Okay, I've now watched a few more episodes, and while Hossi is still my OTP, I am more and more really getting why Rossi is not well-loved in fandom. At the best of times he's abrasive, and at the worst of times... Well, that's probably why I have him as the sub of the Hossi combo in my head. It would seem (at times) that Hotch really is the only one that is allowed to see the better side of Rossi, and, well, I personally love the idea of imagining Hotch "punishing" Rossi for being "rude, much."
(Okay, and I think Morgan has gotten a glimpse or two of the not-entirely-awful-Rossi. So, perhaps there's a OT3 coming up in my Criminal Minds future.)

Okay, clearly I'm bored and just felt like saying something even if it wasn't much of anything.

Well, that, and as a Buffy fan, I got to tell you it was (more than) a little weird to see Xander playing a tech geek. I'm not saying Brendon didn't play it well, he did, and by the time he appeared in the show a second time I didn't see him as Xander, but the first episode with him all I could see (at least right at first was Xander) and therefore it was very weird to see Xander Harris matching PC wits with Garcia and actually managing to hold his own.
(Now if they'd gotten Aly (i.e. Willow) the only problem I'd have had with that scene was Garcia winning, cause I believe Willow could've wiped the PC floor with Garcia.)

Anyway, welcome back to my TV screen Nick Brendon, you have been missed!