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Well, I must say on Monday I liked this weeks Mike & Molly better, but that doesn't mean I plan to start watching, I just have this thing where I like it when characters get drunk/stoned and start acting weird. However, that isn't something this show can pull off week after week (they could if they were going for Molly with a drug problem, but that's not what the show is sitting up). So, I still have no plans to become a regular M&M viewer.

As far as the rest of Monday is concerned I didn't bother with House or Chase this week, though (as usual) the man in my life watched both.
(And, to be fair, as I said before I've never really watched House so me leaving it off this week is no big loss for the show.)

On the other hand, this Tuesday presented me with a show that was not reality nor NCIS. That's right, I watched No Ordinary Family, and must admit I was a bit surprised, in more ways than one. Admittedly in the first bits I think they went a little overboard with the angst, but otherwise it was a fairly good start. *sigh*
(Yeah, I should be happy that this was better than expected, but really I was only planning to watch NOF until season six Bones encores started on TNT, and Pretty Little Liars came back on ABCFamily. So, while I do plan to watch those Bones encores and Pretty Little Liars it may end up being harder to ditch NOF then I originally expected.)

On Wednesday was the usual Hellcats and Criminal Minds, I'll talk about the later first. If you read this LJ you'll know that I was very unhappy that AJ Cook was being fired, and I'm still not thrilled because I love JJ.

On the other hand, I found myself liking that the higher ups are forcing JJ out of the unit just like the higher ups are forcing AJ off the show. Also, based on the snark as well as the whole higher ups thing contained in this episode regarding that, I actually get the feeling this was totally a CBS decision and something that NONE of the Criminal Minds people actually agreed with.
When I heard she was being forced out, I wondered how much of it might be CBS and how much might be the show itself, so I'm glad to know that it seems the show itself is as unhappy about this whole mess as I am.

So, yeah, it still sucks that she's leaving, but at least the show got their knocks in against CBS even if they (Criminal Minds) didn't have any more choice in the matter than JJ.

And if CBS claims this is a money saving move I'm going to personally kick Les in the nuts. Cause if this was about money they'd have fired one of the mens, and would've then probably saved twice as much as they'll save by firing AJ.

Goodbye, JJ (aka AJ Cook), you will be missed!

As for Hellcats, no, it's not the best show ever, and it can be a little sugar-y (okay, more than a little), but it is managing to keep my attention week after week, and some shows this season (*cough*Nikita*cough*) couldn't even do that.

How will I feel about Shit My Dad Says and Outsourced (the only other new shows I sampled this season)? Can't say, because seriously if the people behind Outsourced start trying to write to avoid the heavy critism they've taken I believe it'll get real boring real fast, and while I liked SMDS series premiere I'm still not sure I expect it to hold me week after week.
Hmm, I know and like NCIS, as for the rest... uh, did you know that they finally released Street Hawk on DVD?


I had no idea, but since I have no idea what Street Hawk is (other than it's obviously a TV show, right?) that isn't exactly a surprise.