Okay, fine, Hellcats probably does qualify as something new, but this is the third time I've watched it (and, for the record, I like Hellcats, can't say I love it, but I like it better than NuNikita) so I have watched it before. Same with the other primetime show I watched last night - Criminal Minds.
(PS - Still not happy about JJ leaving Criminal Minds, but at least the show let her kick a little bit of ass before she left. Yes, folks she was awesome in last nights episode.)

At least tonight (Thursday) I'll be sampling two new shows - Outsourced and Shit My Dad Says. The latter is basically because the man in my life is interested, the other (Outsourced) is something I've been somewhat interested in since it was "ordered to pilot." Yes, I know there's been bad things said about Outsourced, and if I'd liked NuNikita better I wouldn't have bothered, but since I haven't really liked NuNikita I decided to give Outsourced a shot, if I like it YAY, if not I really haven't missed out on something else by watching it. But aside from those two tonight will be all shows I've watched before such as The Big Bang Theory and The Vampire Diaries.

And Friday will be nothing new (for me), except in as much that I haven't seen ANY of Supernatural season six yet, but have finally seen everything from seasons one thru five. Plus, Haven, which again has almost finished it's first season (I think), so not something new to the night.