As with last week there are a few spoilers in the following for the episodes in question.

PS - I had a headache last night when I hand-wrote these, and today as I was typing them up the headache still hadn't went away, so if something isn't clear/doesn't make sense, the headache would be why. Hopefully, the headache will go away, and then I'll reread this myself to see if I've boned it badly.

The Vampire Diaries Season Two Episode Two:

Well, I am officially NOT okay with the direction this show appears to be headed with Bonnie. Now back an episode before last years season finale I had "issues" with the way Bonnie was portrayed, but then the season finale came along and made it all better. Well, this happen again in season two - I hope so, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

So, as of this moment I am firmly in the land of unhappy. And it's probably not for the reasons you think. You might be thinking that I'm having these problems with her character because I LOVE book!Bonnie, but that's not it. Show!Bonnie is so far away from book!Bonnie that show Bonnie has become her own character, I was okay with that. I liked show!Bonnie (at first) almost as much as I liked book!Bonnie.

Now, however, they've turned show!Bonnie into a hypocritical BITCH! Now keep in mind that I don't mind the fact that show!Bonnie is NOT a Damon fan, what I do mind is BS!Bonnie (BS = BitchShow!Bonnie) is actually blaming Damon for crap that's not just not his fault, but are in fact really her own damn fault. It was because of her own guilt that she told Damon to share his blood with Caroline, which he did. And she's the one that told Katherine all about it, so really she has no one but herself to blame for what has happened to Caroline, yet she tries to kill Damon for it. This actually offends me, because there is plenty of crap Damon could (and should) be blamed/punished for, but BS!Bonnie is blaming Damon for things that are completely her own fault, and that actually offends me.

So now I'm sad because this otherwise great show cannot be trusted when it comes to the character of Bonnie.

Anyway, as for the episode in question, aside from the badness with Bonnie, the episode was otherwise okay, even Jeremy wasn't terrible here. Okay, maybe he just didn't bother me because he seriously got his ass handed to him.

However, I'm still uncertain I trust the show to keep Caroline around, and their piss-poor handling with the character of Bonnie is not helping me with my trust issues. On the other hand, the show has all ready given me one great season and an awesome season premiere so I'm not ready to walk away just yet.

Nikita Season One Episode Two:

Well, while I don't hate this show, I don't think I'm going to stay with it either.

For example, and not to bash this NuNikita, the original La Femme Nikita TV pilot had me glued to the screen, and that didn't happen for NuNikita. Last week about twenty minutes from the end I got up and started doing other things. Now I did do that rewinding live TV thing to watch what I missed, but my point is that during the premiere of La Femme Nikita that didn't happen. However, that in itself wasn't enough to make me give up, because some pilots aren't good examples on how one will feel about the show itself.

No the real problem is that it happened again this week. Instead of truly sitting back watching this show, I found myself writing my comments for this weeks The Vampire Diaries, so clearly NuNikita just isn't going to hold my attention in the way La Femme Nikita did. This is more about me then the show, because while I did LOVE La Femme Nikita the genre itself is a bit outside my norm, and probably the only reason La Femme Nikita managed to keep me as a viewer is because it wasn't your typical spy show, and I'm sorry, but NuNikita really does come off looking like your typical spy show, while trying to pretend it's not.
Another part of it is the way they've turned Section - er, Division into what amounts to a cartoon villain. In La Femme Nikita Section while not being the absolute bad guy was still a scary place with scary people. However, even if they'd found a more scary guy to play Percy they'd still have a problem making Division badass. You see, this show is sit up for Nikita to take Division down, and if week after week two people (Nikita and Alex) keep whipping Division's ass (especially since one of them is a half-trained recovering junkie) that makes Division laughable and not at all badass. And, no, it wouldn't help if Division did catch Nikita every so often, because unless they killed her (unlikely since she's the title character) then she has to escape at some point to continue. So, the ultimate result is that Division (and Percy) can't help being cartoonish, because it's the inherent sit-up of the show itself.

So, based on two episodes I think I can safely say this show isn't for me, which I suspected after last week, but thought it only fair to at least give the show one more chance, and now I'm done. Still I don't think NuNikita is a bad show, it simply isn't a show for me, because so far all it's done for me is to make me pull out my La Femme Nikita DVDs and watch those, and rather than trying to watch two Nikita's I could just use the time I'd spend watching NuNikita to actually go back and watch La Femme Nikita.