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So, now it's officially winter time. Campgrounds and such are starting to close, which means that I no longer have the house to myself on Friday night. I'm really bitter this Friday, because no one wanted to go anywhere with me (claimed "it's too cold"), so I'm stuck at home, which wouldn't be so bad except as I said I don't have the house to myself which means it'll be damn near mid-night before I'm able to watch Supernatural (GRR!) because the man in my life wants to watch truck racing, and that BS doesn't start until late, which means the stupid crap won't end until late, unless I got lucky and the sons of itchBay's get rained out, and that isn't likely.
(For the past several weeks I've also had nothing to do on Friday (friends busy with one last "vacation" before winter), so I've gotten a bit used to watching Supernatural live.)

Anyway, I'm BORED! And being online isn't really helping, because clearly other people have lives and are out doing stuff tonight instead of being online to serve at my pleasure. No body LOVES me. *cries*
I think I'll end up taking a nap until the damned race is over and I can watch my stuff. Of course, then I'll be up all night, but what'cha gonna do - housework, I think not!

Oh well at least it's racing, and not football. I don't know why, but every time I'm subjected to a football game I have the urge to start killing football players. I really HATE that "sport." And, so, of course, the dumbass Cowboys are playing Sunday night, so not only do I have to deal with racing tonight, I'll have to somehow keep my homicidal rage against football players in check Sunday night.
(Honestly, I'm usually okay with racing because at least they (most of the time anyway) have the good sense to start early enough that they also go off early, but not football - those stupid f*cks start late and then always overrun!)

Why are the Cowboys bad? Well, because the man in my life loves this team in what I like to describe as homosexually. Although, all things considered, I do suspect that any boy/man watching football has to be a little bit gay. Seriously, football is clearly queer eye for the straight guy, I don't know why they think they're fooling anyone. Sadly if the players were hotter (or at least more naked) I'd probably love this sport so much, because really the only thing that could make this game gayer would be for the players to strip and start actually having gay sex on the field.

(I'm American, so when I say football, I mean the game where they don't just bend over and pass balls (or a big ball) around, but they actually fight for the right to hold said balls (or the big ball). Plus once they have the ball they try to run away from the others so they can score. And then sometimes when they do score, another teammate will come along and pat them on the bottom, or even better try to dry-hump the one who scored, so I guess he scores again or something. Seriously, out of the corner of my eye, I swear I've seen some dry-humping going on.
Yeah, and people look at me funny when I say football is kinda gay, but that last paragraph is not a lie or an exaggeration. But really "it's not gay, nope not at all. You're insane!" <- That was what someone actually said to me, strangely I didn't believe him, and said as much.
Football? Americans don't play football*, you mistake it with eggball where a bunch of tupperware warriors use everything except their feet to move the ball around. :P ;)

You're not the only one who things eggball is gay, I think Theo (on Terran) has mentioned the same. LOL

*yes the US actually has a football team but it sucks. :P
*evil grin* Actually, they do use their feet to move the ball in American Football, which still works with my football is gay position. After they take the ball and score, then to (try and) prove they aren't gay they place the poor ball (the one that just gave them so much pleasure) on the ground and then kick the shit out of the poor thing.

As for what you folks across the pond call football - I'll grant you that it's not near as gay as American football, I just find what you folks call football horribly boring.

*shrug* If it helps I also don't hate baseball, but I also find it horribly boring.

Edited at 2010-11-06 06:23 pm (UTC)
I agree on many sports being boring.. Tour de France for example, they follow it for hours but to me only the last 3 minutes are kind of important because then you see who's actually finishing first, football (the real one ;) ) can be REALLY boring when teams just shove the ball around and frankly do nothing for 90 minutes.

I do like women tennis though.. ;)
Sorry, can't go with you on tennis, I find that even more boring than baseball, though I do understand why you like it. *wink*

And, I can't really throw stones, because while I like mens basketball, what I really love is womens basketball, though not for the same reason you like womens tennis. ;)