My happy dance is somber because my kitty is still missing, but I got a bit of unrelated good news today that lifts my spirits a tad.

'Haven' just got renewed for a second season!

Okay, I'll freely admit Haven is NOT the best show ever, but it did get better around episode five/six, and since then has been a nice little Friday show that has kept me engaged and interested despite some less than stellar special effects. Though I'd rather have a good story over great special effects any day of the week, so I'm happy that Haven is coming back next summer.

Alas, my baby boy is still gone, and I think I may be going nuts, because last night I couldn't sleep because every time (except one) that I was about to drift off I kept hearing a cat meow. Since my gray one was sleeping with me, I know it wasn't her, but twice I went out and called for my boy and he didn't come. So, either I've got yet another stray cat starting to hang around or I'm going nuts.