Whoops, by the time I got finished typing all this it ended up longer then expected, so I've now added a cut.

Okay, yes, I stopped watching Nikita after the second episode - my rant on this one isn't about the show itself, but the speculation (by some) that the CW is planning/will move Nikita to Friday's next season to replace departing Smallville. I know the CW doesn't always make the best decisions ever, but moving Nikita to Friday would be one of the worst (if not outright the worst period) decisions the CW could make.

Of course, that implies Nikita will be picked up by the CW for a season two, and right now I wouldn't actually bet on that happening. They are all ready (from reports) tweaking Nikita to try and hold on to more of the audience from The Vampire Diaries, and that's not a good sign, because it means that as is Nikita is not getting the type of ratings the network hoped for.

That's right, as is airing not just during the week but after the CW's biggest show Nikita is all ready in more than a little trouble. That means moving it to Friday (and expecting it to anchor the night) would more then likely kill it faster then you can say CANCELLED.

What's weird about all this is that it seems like it's actually Nikita fans rooting for this Friday move. Honestly, you'd think Nikita fans would understand that the best thing for their show (Nikita) would be for the CW to leave it where it is, which honestly isn't likely to happen. But even then you'd think they'd be rooting for a move to Monday or maybe Wednesday where it would have a slightly better chance at picking up a younger audience that the CW craves then it would on Friday.


Winchesters RULE, Campbells SUCK!

Seriously, I was okay with the John "bashing" from past seasons. You know, when Dean (finally) started to realize that John wasn't actually the best father to ever father. But even then that was balanced by Sam coming to realize that John had done the best he could, and while his best wasn't the best ever it wasn't actually the worst ever either.

But season six is doing it's level best to turn me into an outright John!girl. Yes, I do think as a father John could've done better, especially by Dean - he really sucked with Dean. However, I am getting so damn tired of Grandpa Campbell (and the others) prancing around acting like they are the be all end all of hunting. You ain't all that.

Sure, Grandpa, I get that you can show the boys things their daddy never dreamed of. That's not actually all that impressive when you think about it. Seriously. By his own admission, Grandpa Campbell has a long line of hunters behind him. Also, Grandpa clearly grew up in the life. All advantages that John Winchester did not have.

That's right, Grandpa has a leg (or several) up over John Winchester. Not only did John Winchester not grow up in the hunting life, he didn't actually get into it until he was middle aged (or more), and he sure as hell didn't have the wealth of knowledge backing him when he started out that Grandpa clearly did, and yet John went on to become something of a legend in the hunting community. Eat that, Grandpa!

So, legacy Grandpa kicks ass, but self-taught John Winchester kicks more ass! That's right, I think had Grandpa been in John's position he wouldn't be anywhere near the hunter John was. So, yeah, as far as I'm concerned not only is John Winchester a better hunter, but he's also ten times the man Grandpa is.

*sigh* Never thought I'd see myself in the "yay!John" camp, but there you go.
John Winchester rules and Grandpa Campbell drools.