But first...

"Niacin Day Two" (aka Thanksgiving Day)

So, after doing some research on the internets, most seemed to agree that taking Niacin after eating made the flush lighter. NAY NAY, says I. For Thanksgiving dinner my family gathers for lunch rather than supper...

Anyway, I decided to go eat with the family then come home and take the Niacin on what was sure to be (and totally was) an over-full tummy.

And, honestly, all it did was delay the flush from coming on right away. The first day I took it, the flush came on within minutes. Yesterday the flush was delayed for an hour and fifteen minutes.

Now granted I didn't have the extreme itching (anywhere) yesterday, but I did have the extreme burning at least in my ears, cheeks, and neck. However, it totally didn't get into my legs and ankles very much at all. Though my arms did flush slightly, but nowhere near as bad as they did on that first day.

So, last night I said ENOUGH, and decided to cut the pills in half, still taking the same amount, just not taking the same amount all at once.

(PS - while I did eat way to much yesterday, I think I did good in eating stuff not bad. You know, only turkey and veggies (lots, but the turkey was baked, and veggies are good for me), I even had lemonade (no suger added) instead of cola to drink.

Of course, I canceled that out last night, by having two colas later and two small cupcakes, but I bought the cupcakes before I got my medical report, and I can't just toss the cupcakes, I'm sorry, but I cannot do it. I can stop myself from buying more, but I can't just throw good chocolate cupcakes away.

And the cola - it's habit. Go to the fridge for something to drink and come back with a cola. So, I made a big glass of black tea last night, and plan to drink that today, then make another tonight, and maybe start a habit of reaching for the tea instead of cola. Saving cola for special rather than the norm.

I've also all ready started drinking a glass of V8 a day, and I do plan to try and add a glass of grape juice (no sugar added) at least every other day. All together maybe this will also help in trying to kick the cola habit.

"Niacin Day Three" (aka The Second Thanksgiving)

First, I'm almost scared to say this on the off chance I am imagining things, but I think my feet are actually feeling better. They still feel like something is crushing them (and they still throb in pain more often than not), but the feeling of walking around on rocks was gone last night (and so far hasn't returned today), so much so that I managed to finish the decorating for Christmas last night that I'd started WAY BACK on Monday.
(I used to decorate in two days, three tops.)

Anyway, today I took my first half Niacin, and it was much easier to take, but I am starting to wonder WTF is up with my right ear. Even with half a niacin that ear still got really (and I mean REALLY) hot, and what's weird is that while the other did warm slightly, it didn't get painfully hot as the right ear did.

The good news is that (outside of that ear) the half niacin didn't cause me pain. So, I think for at least a week, maybe more, I'll keep cutting the pills in half before going back and taking the whole dose all at once, maybe doing this will keep the future flushes from being painful. Maybe.