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A month ago, I basically had three cats and four kittens, now I'm down to only one cat.

Now granted I took the "stray" momma cat and her kittens somewhere else last month. No, I didn't drop them off in the wild leaving them to fend for themselves - I took them to a local (out of the way) business that likes having cats around to control the mice population, the cats there are well fed and taken care of.

Now originally I really didn't want to take the momma cat herself, I had started to bond a bit with her, but in the end I took her too. Now I really regret having done that, I should've kept her around.


My baby boy is gone!
The white cat I picked up on the streets as a kitten, and the one who not to long ago got shot.

Saturday night (or Sunday morning) I let him out about two in the morning, and haven't seen him since. I had hoped (at first) that maybe he was just off chasing tail, but that looks less and less likely as time goes on, because we are in a bit of a drought here, so there isn't much drinking water around. And aside from that the longest he's been gone, before now, was about a twelve hour period where he got locked in the garage. Now don't get me wrong, he's stayed outside longer than that before, just not completely vanished for this long before.
And, honestly, running off chasing tail was sort of a best case kind of thing.

Yes, I've looked, been all around the neighborhood, there's no sign of him dead or alive, and at this point I suppose I have to accept that I'll never see him again.

And now for something completely different...

Okay, so I bought and just finished watching Supernatural season five on DVD, and something interesting happened... I remember (as I watched live) that the depressing Dean is depressed story seemed to drag on and on and on and... Well, you get the idea, but actually watching the episodes close together without long breaks, and I found that depressing Dean is Depressed didn't feel near as drug out as it did watching it live.

Almost all my thoughts about other aspects of the overall storyline stand, but it seems like without the long breaks between episodes does change how long it feels one aspect of the story plays out.
*hugs back*

I suppose my boy could be fine, though. Years ago I had a dog (a mutt, though mostly bird dog, I guess) that vanished one day, and I assumed he was dead. I went through the worry, the tears, and the sadness, and then out of the blue many years later he just showed up one day.

Good day that was.

Turns out he found someone else (one of my old school teachers, actually) just outside the neighborhood that started feeding him, but more importantly (at least for the dog) was that they would also let him in their house, which way back was not possible for me, because mom would not allow animals in her house.

So while the dog in question is long dead now, it does give me a small hope that my baby boy might be okay, though this time my baby boy is a cat not a dog.
I hope the little one is okay. *hugs again*

My "pets" are quite immobile, a few computers and an ancient motorcycle.. oh and of course the goldfish with the ego of a BIG white shark...