UPDATE (1/30/11): This entry hasn't been update with new fanfic since it was posted, and it won't be because I made a Big Rec List, and so any and all new recs, even Supernatural/Buffy crossovers will be listed on the new list.

So, I thought I'd be able to work on my own fanfic this week, turns out I'm still not really getting anything done, so I decided to try reading a few fanfics just to see if I could get my own fanfic juices flowing...
(So far it hasn't really helped.)

Anyway, I've come across a few little gems that I feel would be criminal to keep to myself, though a couple on this list aren't exactly new fanfics, so you may have all ready read a few of them.

*sigh* I keep doing this, I should probably just end up making a BIG fanfic rec list like I did with Harry Potter, but I'm feeling lazy today, so one more separate rec list, but I have started thinking about just making a big rec list.

Thirteen Days by bastardsnow
R (complete) het
Summary: Xander and some other people in a mall. There are lots of Zombies, too. Rated for violence/gore/adult content
Chapters 19
(Awesome fanfic - just awesome. Weirdly enough it's almost a mirror of how I almost started my own fanfic Uncharted Territories. After reading this fanfic I'm glad I didn't go that way because there's no way mine would've been as awesome as this one.)

More than You Bargained For by xanzpet
PG-13(ish) (complete) slash
Summary: Dean Winchester thought he had found an easy mark in Xander Harris, but looks can be deceiving. Especially as 'marks' sometimes travel in pairs.
One Shot

And a bit of light fluff for the non-slash fans on my f-list:

My Haunted House by CorruptedSmile
PG-13 (complete) het
Summary: Don't worry, the Winchesters are on their way to help you with all your exorcising needs. No pairing. Just something written for the fun of it. Edited.
One Shot
(I should point out that there's not really any het in this fanfic, it's just that the Sam and Dean who appear in this fanfic are NOT gay, and I know some who'd find that very upsetting, so I marked it as het, but in reality it's actually more what I'd consider gen.)

And lastly one that has only chapter (*adds an ever hopeful* yet), but has a real good start, and the threesome promised makes me happy happy happy.

Three Hearts by xanzpet
PG-13 (WIP) threesome m/f/m
Summary: A chance meeting and shared vision send Cordelia Chase and Sam Winchester, along with his brother Dean, racing to the Hellmouth to save Xander Harris.
Chapters 1
(I marked this as rated PG-13, but it's actually rated FR15, and obviously with a threesome even that might rise later in the fanfic. One can only hope anyway.)

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