Okay, I didn't watch (sample) everything that aired last night, even with a two TVs and a DVR that simply isn't possible. So basically I went with the flow (of the house) in the first hour of primetime. In the second hour I could've DVR'ed something, but decided not to bother, and in the third hour there wasn't really anything I cared about so again I went with the flow. When I say go with the flow, I mean that the man in my life has had a rather set Monday night watching schedule for years, though this year wasn't as locked as years past because CBS decided to try and get cute.

So the first hour of Monday primetime was still locked - House, of which he's a big fan, and while I've never actually set back and watched a full episode of House I have (obviously) caught more then a little of it over the years, and I can admit that House to me hasn't been remotely watchable (even in part, to me) since before the awful "House is hooked on drugs" storyline, and this season (based on the premiere) doesn't seem set to bring House back to its former glory. Now I'm sure the House/Cuddy shippers are thrilled, but it actually seemed like the House/Cuddy ship sucked what little life this show might've had left right out of the season premiere. *cough* If I was a betting woman, which I'm not, not really, I would bet that unless they do something else this season could very well be the last season of House, cause even the man in my life was less than enthralled with last nights House.
(I didn't cut for spoilers on this one, because honestly if you've seen ANY promo for House in the past several weeks then you know all about House/Cuddy.)

The next one is Two and a Half Men which both me and the man in my life like, he probably likes it more then me, but I like it. Yeah, I know Charlie Sheen is a bad man, but that doesn't make the show any less funny. It was up to its usual standards, though I'm not sure I can believe Jake having a threesome, but these things are less bothersome to me in sitcoms then dramas.
(Yes, I LOVE threesomes, but I just don't think it works for the character of Jake.)

The new one Mike & Molly was better than expected, but probably not something I'll keep watching, though to be fair the man in my life seemed to like it, so it'll be one that as long as he watches I'll catch bits and pieces of, so if it gets better I might start actually watching.

Now neither me or the man in my life cared one whit about Hawaii 5-0 remake or otherwise, so after Mike & Molly we turned over to NBC for Chase, which wasn't bad, it wasn't a Criminal Minds or CSI, but it didn't completely suck. The biggest problem with this pilot was that the story drug on and on and on. Honestly, by the time the episode ended you felt like you'd finished watching a two hour program. On the other hand, if they can make the episodes move faster they'll probably have a pretty good show on their hands.

(Now I might've DVRed The Event, but after seeing so many ads for it in the past several weeks, I decided it couldn't possibly live up to all that hype and decided to skip it. Was I wrong? Well, I can't say, but I don't regret not watching it.)

In closing, you'll probably not see a post like this from me tomorrow, because I'm not planning to sample (or just watch) anything tonight. Honestly, on Tuesday if you don't like reality or NCIS then you're just SOL (shit out of luck).