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...I saw something that made me smile. Of course, I feel like crap (my head is still filled with WAY to much mucas, though getting some meds has helped) so admittedly it probably wouldn't take much to make me smile today.

Apparently Disney was less than thrilled with Depp's "flamboyant portrayal" of the good Captain Sparrow. Which honestly has me scratching my head. Now granted I'm not a history buff, but from what I understand pirates (back then) probably weren't that far off in flamboyant behavior from Jack Sparrow (though actual pirates probably behaved a little more darkly, shall we say? then Jack Sparrow.).

Honestly, I had no idea about any of this, which somewhat surprises me, but anyway according to my local paper Depp talked about all this with Patti Smith for the January edition of Vanity Fair magizine. Telling them/her that Disney "couldn't stand" his Sparrow, and apparently one person there even asked if Sparrow was gay.

*rolls on the floor*
(Okay, yes, I laughed, but didn't actually start rolling around on the floor.)

Methinks some poor bastard is walking through life seeing teh gay everywhere. "I see gay people (characters)!" And you thought it was just slashers. *evil grin*

Honestly, while I am a slasher I didn't see Jack Sparrow as anymore or less gay then any of the other characters in the movie(s). So, I don't understand why Disney (or a few people from Disney) would be seeing teh gay in his performance anymore then any of the others. But slashers don't let that stop you from squeeing over "canon" (or at least actor confirmed) gay Jack Sparrow.


Depp's response (if true, I mean Depp is saying it, but I'm assuming there is no confirmation from the person who supposedly asked the question) to the Disney executive is awesome! "All my characters are gay."
Lets see, he has at least two women who love, fight over and also want to kill him, stole, uh, "borrowed" a boat from another woman who he promised to give a ship, lusted after Elizabeth and managed to kiss her and he's after/has has probably been after any/every other woman within range hmm.. lets see.. gosh uh, what to say.. o_O

Disney should shut the hell up.. grrrr.

Sorry to hear about your health probs *hugs* get well soon. :)
I know, right?

I mean, admittedly as a slasher, I'm always looking for slashy (i.e. gay) subtext myself, and while I can happily slash Jack Sparrow, I just didn't/don't see how Sparrow comes off anymore gay then any of the other characters.

I think I am feeling better. Although, to be honest, during all this I haven't felt bad just didn't feel good, if that makes sense. Hopefully, the meds will help and I'll be back to normal soon.
Yeah I know what you mean, go, now feel better, thats an order. ;) *hugs*
LOOOL))) Well, I'm a slasher and I tend to see teh gay everywhere, but I agree with you: how does Jack any more gay than anyone else? His conduct is not gay, it's crazy and eccentric)))
Depp's response... to the Disney executive is awesome! "All my characters are gay." I knew there was a reason why I loved Johnny so much!
*grins* Yeah, I mean while I pretty much only read Jack!Slash, in my writing, which granted I've only wrote him twice (and only once in a "published" fanfic) it's been straight!Jack. So, clearly, I didn't feel canon!Jack was obviously gay, cause if I had, I'd have had to work harder on my straight!Jack.

Honestly, if you want the truth, I felt (for lack of a better way to say this) Barbosa was gay (certainly more gay then Jack at any rate), but even then that might be because of my slash goggles and not anything the actor did.
(I mean, Jack had the flirty thing with several chicks going on, but Barbosa did not. Granted, though, that's probably cause he was first more interested in breaking the curse, and then stopping the Company, but in fairness, Jack found time for the nookie during all the other important things he had going on.
And Barbosa was one of the few characters that showed zero sexual interest in Elizabeth Swan.

Sorry, didn't really mean to spew my slash thoughts all over you, just meant to pop in and say "yeah, I agree."