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So, as you know (if you read this journal) I've been having some foot pain lately, it's been going on for awhile. As of now I've seen three doctors, and none know why on the foot pain, and still don't, but for once that's not the worst news.

*sigh* It would seem I have very high "bad" cholesterol and terribly low "good" cholesterol. I guess that might explain why for a year or more I've pretty much been tired all the dadgum time.

Alas, I may also have diabetes, which has me going "crap crap crap," because several members of my family have diabetes, and I've seen how they eat (I can't do it, sorry, but I cannot survive on that bland tasting bullCRAP!). The test revealed "it" was high, whatever that means, but I believe the doc thinks I cheated on the fasting part, but I did not... Okay, fine, I fasted for eleven hours and fifty minutes (maybe forty five, since I got pulled back to be tested the moment I signed in) instead of a full twelve hours - I had an open can of cola that I didn't want to just let sit there and go flat, so I finished drinking it before starting said fast. I doubt that would seriously still be affecting my system almost twelve hours later.
(On the plus side, tests revealed that everything else about me is AWESOME!)

Anyway, this afternoon I experienced (for my first time) the Niacin flush, and I really can't describe how bad it was, except to say that at one point it was so bad I thought I might have overdosed (despite taking the exact amount the doctor recommended). Seriously, I got so hot that at one point I thought I might burn-up, and I'm supposed to take that twice a day. ARG!
(And that doesn't even count the itching - oh holy crap the itching was bad, and seriously what toxins would be hiding in my ear tops, cause they got hot first and burned longest? But my lips, eyelids, cheeks, neck, legs, and ankles are where the itching was really bad, though the only part of me that didn't itch and/or seriously hurt was (I think) my chest and stomach. So, I'd kind of like to know what toxins are hiding in my face, seriously.)

I'm also on Fish Oil (seriously taking about ten times as much fish oil as niacin), but that's easy compared to the Niacin. I just hope it works, because I'm going to have a hell of a time working out cause the foot pain that is still there. However, I seriously plan to give it my best, because honestly working out would probably be easier then giving up good food for the afore-mentioned bland BULLCRAP!

*sigh* I'm gonna miss my beloved fried foods (goodbye chicken, pork, burgers - No, I'll give the chicken and the pork, but those burgers are MINE!) Seriously, I'm from the Southern USA, fried foods are just a way of life. I can add fruits and veggies (and start drinking a glass of V8 a day again), but dadgumit I cannot live on fruits and veggies alone.
Fruits and veggies can taste yummy, trust me on that one, meat is okay as long its NOT fried and lean, also drink water instead of cola, coffee and tea are okay, drop the sugar though...
Oh and try fitness maybe. ;)
*grins* I love fruits and veggies (especially uncooked), I do, but I don't tend to eat them as often as I should, especially stuff in the orange family (that I ever so deeply love) because it gets everything sticky. However, I shall be adding them all the time, not just every so often.

As for the no fried meat - can't do it. I can cut back on the amount I eat, but aside from chicken (and turkey) I really don't like the taste of non-fried meat.

On the water, I've always drank lots of water, but at times you just want something with a little flavor. However, I have (in recent times - okay, years) gone overboard with the cola's. Once upon a time I only drank two/three cans a day, now I pretty much have a cola every time I eat, I believe I shall start buying milk to drink with my meals and see if I can get down to only one/two cola's a day. Yes, I'm talking baby steps here, but I can't give up everything at once.

The last (and biggest) the fitness, that's the hard one because of my feet. When no matter what you do it generally feels like you're walking around on rocks, it's kind of hard to work out without feeling like you're killing yourself.
(In fact, two months ago, I started trying to work out just to lose some weight, but couldn't keep it up because of my feet, so I'll just have to figure out some way to work out that doesn't involve lots of standing on my feet. Should be easy, right?)