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Well, you knew it was only a matter of time before some site did this, and today (or maybe a couple days ago) on BuddyTV they did.
(To tell the truth, I'm surprised I didn't run across some site having done this last season.)

Honestly, while this matches them show for show, The Vampire Diaries books is even better (worse?) when it comes to matching Buffy:
(I'm not saying Smith or Whedon stole from the other, because I think the original ideas for both are around the same age. The books came out in 1992 (I think), and I'm pretty sure the Buffy movie was probably more than a twinkle in Whedon's eye at that time.)

Elena is a blond (a not short one, but still), and in the books she like Buffy dies twice. First she died and came back as a vampire, the second time was rather mystical and not at all well explained, but that's two, just like Buffy.

Bonnie is a witch, but don't stop there. In the books, Bonnie has a heart-shaped face, and red hair. The only difference is in the books Bonnie never went out of control with her powers, the show actually seems like it may head in that dreaded direction.

And, of course, there's Stefan and Damon, and while in the books neither look like Angel or Spike, the personalities are kind of the same. Stefan is the tormented vampire and Damon is the smart-ass quippy vampire.

*sigh* Fine, okay, I'll mention it, even though I LOVE Xander and pretty much loathe Matt, I could see a bit of a comparison between those two, I don't really see it myself, but I've seen others compare the two and can't deny they have a few points. But for me the characters are just different.

Anyway, this isn't about Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs The Vampire Diaries, this is The Vampire Diaries (the show) vs Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

In other words, if you want to see who BuddyTV declares the winners before seeing my comments on them you should click the link and then come back after you've seen for yourself.

Now in the first three, I'm a bit torn, or I guess more iffy then the person behind this. The first one Buffy vs Elena they call Buffy, and I'm not inclined to disagree, but part of me thinks Elena may deserve it more simply because Buffy had super powers and Elena does not.

The next one is Katherine vs Faith, and I totally disagree with calling Faith the winner here. I'm sorry, but Faith was never as scary to me personally as Katherine was/is. Though I'll admit that the only time I truly liked Faith (on Buffy) was when she was bad, so this could come down to me just having a thing for evil chicks.

Stefan vs Angel is another of those where I don't disagree with their called winner, but this time it's not really because I'm torn, I just don't really see a clear winner between Angel and Stefan (character-wise), though I suppose at the end of the day I lean toward Stefan over Angel.

Weirdly enough between Damon and Spike I think I once again disagree with calling Damon the winner here. I love Damon, I do, and by the end of Buffy I kind of loathed Spike, but season five of Angel did much to redeem the character of Spike for me. And when Spike is handled properly I think I like him better as a character than Damon, at least so far.

I'll give them Willow over Bonnie, but only because Bonnie hasn't yet been fleshed out as a full character yet. Of course, I didn't start to like Willow until the second season and her relationship with Oz, but in fairness part of the reason I might love show!Bonnie even though she hasn't been fleshed out much is because of my deep and abiding love for book!Bonnie.

Jeremy vs Dawn is no contest for me (I type this before I see who they called the winner), because Dawn never really stopped annoying me after her introduction, and even in season one there was at least a few moments that Jeremy didn't annoy me, and now with season two I'm coming to really like him.
(For the record, even going back and watching on DVD I still more often then not find myself wanting to spank Dawn, and not in the fun kinky way.
And what do you know, site agreed with me.

Now we come to another I'm gonna type my winner before looking at theirs - Caroline vs Harmony. CAROLINE CAROLINE CAROLINE While going back now I don't hate Harmony the vampire as much as I did originally, I have loved Caroline from human to vampire, and have to admit that Angel not staking Harmony still bugs me to this day - it makes him responsible for every person she kills since he had a chance to stop her and didn't.
(Once again the site agrees with me.)

And I must admit that I giggle at the next one - Tyler vs Cordelia. Once again I'm torn because I really love both of these characters, though I guess (at present) Cordelia over Tyler simply because at present Cordelia is simply a more fleshed out character.
(The site disagrees with me, whoever did this clearly feels that werewolf trumps all.)

Damn it all to hell! Now they've gone and put me in a real pickle here by putting Matt against Riley. *sigh* I was so sure that whoever they put against Riley (and/or Matt) would be an easy call, cause I really dislike both of them, but it's not fair to put them against each other.

Fine, okay, this is probably the one and only time you'll see me declare Matt better than anyone or anything else, but in a contest of Matt vs Riley I got to give Matt the win. The character of Riley just bugs me in a way that's really hard to describe, and I have no trouble describing why I dislike Matt (show or books).
(And the site agrees with me, though they called it more based on actor then character, and I call it more on character. But if I had to add another reason for Matt over Riley at least Matt doesn't (most of the time anyway) feel like a character that the writers are forcing on the audience.)

Alaric vs Giles is another no-contest one for me. Sorry, Alaric, but GILES GILES GILES!
(I would've been disappointed if the site hadn't gone with me on this one.)

Jenna vs Joyce... I gotta give this one to Jenna, while Joyce wasn't a bad character I just never liked her near as much as most of fandom did, in fact she annoyed me at first, and then after I had started to kind of warm up to her the show brought Dawn on which caused Joyce to start to annoy me again when she kept putting that little shit above Buffy's duty and therefore the safety of the world. So, while Jenna is pretty much a crappy clueless guardian I still like her better then Joyce.
(As expected the site didn't agree with me here.)

As for the ultimate question - The Vampire Diaries or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I'm just gonna call this one to close to call, though from early signs I'm starting to think I'll probably end up loving The Vampire Diaries more than Buffy, especially if The Vampire Diaries doesn't suffer a horrible crash in quality in later seasons.
(Though I do honestly understand why the site gave Buffy the ultimate win, I do, I just can't forgive Buffy for the pretty much unwatchable (even still) season seven. Yes, season five was bad, season six worse, but I could live with both of them, but after the half-way point season seven just isn't watchable, and even the first half ain't that much better then the latter half.)
*scratches head* I still don't get the whole vampire hype.. ;)
Because vampires suck, but mostly cause they're hot, and unlike werewolves when a vampire finishes a meal you're less likely to find chunks of flesh between their teeth.


It's as good an explanation as anything. *grin*
Pirates can suck too AND nibble.. you're better off with a Pirate, at least he can sail you to a tropical island AND enjoy the sun with you.. ;)
*grins* But the sun isn't fatal to all vampires.

Still I (and probably no one else) can really tell you why vampires have such hype.