangirl was muttering. "I was joking, I hadn't killed Ben... Yet."

Lisa couldn't help herself, she smacked the fangirl across the face.

That felt good.

The fangirl was glaring, and Lisa realized she wanted to smack her again.

"Look," the fangirl said, sounding calmer, but Lisa wasn't fooled, because there was still a crazed look in the girls eyes. "It's not our fault you're a bad character."

Lisa sighed. Clearly smacking wasn't going to get the job done here. She had to do something though, because she was so sick of the fangirls and their eternal bitching.

"Yeah, well, it's not exactly my fault either."

That apparently hit the crazy button, because the fangirl no longer seemed remotely reasonable. She was raging something about emasculated Dean. Any moment now Lisa expected to see foam around the females mouth.

That's when Lisa figured out a way to deal with this. She got to her feet, and before the fangirl could collect herself, Lisa grabbed her, and pulled her to the couch. Lisa took her seat and then positioned the fangirl across her lap. Lisa would spank this fangirl until (at least) the fangirl could do something besides be crazy.

Lisa looked at the clock, it was only seven, and she knew this would probably take all night.

"Hey!" The fangirl stopped to yelp in mind rant when Lisa smacked her bottom. "What the hell?"

"I'm tired of listening to you fangirls complain all the damn time," Lisa replied. "About everything! Still I could've ignored it, but then some crazy bitch decided to break in to my home!"

"But... But... You have to be punished..."

Lisa smacked her ass again.

"You've gone to far!"

Again Lisa smacked.

"You must be punished for what you've done to Dean!"

Lisa smacked again, and then wondered if she should go find an actual paddle.

"And this is the best you've got?" The fangirl yelled.

Lisa smacked again, and she thought she heard the fangirl actually growl.

"I've also got all night," Lisa replied. "I'm not scheduled again for some time."

"Fine!" The fangirl said. "Yes, breaking in was rude..."

Lisa snorted, but the fangirl kept going.

"But no one is listening. We don't want you on the show again, and they just insist on keeping you around."

"Okay, fine," Lisa replied. "But how is that my fault?"

The fangirl looked confused. "I don't know, but it is."

"Would you stop that," the fangirl snapped after being spanked again.

"Only if you start sounding reasonable."

"Oh, and who makes you the judge of reasonable?"

"You broke into my house."

Lisa watched as the fangirl thought that over, and decided that maybe this wouldn't take all night, after all.

"Look," the fangirl finally spoke again. "I'll go away and never bother you again if you'll just give Dean's balls back to him. Okay?"

Lisa smacked the girls bottom. "I didn't steal Dean's balls, and you know it."

"I don't know any such thing! Dean was much more manly before you came back on the show, so it's obviously your fault!"

Lisa sighed. She could almost understand where the fangirl was coming from, but none of this was Lisa's fault. After all, Dean came to her a broken man all ready, it wasn't as though she'd broken him.

"If you really want to blame someone," Lisa said, then paused. She almost felt bad about what she was about to do. Almost. "I believe you'd have better luck going after someone named Sera."

Lisa almost laughed, she could almost see the light-bulb going off in the girls head.

The fangirl nodded, and when she rose off Lisa's lap, Lisa didn't stop her.

"But you have to admit," the fangirl said, and Lisa almost sighed again. "That it's weird that the show keeps trying to convince us that Dean loves you. I mean, I can buy that you're pathetic enough to love him, but..."

Lisa wondered if the fangirl truly believed she was being reasonable.


The fangirl sighed. "Don't look at me, you're the one who spouted that 'best year of my life' crap."

Lisa rolled her eyes, but couldn't deny the fangirl did have a point. Dean spent most of that year drinking and hiding almost everything important from her. She hadn't known that at the time, but the moment Sam walked back into Dean's life, Lisa knew that Dean had been keeping a great many things from her.

"So, either you've had a real shitty life, or..."

Lisa nodded. She could admit that she might've gone over-the-top with that, but she'd only really done so because she could feel herself losing Dean. Now she understood that Dean had never really been hers.

"I mean I think it's clear that Dean ONLY came back to you because of his promise to Sam, and my guess is because you opened your home and yourself, he just got comfortable here."

Lisa frowned. What promise to Sam? She almost asked, but decided just before the words left her mouth that she didn't want to know. But apparently it was something else Dean had kept from her.

"I mean way back we knew that while Dean was capable of hunting alone, he didn't want to. That's how the whole thing started, if Dean had went off hunting alone, Sam would be married to Jess, and probably a lawyer right now," the fangirl paused, and frowned.

"Okay, probably not, considering that the YED would've probably killed Jess anyway, but still..."

"YED?" Lisa asked before she could stop herself.

The fangirl shook her head. "Not important, certainly not important in any way that relates to you, except that Dean clearly didn't want to be a lone hunter, so he'd rather stay here with you in a life he clearly wasn't loving rather than go out hunting alone."

It was then that Lisa realized she should probably just bite the bullet and watch the show. That would probably be the best way to figure out everything that Dean had kept from her. But really the thought was rejected before it was truly formed. Dean was no longer a part of her life, and watching the show would probably be more painful then illuminating.

Finally, the fangirl slipped quietly out of the house, and Lisa found that she was happy that she'd gotten at least one fangirl to be somewhat reasonable.

A second later, Lisa picked up the phone, she probably should give Sera a heads-up. After a moment, she laid the phone back in it's cradle, and knew the grin on her face was somewhat evil.

After all, she reasoned, some (if not all) of the hate for her character could be directly laid at Sera's feet, and she wasn't above a little petty revenge herself.

The End
*smirk* But you're usually the one doing the spanking.. ;)
I know, that's also part of what went horribly wrong here.

Honestly, when I pulled out my word program I expected this to be a fanfic where Robo!Sam (a character without a soul) came to see Lisa and then things happened that ended with Lisa and her son dead, because Robo!Sam didn't want Dean having other options...

Instead the above is what came out of me as I started writing.
LOL, yeah writing not always goes the way we think it will go.. as for that Lisa character, the actress is rather cute.. ;)
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