I don't know that anyone reading this journal cares, but since I started off commenting/reviewing the episodes and haven't posted an entry for either episode recently - I thought there might be someone curious as to why I stopped.

I am still watching both shows, but have (at the moment) given up trying to review them. You see, I'm not actually in love with either show, I like them well-enough, but I find that I'm truly in love with neither.

I know, I started out real excited about Blade, and I do still like it better than EUReKA, but Blade (for whatever reason) no longer truly dazzles me as it did in the beginning.

Anyway, at present, I have no plans to stop watching either show, but unless my interest level increases I won't go back to reviewing either show.

~ * ~ * ~

"I've got a ravenous hell beast to feed and keep from the rest of humanity."
- Mr. Lovegood explaining to Amelia Bones why he needs money in Make A Wish Chapter 30.