Last night I finally found myself loving an episode of Supernatural, which hasn't happened since the episode just before the season five finale. Now that's not to say I've hated all the season six episodes, cause I haven't, but I didn't love them, not like I loved last nights episode.

Supernatural 6x07 "Family Matters"

Now that's what I'm talkin' about. For me, this is clearly the best episode of the season, but admittedly some of the earlier episodes don't seem quite as bad in light of tonights (plus last weeks promo) reveals.

So, much that I liked about this episode, but basically I just came back online tonight to express my love, perhaps by tomorrow the WOW factor will have worn off a bit and I'll be a teensy bit more coherent, or maybe not since this is the first episode I've outright loved this season. Not just liked, but outright LOVED!
(For the record, no, I'm not feeling more coherent today. I still love the episode, but in the light of day some of the itty bitty flaws (plot-holes) are a bit harder to forgive/ignore.)

Okay, I'm a bit iffy on Crowley being behind all this, but since I like Crowley so damn much I'm willing to set back and just go with it.

Okay, I'm also a bit iffy on how Sam has worked with a demon for quite some time and didn't sense it. Why is that iffy for me? Well, Sam's body is what's got the demon blood (from WAY back, not Ruby's) in it, so his lack of soul shouldn't take away his ability to sense demons.
(Crowley doesn't say, at least I don't think he does, how long the demon was in Christian, but surely it's been long enough that he's been filled with demon while around Sam, so that's why it trips me up a bit.)

Of course, Cas also didn't sense the demon, though I could buy him not having his complete focus in the room by the time the demon popped his head in. Sam doesn't have any such excuse, especially when you watch the Twi-hard episode where Sam seems to sense the vampire seconds before it actually attacks - twice. Once in the club, and then again in the van with Grandpa.

Though I do wonder what Crowley's got on/doing for Grandpa, cause now Grandpa doesn't seem evil as much as Winchestery - doing what he does in the name of family, maybe Mary, since Gwen did bring her up earlier in the episode.
(This doesn't change me having recently become a John!girl, but I'm not quite as on the hating Grandpa bandwagon as I was before, I'm kinda back where I originally started - kind of liking him.)

PS - A sarcastic Castiel is an AWESOME Castiel.
(Yeah, you know what I'm talking about!
Castiel to Dean: "Of course, you're problems always come first.")

Amazing how he doesn't even have to be in the entire episode to have such a big presence, though I hate that I'm not upset that he's not being in this season that much. The reason I'm not upset about that is because I really did not want season six to be a continuation/extension of season five, and having the big angel bru-ha-ha front and center would be just that. On the other hand, I'd be happy for Cas to finally get everything straightened out top side so he could be with the boys a bit more.

After noting my thoughts, I decided to see what others was saying around the net, and it turns out I'm not the only one iffy on Crowley being behind it all. Although most of the Crowley complaints seem to be along the lines of doubting Crowley is powerful enough to break Sam out of the cage. I don't disagree with that (I don't care that he is/was a crossroads demon, he still shouldn't be as powerful as Lilth, YED, and even Alastair, and they couldn't free Lucifer from the cage. I can buy him as the King of Hell, because while he might lack power, he's got more brains than most demons), but then again I don't think Crowley broke Sam's body out of hell at all.

I believe Sam tried to jump in the cage while having Lucifer in him, and I think that his body was rejected (cause the cage wasn't meant to hold a body), but his soul and the angel that was riding him was kept.

*shrug* So, I believe Crowley is lying about having pulled Sam out, and I also believe he's lying about being able to restore Sam's soul. He saw that Dean was learning the truth, and knew he had to come up with something else to keep Dean in-line, so he used Sam's lack of soul to do so.

On the other hand, I could buy Crowley having enough juice to pull Sam's soul out of the cage if it wanted too, because the cage was (at the very least) built to hold an angel, not a human, so maybe it wouldn't be impossible for Crowley to call Sam's soul out.

My problem is why can't Crowley hunt these Alpha's himself? Honestly, I don't care how good Grandpa is supposed to be, Crowley (and his demons) should have an easier job of hunting these things then a group of human hunters.
(Think about it, the only reason they got the Alpha vamp, in my opinion, is because the Alpha vamp allowed them to. Okay, I don't think he allowed the demons to capture him, but I firmly believe he allowed the humans to.)

Also, I don't really buy Crowley caring about Limbo (yes the show called it something else, but the show was wrong *grin*), but again with my two beefs I'm willing to wait and see. By the end it may still not make sense, but it's Crowley, so I might be okay with that.

So, for now that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Crowley didn't pull Sam's body out of the cage, Sam's body was simply bounced out of the cage, and Crowley is twisting the facts to suit himself.