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'Supernatural' fanfic rec list...

REC LIST UPDATED Tuesday January 15, 2013

So, last time I recced some Supernatural fanfics I said if I decided to rec more I'd just make a big Supernatural fanfic rec list... Well, here's my big rec list.

Since I've combined all my recs into one big list some of these you'll have seen some of these before, but good news is there are fourteen new recs (mostly Wincest of the John/Sam variety - don't ask me, because I honestly don't have daddy issues, but for some reason I just find John/Sam really hot.).

Why is so much of the 'Supernaural' slash fanfic I recced Wincest? Though, for the record, not ALL of it is Wincest - there is slash on this list that is not Wincest.

Anyway, there's three types of fanfic here - fanfics with no pairing are listed first and they are marked gen, fanfics with a hetrosexual pairing are listed second and are marked het, fanfic(s) with femslash is listed third (so far there's only one), fanfics with a homosexual pairing are listed forth and are marked slash (or Wincest for Dean/Sam), fanfics with threesomes (m/f/m and one m/m/m) are listed fifth, and then last (but certainly not least) RPS fanfics are listed.

Fanfics are marked complete, incomplete, or WIP. Well, complete means the fanfic is completed (obviously), incomplete and WiP are pretty much the same, except incomplete means it's not been updated in a long time and probably isn't likely to be updated, while WiP means the fanfic isn't finished but has been updated recently.


The Canadian Mistake by blackrabbit42
PG-13 (complete) gen
Summary: Jared and Jensen get pulled into the world of Supernatural during the filming of The French Mistake. Hijinks ensue as Bobby sends them on a wild goose chase to get them out of his hair. But they’ve got some talents that Sam and Dean never dreamed of using, and they may just surprise Bobby in the end.
(Rec Note: I decided against putting this in the real person fic section since this fanfic is just the flip-side of The French Mistake, so while Jensen and Jared are the stars here they are based off The French Mistake J & J which in my opinion makes them more like characters.

The Cure For Boredom by Cole224
PG-13 (complete) gen (with a slash tilt)
Crossover - Supernatural/True Blood
Summary: Eric doesn't get attached to humans…so, he's a little frustrated with himself because he can't figure out what is different about this human. onesided Eric/Dean. Set preseries for True Blood.

Defect by Kikkimax
PG (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: Dean is finally captured by the FBI just as his time runs out. Gen. Takes place in the SPN universe at the end of the second season and goes in a different direction than season three.

Hell, and Back by Kikkimax
PG (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: Sequel to Defect. Dean's having a little trouble adjusting after his return. Sam's going to help if it kills them both. Gen.

Donation by shake.n
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/True Blood
Summary: Thanks to a wealthy Scandinavian investor we're going to start publishing again.
(Rec Note: Poor, poor Chuck! Stuck between the Winchester's who don't want him to publish more and Eric who does want him to publish more.)

Doppelganger by jdphoenix
PG (complete) gen
Crossover The Vampire Diaries/Supernatural
Summary: Prompt: Caroline/Dean - She looks just like someone he used to know. from simply_aly over at the tvd_rareships weekend comment ficathon. Sorry, I didn't exactly get the ship in there.

Familiar Faces by sg2009
PG (complete) gen
Summary: AU John and Mary live only to hunt evil after losing their sons to the fire. When they enlist a runaway to play bait for a monster, they discover things aren't always what they seem.
Rec Note: Even if you don't like the general idea of this story (but how could you not? It's kinda great) the cat in the last chapter takes the whole thing to even greater heights. Okay, if you're a dog person it might not be as fun for you, but since I'm a dog and cat person it's all good.

The firestarter by jaimeykay
R (complete) gen
Summary: Set during On the Head of a Pin. While he waits for Dean, Alastair reminisces on what brought them together. Make no mistake, Alastair had a plan for Dean all along.
Warnings: Graphic torture. Gore. The usual
(Rec Note: Yep, that's right, this is a gen story about Dean's time in hell with Alastair, and it's a wonderful twisted little story.)

Folie à Deux by thunder_nari
PG-13 (complete) gen (with a slash tilt)
Summary: A madness shared by two.
Notes/Prompt(s): The AU where Henrickson was right: there is no thing as the supernatural, John was a paramilitary whackjob, and Castiel is Jimmy Novak's other personality.
(Rec Note: I'm filing this fanfic under gen despite the fact that there is one tiny homosexual kiss in this fanfic. Though, in fairness, one could see implications of more then a kiss, but because only the kiss is onscreen (and the way it is onscreen) this still feels like a gen fic to me.)

The Gift by weesta
? (complete) gen
Summary: The Winchesters are given an unexpected "gift" in return for a successful hunt.
(No rating found, but I'd call it PG because there are a few non-magic curse words. It's a good fic.)

Haunted Minds by buffyaddict13
R (incomplete) gen
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: A shocking discovery sends the BAU to Cold Oak, South Dakota.
Chapters 9

My Haunted House by CorruptedSmile
PG-13 (complete) gen (with a het tilt)
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Don't worry, the Winchesters are on their way to help you with all your exorcising needs. No pairing. Just something written for the fun of it. Edited.
One Shot
(Rec Note: I finally moved this into the gen category where it actually belongs.)

The Henricksen Files by Ante Down
PG-13 (incomplete?) gen
Summary: Victor Henricksen's job is to take in the Winchester brothers, not necessarily alive. It's been his job for weeks. But tracking down the Winchesters isn't easy. How Henricksen's followed the trail over the course of season two.
Rec Note: Okay, I marked this incomplete, but I suppose it could actually be complete it just feels incomplete to me for some reason. Still it's a very good fanfic and so worth reading.

Hug It Out, Bitch. by maskedfangirl
PG (complete) gen
Summary: Written for the Stay Sassy prompt "Sam makes the mistake of giving Castiel a hug then refusing to hug him again. Castiel becomes a total hug-slut until someone finally decrees Sam damn well give Castiel hugs when he needs them."
(This might have a slash tilt, depending on how you read, or want to read it. But I kind of think it's more a readers choice kind of thing - if you are inclined to see slash in everything then you'll see it here, if you are not one of those people then it's not gonna be something you see.)

The Impala Conundrum by mikiya2200
PG (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/The Big Bang Theory
Summary: I always knew Sheldon would be the death of me. – The day a real geek met the Impala.

In and out of Harmony by Colleen
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/My Bloody Valentine
Summary: A year and a half before his father died and he went home to sell the mine, Tom met up with two hunters in a motel. There's no way that reality could stay the same after that. My Bloody Valentine/Supernatural crossover.
(Rec Note: I've marked this one complete, but can't be sure because the author didn't mark it complete. However, it does feel complete to me if that helps.)

An Interlude by webofdreams89 reviews
PG (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/True Blood
Summary: Bon Temps receives a couple of unexpected guests.

Just Rewards by blackdoggy1
R (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/Dark Angel
Summary: Dean Winchester and Ben from Dark Angel meet in Hell. It's a turning point for Dean. Rated M for very dark hell fic and angst. No sexual concepts though.

Manmade Monsters by Insane Troll Logic
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/Dark Angel
Summary: He should have left this city the minute he walked into Crash and saw the double of his brother.
Sequels: What Comes Around, What You See, What You Dream About, What Can Hurt You.
Rec Note: The first story is Dean POV the rest are (mostly) Sam POV with one Alec POV, I think. I thought I'd mention that because I know sometimes such details are important to readers.

Monsters Have Feelings Too by pixiegiggles
PG-13 (incomplete) gen (with a het tilt)
Crossover - Supernatural/True Blood
Summary: Just a crazy little crossover between my 2 fave fandoms. AU to the extreme. Set during end of TB season2, and SPN season 4-ish.

Puppy Dog Tails by rahmi
?? (complete) gen
Summary: No Summary Found
(In this fanfic John threatens a medicine man, and Dean and Sam end up turned into animals. As for a rating I couldn't find one of those either, but I'd say PG-13.)

Quantum Sam by mari4212
PG-13 (complete) gen
Summary: How do you get around an unbreakable deal?
(I do wish this was a longer fanfic, but it does work as a short one.)

Sacrifice by poestheblackcat
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Dark Angel/Supernatural/My Bloody Valentine/Smallville/Devour/Ten Inch Hero/Days of Our Lives/Mr. Rhodes/Wishbone/Blonde
Summary: Ben sacrifices various Jensen Ackles characters to the Blue Lady. Dark humor.
(Rec Note: LOVED THIS! Despite the fact that I haven't actually seen every character Jensen Ackles has ever played. But it also makes me want a fanfic where a crazed Jared Padalecki character goes around killing other Jared Padalecki characters.)

Special by Lady Ophelia
PG (complete) gen
Summary: At a parentteacher conference, a principal expresses some concerns to John Winchester. His sons are special... very, very special.
(This is the second awesome Wee!Dean and Sam fanfic I found. *grin* I was beginning to think I'd never find one, and then I find two in as many days. YAY!)

Summer Camp by gigglingkat
G (complete) gen
Summary: "I sent his brother to summer camp," he explained. "You heartless bastard," laughed the manager. "That seems to be the general consensus," John agreed.
(I admit I've been looking and reading some Wee!Dean and Sam fanfics for awhile, but hadn't really been finding anything to my taste. It's weird, I love screwed up adult Winchesters, but it would seem when it comes to the wee ones I want - not fluff, exactly, but not full on truly messed up either. What I was wanting was more a fanfic that had a decent (no evil!asshole) John along with awesome for their wee little ages Dean and Sam, and that's exactly what this is.)

The Time Has Come to be Gone by Jujuberry136
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: When Aaron Hotchner stepped into the interrogation room to interview one of the FBI’s most wanted unexpectedly apprehended earlier in the afternoon, he never thought the evening would end with bloodshed and rock references. Crossover with Supernatural.

When You Are Done by Jujuberry136
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: A small Wisconsin town, a serial killer, and the Winchester brothers. There's no way this can end happily.
Sequel to The Time Has Come to be Gone.

The Wellspring by vegakrist
PG-13 (incomplete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/Dark Angel
Summary: 2009: In which young Alec is a Manticore escapee and two guys with rock salt-loaded shotguns decide they need a tiny tag-along.
(Rec Note: This fanfic is incomplete, but aside from one or two details this fanfic could/can be read as completed, though those small details could drive you nuts.)

Velveteen by eponine
PG-13 (complete) gen
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: In which Xander hates being the bearer of bad news, Bobby hates uninvited guests, Dean hates witches, and Sam should have known better than to use that word.


Demonology 101 by BeachDreamer
PG-13 (WIP) het
Crossover - Supernatutal/Criminal Minds
Summary: Emily Prentiss takes a break from the BAU to investigate a string of exorcisms gone wrong. The unsub has been caught and deported, but something still feels off. She never expects to cross paths with two mysterious strangers investigating the same events.
Chapters 14

Thirteen Days by bastardsnow
R (complete) het
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Xander and some other people in a mall. There are lots of Zombies, too. Rated for violence/gore/adult content
Chapters 19


Living as Lenore by Luna
PG-13 (WIP) femslash/het
Crossover Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural
Summary: Willow tried to bring Tara back…and she did. Unfortunately, she was brought back to life in 1672. Now 'Lenore' has to deal with witches, demons, pagan gods, and even angels, as she struggles to find the red-haired woman she sees in her dreams.
Chapters 23
(Rec Note: This is one of those fanfics that runs with a vague idea I had while watching the episode and actually turns it into an awesome story. And, just so there's no misunderstanding here, I don't know the author of this fanfic at all, I did NOT make a challenge or speak to the author about writing it for me. I have NO connection at all to story or author at all (other than as a reader) - I just found myself wanting to do something with a Lenore/Tara connection after watching said episode, but none of the ideas I had ever took off for me. And that's why I love this fanfic (so much) because the author took an idea she/he didn't know I had and worked out a story that at times does feel as if it was written specially just for me, when it isn't, in fact, written just for me.)


The Air Moves in to Fill the Spaces Where My Body's Been by britomart_is
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: It's not about Dean. Really.
(Rec Note: Yes this is marked as Wincest, but for those that cannot stand reading het in any form you should be warned that this fanfic contains lots of het stuff even if in the end it's all about the (Sam/Dean) Wincest.)

All Stripped Down by saltandbyrne
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: It's not that Dean hasn't rubbed himself off on Sam before. He's just never done it like this.

All These Things I See by Elle
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: Dean gets cursed, and suddenly has the ability to read Sam's mind. He's a little surprised to find out what Sam thinks about, 24/7.

The Best Gift Of All by Cas
R (complete) not-Wincest
Summary: Sam runs from an abusive relationship, taking his daughter with him. When his car breaks down, Dean a retired hunter now a mechanic offers to let them stay with him through Xmas. AU, Schmoop, Domestic, Incest (Not brothers).
(Rec Note: Yes, this is one of those fanfics where Dean and Sam aren't related. Most of those I've tried reading I just didn't like/couldn't get into, but there's was something about this one that I really enjoyed.)

But What Are Your Thoughts on Yaoi? by Chash
R (complete) Wincest
Crossover - Bones/Supernatural
Summary: Dr. Brennan is pretty much okay with brother-on-brother action. It's just everyone else who needs convincing.

Chasing the Sky by daymarket
R (complete) slash
Summary: AU. Round and round the bodies they go, in the game that only ever ends one way. Ironically enough, it’s the only way that Dean ever feels alive.
Warnings: oodles of death, dub/non-con, semi-explicit violence, swearing, unhealthy relationships, implied child abuse. Well, this is an SPN AU about serial killers, so…yeah.
(Yes, this is a Dean/Sam serial killer AU - I, of course, love those. However, this fanfic is one-sided (or maybe not, you kind of get to decide for yourself) Dean/Cass with Sam/Jess and Sam/Ruby, and I got to admit I kind of loved how the Sam stuff was so close and yet still so far away from canon. And also the Dean/Cass stuff, in canon I think maybe Cass loves Dean more then Dean loves Cass, but in this fanfic it's the other way around.
Also, I marked this as slash because there is a male on male rape scene (for those who want to know it's not a violent rape, almost weirdly tender, but is still rape and the fic doesn't gloss over that part), but without that scene and despite the lusting I'd have labeled this as gen.

Death-Dealer, Soul Stealer by nynxlynx
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: A grieving Dean is pulled into an alternate universe where a much more hardened, cold Sam is working to get his Dean out of hell. Dean aids Sam in his dark quest, while Sam finds he may be forced to choose between the brother he’s fighting to save and the one right in front of him.
Warnings/Spoilers: Violence, swearing, dark themes, dub-con, incest, sexytimes. This is not a warm and fuzzy Sam, people. He crosses a lot of lines. Other characters include Bobby, Ruby.

Devotion (What I Wouldn't Do For You) by wolfish_willow
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: Dean has a secret he wants to share with Sam. Sam's POV
(evil!Dean, eventual evil!Sam)

Dreams of War and Liars by Concernedlily
NC-17 (complete) Slash & Wincest
Summary: "I don't think Sam's too picky about what brother he's coming for."
WARNINGS: sexual assault (Dean/Alistair)
Link to cover art & other details

The Great Roots of Night by lustmordred
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: No Summary
(Rec Note: Different, very slashy ending to Bloodlust, though Sam also gets some pretty hot het in this fanfic.)

Intimations of Morality by Vorpalblades
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: Dean falls into an AU where his Bro and Dad are together and evil. He has to play along.
(Rec Note: CHOOSE THE EVIL ENDING! Okay, yes, I read them both, but the evil ending is deliciously evil.)

Just One Night by deandemonhunter and candygramme
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: John goes to check on Sam at Stafford however things take a turn neither of the two expected.

Learning to Breathe by jassy3399
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: When he was fifteen, Sam confessed his romantic feelings to his brother. Rejected and unable to face his brother again, Sam runs away. In an effort to stay off his father's radar, he turns to a life of crime to get by. As it turns out, he's pretty good at it.
(Rec Note: This is another of those fanfics that plays out an idea I had that just never took off for me. And once again I have nothing to do with the writing or anything of this fanfic.
Because, for example, my idea was more along the lines of Sam leaving because of John, and then he'd have ended up working somewhat together with Bela (but only working because when it comes to Bela my heart belongs to Dean/Bela) and to be honest if I'd gotten mine off the ground it probably wouldn't have ended Dean/Sam.

More than You Bargained For by xanzpet
PG-13(ish) (complete) slash
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Dean Winchester thought he had found an easy mark in Xander Harris, but looks can be deceiving. Especially as 'marks' sometimes travel in pairs.
One Shot

Numb by machinegunannie
adult (complete) Wincest
Summary: No Summary Found
Rec Note: A description/summary this is what crack_impala said about it:
R - dark themes - non-con - AU
Sam has always known that their family was different; that they couldn't live like other people.
A dark re-telling of canon facts, where neither Sam nor Dean is mentally stable. Eerie, creepy and horrifying, while remaining true to the messed up co-dependent relationship between Sam and Dean.

Old Country by astolat
adult (complete) Wincest
Crossover Supernatural/Harry Potter
Summary: Sam and Dean go to Hogwarts. (spoilers for All Hell Breaks Loose, Deathly Hallows)
(Rec Note: I couldn't find a rating for this fanfic, but if I was forced to rate it I'd say it's a hard R, because it does have one full-on incest sex scene.
Anyway this ones worth the read if for no other reason then to see Dean Winchester actually mugged by an OWL. Yes, you read that right.

The Perfect Man by hopefulwriter27
R (complete) Wincest
Crossover Supernatural/Dexter
Summary: Dad is dead. Dean is pretty sure of this fact. He’s been gone three weeks without any word or sign of his whereabouts. Three weeks is a long time spent without his boys, and Dean knows that Dad would miss him too much to be gone for that long. Dad always says he misses Dean when he goes on a hunt.
Warning: evil!Dean, evil!Sam, underage sex, violence, darkness galore

Perfection is God’s Business (And Sam Winchester’s, the Anti-God) by hopefulwriter27
R (WIP) Wincest
Crossover Supernatural/Dexter
Summary: sequel to The Perfect Man - Six months after Dean left Dexter bleeding, the serial killer finds him.

Playing House by queerly_it_is
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: When John is away on hunts and it's just Sam and Dean, he finds it feels almost like a husband and wife. Sam knows its messed up to think like that but he can't help it. More so when Dean's willing to play along with it, calling Sam pet names and treating him as if he really was Dean's wife.

Rest in peace, right beside me by mishaphappens
NC-17 (complete) slash
Summary: Set in season three. Dean found a way out of his deal to hell and he's taking Sam with him. Otherwise as known as That Vampire Fic.
Warnings: dubcon, incest, blood play

Salvage by Lisa
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (Sam/Dean, John/Sam)
Summary: No Summary
Notes and Warnings: under-age, creepy, dark, kinky, dirty... think that covers it.

Shut the Gates of Mercy by seleneheart
NC-17 (complete) Slash & Wincest
Summary: When Dean discovers a previously unknown facet of Sam's personality, he decides to give free rein to their desires
Warnings: D/s, spanking, kink
(Rec Note: At the time of adding this one to the rec list I've only read part one.)

Slouching Toward Bethlehem I: The Eighth Deadly Sin (Part One of Two) by briarwood
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: The Yellow-Eyed Demon is dead and all three of the Winchesters are still alive. Does that mean it's over? Sam hopes so; John knows better.

Slouching Toward Bethlehem II: Ceremony of Innocence by briarwood
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: Dean and Sam, still struggling to rebuild their relationship, attempt an exorcism that doesn't go quite as planned.
(Rec Note: There's not really any hot John/Sam scenes in here, but the past scenes are mentioned.)

Slouching Toward Bethlehem III: You Can't Go Home Again by briarwood
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: When Sam meets John in California both men have to acknowledge their relationship has irrevocably changed. But they have bigger problems than that...

Slouching Toward Bethlehem IV: What Lies Beneath (Part One) by briarwood
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: Dean begins to unravel the mystery of what is happening to Sam.

Stranger than Fiction by thenyxie
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: Set immediately post-The Monster at the End of This Book. Dean can't stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and Sam. Research takes him to interesting places; re-reading novels for subtext, visiting message boards, and a really freaky place called LiveJournal. What he discovers is a sick fascination with fanfiction, more about gay sex than he ever wanted to know, and an even deeper obsession with understanding why people write this stuff. Meanwhile, they're hunting a mysterious monster that takes the form of a person's truest love to kill them slowly, the lines between fanfiction and reality are starting to break down, and they still have to stop Lilith and save the world.

Strangers!verse: Strangers in a Bar by hopefulwriter27
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: Sam and Dean are evil. They like to kill.
(Rec Note: Probably not necessary, but in this 'verse Sam and Dean are serial killers, and honestly it's just really disturbing. Of course, I love being disturbed - in a fictional sense, anyway!)

Strangers!verse: Don't Kiss Strangers by hopefulwriter27
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: You really shouldn’t kiss boys you don’t know. They might be out to kill you.

Strangers!verse: Strangers are Bad for Business by hopefulwriter27
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: Melody picks up our two favorite brothers for a night of quick cash. Things don’t turn out the way she expected.

To Make His Children Happy by Hellesofbelles (aka) Belle Helanie
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (teen)
Summary: Written for the SPN kink meme (prompt below). John encourages Dean to make Sam his so that his boys won’t be lonely in life. It’s a little easier than expected.
(Part Two)

Thicker Than Water by a.lakewood
R (complete) slash
Crossover - Supernatural/True Blood
Summary: Dean and Sam find themselves looking for Jo in Louisiana and Dean ends up at Fangtasia with Jason Stackhouse. SLASH.

This thing of ours by fleshflutter
PG-13 (complete) Wincest
Summary: The Pilot – if the Winchester family business were organised crime rather than hunting the supernatural.

Thump by Carla Jane
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam)
Summary: John and teenaged Sam are alone together for a few days. Oh no! John’s been grouchy. Sammy’s been bitchy. Things explode during a drive down a deserted section of highway during a rainstorm. This is smut with ambience.

The Truth in The Lie by flawedamythyst
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: Sam and Dean pretend to be gay lovers while they hunt a monster on a bus tour of Nova Scotia. Oh, yes, it has all those clichés and more!

Two Steps to the Left by cards_slash
R (complete) Wincest
Summary: Dean came back from hell (oh boy did he ever) a little different than he went. Now he’s got an angel after him and all he wants is for that stupid bitch to leave his brother alone.
(Rec Note: This is one of those fanfics that sometimes you are just in the mood for. Angst-heavy(ish) but with a nice ending. Sometimes you just aren't in the mood for a for a full-on angst ending, you know.)

Virgin Sacrifice by Rushlight
NC-17 (complete) Wincest
Summary: Dean and Sam have to reenact an ancient Aztec ritual in order to stop a curse.
Warnings: incest, semi-consensual sex

Wolfpack by Tabaqui
Adult (complete) Wincest
Summary: No Summary
Notes: Mild spoilers for 'No Exit' but this is a little AU and therefore nothing specific. Some future speculation that is entierly my own. What if the Winchesters weren't quite so tame... Cut text from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


Blame it on the evil *bleeping* witch! by Demona
NC-17 (complete) threesome m/f/m
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Faith and Xander rescue a Winchester. How should he repay them?
Chapters 3

Blood Brothers by comtessedebussy
NC-17 (complete) threesome m/m/m
Summary: Sam doesn't trust Benny and Dean's torn between two brothers. When push comes to shove, he takes it upon himself to make one trust the other.
Written after 8x09 and it probably makes sense to set it around there.

Bloodlines I by rei_c
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Sam/Dean)
Summary: A routine hunt goes disastrously wrong and Sam’s left scrabbling to make sense of what’s happened.
Warnings: General spoilers up through 2x06. Incest. Non-con. Underage sex. Rimming, tattoos, object penetration, graphic masturbation, wings, minor bloodplay.
(Link to art and description.)

Dean’s Dirty Desire by Demona aka azraelz_angel
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Dean/Sam)
Summary: Dean's always had a hard time keeping it in his pants. So when he's cursed to fuck and get fucked, or die, it shouldn't be a problem. Easy enough, right? But there's always a catch.
(I'd read this one before and meant to rec it, but hadn't kept the link, so I had to wait until I found it again.)

The Help by Anonymous
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Dean/Sam)
Summary: Daddy has needs. That's what he tells Sam when he catches Daddy with his dick buried in Dean's ass. Dean is on all fours, ass high in the air, clutching hard at the bed sheets and making little whimpery sounds into the pillow.

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Hope
NC-17 (complete) Wincest (John/Dean/Sam)
Summary: No Summary Found
(In this fanfic John puts the clues together, but still manages to get blindsided.)

Three Hearts by xanzpet
PG-13 (WIP) threesome m/f/m
Crossover - Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Summary: A chance meeting and shared vision send Cordelia Chase and Sam Winchester, along with his brother Dean, racing to the Hellmouth to save Xander Harris.
Chapters 1

Yes, now I've had my Supernatural RPS cherry popped. It's not my fault! See this entry, to understand why it's not my fault!

Artfully Dead by trishabooms
NC-17 (complete) JDM/Jensen/Jared
Crossover - J3/True Blood
Summary: No Summary Found
(I really cannot say enough good things about this fanfic, cause it was just awesome!)

A Touch of Evil by thenyxie
NC-17 (WIP) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen is an accomplished forensic pathologist hiding a secret life as a serial killer, and Jared is the best trauma surgeon in the Dallas area. Somewhere in the middle, they meet.
WARNINGS: This is a serial killer story. This chapter is light on descriptive gore, but still, there are dead bodies and blood and disturbing imagery and ideas, so use your own discretion.
NOTES: Dexter-style AU, based on some core elements of the show.

Killer Romance by saone77
R (WIP) Jensen/Jared
Summary: AU. Jared has a pretty good life with his booming criminal organization and his indecently hot boyfriend, but when right-hand-man Chad thinks he's found a snitch will everything fall apart... or get cut into tiny pieces with a big-ass knife?
(Scroll to the bottom of the page and then start reading.)

Kiss Me With a Bullet by sinestrated
PG-13 (complete) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jared is a barista at a small coffee shop who promptly falls for Jensen, his newest customer. But Jensen is hiding something big, and it just might have something to do with the mob family across the street.

Man's Best Friend by belyste
NC-17 (complete) Jensen/Jared
Summary: Jensen gets turned into a dog. Things...happen.
(Based on the description I was given for this one I was expecting this one to trump the four above and put me off of RPS forever. Instead I found this fanfic to simply be cute.)
Tags: fic recs

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