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It should probably go without saying, but both of the below "reviews" contain spoilers for the episodes I'm talking about. No future spoilers, just spoilers for the aired episodes.

The remake of La Femme Nikita simply titled Nikita

Well, I've just watched the over-hyped series premiere of Nikita, and I must say that while I love the original Nikita I was excited when I first heard about this remake. The problem is that even before the end of last season (months) before Nikita premiered I started to become less and less excited about the whole thing based only on the promos. In fact from the promos I got more excited about Hellcats (which was good, but I can't say it was really better then the opening of this Nikita remake) then Nikita.

The first thing that tripped me up was that from the promos I was having some trouble accepting the skinny little Maggie Q as some bad ass fighter. Yes, I know small people can be strong, but lets face it size does matter - yes, boys, I know women all the time tell you otherwise, but I think deep down in you're heart you know they ARE lying. *coughs* Anyway, having now watched the series premiere I must say that's really not an issue. It might become one again later, but not at the moment.

Before I go any further, I will say the best remake character is Madeline who they've named Amanda, but that could simply be because the actress playing her is well and truly awesome, just as awesome as the original Madeline anyway. The problem is that I'm still not sure exactly who this Amanda person is - from the first moment she stepped on screen you basically knew what kind of person the original Madeline was, and the remake version simply wasn't as clear with the character. Anyway, I have to admit that Maggie is a pretty good Nikita, or at least she was in the pilot. Yes, she's NOT Peta Wilson's Nikita, but she did much better in the role than I was honestly expecting. However, those are really the only two characters (actresses) that truly work. The guy playing Micheal isn't terrible (okay, maybe he is), but I'm just not sure he's the right person for the role, and the dude playing Operations (*snicker*Percy*snicker*) ain't even a pale shadow of the dude who played Operations in the original series, that dude managed to be scary even when he wasn't really doing anything scary.
(Okay, I wasn't going to mention Birkoff, because I LOVED the original series Birkoff, and I knew that unless they brought that actor back I probably wasn't going to like the new Birkoff. And, surprise, I was right, and that's why I wasn't going to mention him, cause he might be a great actor (I couldn't tell), but he's just not Birkoff to me.
Before someone yells at me for mispelling Birkoff. The subtitles on the La Femme Nikita DVDs spells Birkoff. However, I did notice the CC (Closed Captioning) on the remake Nikita spells it Birkhoff.

I was also right in my thoughts after seeing the first real Nikita promo - the remake Nikita has gutted everything that I loved about the original La Femme Nikita. In the original the character of Nikita was NOT a hero. Okay, I mean you could argue since SECTION ONE (not this piss-ass Division) took out terrorists that she (and Section) weren't all bad. But in that series Nikita was not on a hero's journey, and frankly that's one of the things I loved about it. Nikita came into Section One as an innocent, and then ended the series in charge of Section, and lets face it while Section's goals weren't all bad, it was not a nice organization, and none of the people (at the top anyway) were nice people.

This new Nikita was one of them before the series started, but the premiere makes it clear that this Nikita is on a hero's journey, and that more then ANY of the other changes is what truly guts the series. Now that doesn't make it unwatchable, but it does kill any nostalgia factor the series may otherwise have had for me. Others may feel differently, but I wanted a series that brought to mind the original La Femme Nikita and this show simply does not do that.

For the record, I've never watched Dark Angel or Alias, but this series seems more in line with what I do know of those two then it is La Femme Nikita. However, that doesn't make this new series bad, in fact the premiere didn't suck, it didn't blow me away either, but it didn't suck, so I'm willing to give this series a real chance to stand on its own.

The Vampire Diaries 2x01 "The Return"

Okay, I admit I giggled through most of this episode, especially the Damon/Bonnie scenes and at least one very special Damon/Stefan scene. However, it was not all fun and games, despite my certainty that Jeremy would be on his way to leaving the series (after the way the season finale ended) it would appear The Vampires Diaries pulled a bit of a fast one, and then went as far as to give him the very special "keep annoying ones alive" magical ring. UGH!

What's worse... I know, you're asking what could possibly be worse then that... well, instead of killing/vamping Jeremy they may have in fact vamped Caroline. *sigh* I mean, okay, that could be good, but the way they keep killing off the good characters and sticking us with the sucky ones I'm just not sure I'm happy about Caroline's vampage.
(Maybe she'll kill Matt, that might make it all better.)

Seriously, without Anna around I suspect his character is going to land right back into the land of suckage.
No, really, this episode killed him twice (three if you count the finale from last season) and he didn't freakin' stay dead! BOO-HISS!

However, despite my rantings - good opening, show, really good opening.

Poor Damon... Katherine is good, and Nina is awesome. Seriously, she is an amazing actress, and I'm really sorry that at first I had my doubts about her.

I am a bit leery about the episode description for next week. You see, this week it looked like Damon and Bonnie might come to eventually not hate each other, and that was good. But from the way next's week episode description reads it sounds like Bonnie is going to blame Damon because Katherine attacked her, and that's just WRONG since it was honestly NOT Damon's fault Katherine attacked Bonnie.
I don't think we'll see the new Nikita series for quite some time here in Holland, I do remember the old one though... Peta is still cuuuute ;)
Yeah, Peta will probably always be the real Nikita for me. And, yes, that is after having watched at least one of the movies. I can't recall seeing the American movie version, but I probably did, and I just honestly didn't care much for the original original movie version. In that one it just seemed like Nikita got out of Section WAY to easily. *coughs* Anyway, though, as I said, Maggie was a much better Nikita then I expected, possibly even better then the movie Nikita's, but still not better then Peta's Nikita. I'm just not sure about the overall remake show/storyline, there's just something about it that's not really enticing me to watch MOAR! Of course, since there's only been a pilot so far I might come to like the remake a little better.

On the other hand, you being a guy and all you'd probably like it for the skimpy female clothing if nothing else. *evil grin*
Skimpy clothing is good, yes. ;)