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Last night I decided that I was done with all the "my pain, my pain" entries, though for those interested I said in my last one that I thought the meds was helping with the foot pain... Well, I think that was a fluke, because the pain she's back. And (for today) that's all I'll say about that. So, to take my mind off of "my pain, my pain" I decided to try and find some fanfictions...

Anyway, as you know if you read this journal, I recently dipped my toes into Wincest, and while it was a nice place to visit, I soon realized that I couldn't live in the land of Wincest. Instead I turned my attention to crossovers, and then stumbled (accidentally) onto Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossovers, and decided to give one a try. Well, I liked it so much that one turned into many more.

I'm sure there's also some fanfics from Supernatural/Criminal Minds that have pairings, but all the ones I've read so far (and are reccing here) are GEN. Despite (or because of) being gen they are really good fanfics, and should be read:
(They are simply listed in the order I read them.)

Defect by Kikkimax
PG (complete) gen
Summary: Dean is finally captured by the FBI just as his time runs out. Gen. Takes place in the SPN universe at the end of the second season and goes in a different direction than season three.
(I stumbled across this one by accident, and liked it so much that I decided to seek out other Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossovers.)

Hell, and Back by Kikkimax
PG (complete) gen
Summary: Sequel to Defect. Dean's having a little trouble adjusting after his return. Sam's going to help if it kills them both. Gen.

Haunted Minds by buffyaddict13
R (incomplete) gen
Summary: A shocking discovery sends the BAU to Cold Oak, South Dakota.
Chapters 9
(This one hasn't been updated since early 2009, so I don't hold much hope that this one will be continued/finished.)

The Time Has Come to be Gone by Jujuberry136
PG-13 (complete) gen
Summary: When Aaron Hotchner stepped into the interrogation room to interview one of the FBI’s most wanted unexpectedly apprehended earlier in the afternoon, he never thought the evening would end with bloodshed and rock references. Crossover with Supernatural.
(Out of the batch, this one is my favorite - I just found all the characters to be used very well here, even Rossi, which is nice since I actually do like Rossi.)

When You Are Done by Jujuberry136
PG-13 (complete) gen
Summary: A small Wisconsin town, a serial killer, and the Winchester brothers. There's no way this can end happily.
Sequel to The Time Has Come to be Gone.

Demonology 101 by BeachDreamer
PG-13 (WIP) gen--so far
Summary: Emily Prentiss takes a break from the BAU to investigate a string of exorcisms gone wrong. The unsub has been caught and deported, but something still feels off. She never expects to cross paths with two mysterious strangers investigating the same events.
Chapters 14
(Since this one is marked as "Angst/Romance" I don't really expect it to remain gen forever. The pairing (when it happens) looks like it'll be Dean W. & E. Prentiss (het).)
I hope your pain pain will go away away soon. *hugs hugs*

In a very ironic twist, my allergies started acting up yesterday, so in addition to that other pain, I am now so damn stopped up that I feel like the mucas is about to make my head explode.
(Also, so bad that sometimes when I blow my nose there's blood in the mucas.)