I guess I'm probably not the only one this has happened to, but usually when you tell someone they have the wrong number they give up. For example, back in the spring I had this one woman who kept calling my cell, but she somehow always managed to call when I had my cell phone off, or was away from it. I even felt bad for her one time, because she'd left a voice mail saying "I'm off work, come pick me up." Well, obviously I couldn't, because I didn't know who this was let alone where they worked, and since they had apparently called from a pay phone, I couldn't even call them back to tell them they hadn't reached who they thought that had.
After that she did leave a voice mail that indicated she was more then a little upset, which I understood, because there's no telling how long she'd waited for her friend to pick her up, but once again she still wasn't speaking to who she thought she was, because again I couldn't get in touch with her to tell her she still had the wrong number, and since I didn't know her, I certainly didn't know where she worked.

After about a week of that, she FINALLY called while I was at work near my phone, and I was finally able to tell her that the number she kept calling was not the one that belonged to the person she was trying to reach. Surprisingly, she was very good-natured about that, though maybe she was just relieved that her BFF hadn't been blowing her off.

Anyway, the most recent (and most creepy) adventure happened with the man in my life's cell phone, which for reasons I won't go into here is also in my name. Anyway, this girl called looking for someone, he told her that he didn't know who that was, and that she couldn't reach the person she was calling at this number. She hung up, and then minutes later called again. He told her the same thing, and that's when she got insistant that she'd talked to the person she was calling at that number last night (Thursday, since she was calling on Friday). Now I know that wasn't possible, because we was both together that night, and his phone NEVER rang that night.

However, she called a third time, but had left enough time between calls that time he'd went to get a shower, so I answered the phone, and by that point I was actually a bit pissed off, because he'd all ready told her twice that she was calling the wrong number. Anyway, she asked me for whoever she was looking for, and I said (still calm at that point) that once again she'd called the wrong number, and that's when she got a little shitty with me. She informed me that she'd talked to whoever she was trying to call the night before at the number she was calling, because our number was (somehow) the number stored in her cell phones memory - now I guess that's possible, but if it was actually our number stored in her phones memory then something was actually wrong with her phone - after once again explaining that the phone she was calling had been around me all night the previous night and had never even rang I knew she hadn't spoken to someone for hours at this number, and that I had no idea how said number ended up in her phones memory, she asked for my name, and I said "no, I think I'll be keeping that to myself," because honestly by that point I was a bit freaked out by the whole thing, and was starting to think she might be a little nuts.

Now days later, I more inclined to be kind about the whole thing, but at the time the whole thing had started to seriously creep me out. Thankfully, after talking to me, she didn't call the number again, because if she had (at that time) I'd have probably went a little bit nuts.

And I do still wonder how our cell phone number ended up in her phone's memory, if it did, but I guess I'll never know now.