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So, is it just me or did anyone else think the episode of The Big Bang Theory last night was a little weird. I'm not saying it was bad, just weird. And, no, I can't explain why I think it felt weird, it just felt weird to me. Okay, fine, maybe I'm just uncomfortable with Sheldon having a girlfriend. So, far it's being handled fine, but I must admit that one of the main reasons I like Sheldon is because he's such a sexless guy, and I just don't want to see them turn Sheldon into the average horny guy.

Moving on...

Shit My Dad Says - first, CBS change the damn title or start actually CALLING it SHIT My Dad Says, saying Bleep My Dad Says is just stupid on your part. Otherwise, I have to admit that I liked this one better than I expected, and much better then Mike & Molly. Okay, fine, maybe I just liked it because of Shatner (dad) wondered why it was that no one could do an accurate impression of him. HeHe Though he should see Jim Carrey, who (I think) does an AWESOME Shatner. This is weird, because the man in my life enjoyed Mike & Molly better then Shit My Dad Says, while I enjoyed the latter more, so it'll be interesting to see which one ends up being CBS's ultimate survivor.

However, another comedy topped SMDS, and totally surprised me - Outsourced. Yeah, shockingly I like it better then any of the other comedies I've sampled for this season (that doesn't count old favorites). SO, my guess is that it probably tanked in the ratings, cause, you know, I liked it, so probably means no one else did. But the way some people were talking before this aired, I somewhat feared this would be a big steaming pile of racism, and there was an iffy moment or two, but otherwise I found the show actually funny, so I will be sticking with it. So, sorry, Nikita, but we are officially breaking up now.

And, of course, I've saved the best for last - The Vampire Diaries Every time I start to doubt Team Vampire Diaries they turn around and blow me away (in the good way).

But first, I must make a public service announcement - that sound you heard around 7:58 p.m. (8:58 EST) was the sound of Damon/Elena shippers suddenly crying out in anger (and probably no small amount of terror) as their ship didn't just spring a leak but actually ripped apart/ran very seriously a-ground.
(But by today they've probably no doubt found a way to believe that what happened last night didn't actually sink their ship - I will be headed over to Television Without Pity later today just to see what they've managed to come up with to explain how last night really totally didn't sink Damon/Elena. That's why I love shippers, you see, even if I actually hate Damon/Elena as a pairing, you just can't keep a good shipper down long.)

*sigh* I do admit that despite myself I felt just a small amount of sympathy over the way Elena treated him here. Of course, he deserved it, he killed her brother right in front of her. That her brother got up and walked away is SO not the point, but as I said, despite myself I did kind of feel bad for the vampire.

And, to be totally honest, I'll admit that they (Team Vampire Diaries) managed to shock me with that, cause I honestly didn't see it coming. I didn't believe they'd have Elena being that harsh to Damon, especially after he saved her life just "moments" before. In fact, after he saved her life, I expected the show to have them start being friends again, so the way they actually went was a twist I did NOT see coming.

But now lets go back to the beginning.

Alaric is back, baby! And I must say he is much less annoying then in was in the beginning, I think I might actually end up liking him, which surprises me since I never really cared for book!Alaric one way or another, he was simply there, and the first few episodes saw TV!Alaric annoying the crap out of me.

Anyway, the episode starts with them talking about Isobel (Elena's vampire mother) who did lots of research on Mystic Falls while she was married to Alaric and before she became a vampire, and now thanks to Katherine (and the Lockwood family not-so-secret) Elena needs to see Isobel's research.

Oh, and during the talk between Alaric, Damon, Elena, and Stefan the scene keeps flashing to Tyler nosing around a cave or something.

Then we jump to Matt (DIE MATT DIE!) knocking on Caroline's door, but she can't get to it because the sunlight is in her path. You know what's coming, right? Bonnie is going to be asked to make Caroline a special sunlight ring. The only question is will she? And all things considered I'm thinking yes, since Bonnie should feel very very guilty at this point.

And, I guess it should be noted that Stefan doesn't go with Alaric, Damon, and Elena to snoop through Isobel's research, he stays behind to take care of Caroline.

To my surprise, Bonnie actually resists making a ring for Caroline. Now that does make sense with what we know of Bonnie's character, but not really. Stefan tells Bonnie to trust him, but at this point I can't see how/why Bonnie really should. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like Stefan, but he's kind of badass in his own right, plus he's a vampire, and Bonnie hates those, so all around I'm a little confused as to why Bonnie ended up making the ring for Caroline. Overwhelming guilt (on her part) would make sense, but the way the show played it doesn't really make sense.

I do admit that I liked the making of the ring. Bonnie basically closed her eyes, all was silence for a few moments, then BOOM ring made. Caroline's reaction to that was cute, and I did like that the show didn't go with some overblown special effects for the whole thing.

Anyway, now we get to the point where Damon saves Elena's life. Isobel's old student, who's now not a student, but still there for some reason lets them in. But guess what? She knows more then she's letting on because she comes back with a bow and tries to shoot Elena. She ends up flirting rather heavily with an interestingly clueless Alaric after.

But before the flirting we switch back to a really cute scene between Stefan and Caroline. He's teaching her to hunt animals, and she's having a little trouble with the idea of killing a cute little bunny rabbit. She also gets a dig about the not-so-many faces of Stefan Salvatore. HeHe

Anyway, during all this Tyler is for some reason having a party in the woods, when Uncle Buzz Kill comes along and tells them to be out by dark. Uncle Buzz Kill lays down some pretty good reasons, but we know it's bullshit. On the other hand, Tyler hasn't yet got it.

Oh, and also Caroline lays the mind whammy down on some chick who's flirting with Matt, and said chick then goes off to almost make-out with Tyler before the mind whammy fades and she goes back to flirt with Matt, but not at the party, because at some point the party did end.

Then finally we all learn something new from the research. Vampires and werewolves were cursed. Wolves were cursed to be tied to the full moon, and vampires were cursed to the night. Also, vampires almost wiped out werewolves because according to legend the bite from a werewolf will kill a vampire. Now, granted we don't know how much of this information is correct, because they go out of their way to have the character say "according to legend." And I thought we might learn during this episode, because later Caroline is attacked by Uncle Buzz Kill while he's a wolf, but he doesn't actually bite her. On the other hand, Tyler finally gets a clue - I'm still not sure he realizes what he is, but he's certainly figured out that Uncle Buzz Kill is also Uncle Werewolf.

And, before we get back to where I started, I guess I should point out that flirty chick does once again catch up with Matt, and this time Caroline tells her to back off, but without added mind-rape, which for some stupid reason pisses Matt off, and he breaks up with Caroline. I can only be somewhat relieved here because at least Caroline doesn't look completely heartbroken. But I still want to scream "sweetie, let the dumbass go, you CAN do better!"

Now we're back to the point where I started, and I must say going back and rewatching this in light of that last scene where Elena tells Damon how she really feels, you can see that throughout this episode. It also gives an interesting twist to last weeks episode where Elena stops Bonnie from killing Damon. It really wasn't personal for Elena, she realized that Damon had information about Katherine that she needed, so she really couldn't let Bonnie kill him before she got the information from him. And through this episode, like I say, looking back, it seems clear that Elena is playing Damon like a fiddle right up to the very end. AWESOME
(I suppose I should note that at times Damon does seem to understand that Elena's playing him, but it's clear at the end that he really had no idea as to the true extent that she was playing him.)

Oh, and PS - Katherine returns for Caroline, but I'm not sure how much control Katherine should/will have over Caroline. Sure, Katherine killed her, but it was actually Damon's blood that turned her. Either way it should be interesting. Plus, don't you feel that Katherine waited to come for Caroline just long enough so that Bonnie would make Caroline one of those magical vampire day-rings? I do.
*peeks in and hugs* ;)

I only know the Big Bang theory and what I've seen was quite amusing. :)
*grins and hugs*

TBBT is an amusing show, no doubts there. But, as I said, for me there was just something weird about the season starter. But I didn't save it on DVR, so I'll probably never figure it out, and it doesn't really matter since I am always more forgiving of comedies then I am other shows, so unless whatever it is comes back to bug me next episode it'll probably be completely forgotten soon.