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And this will probably be my last update on the subject unless something changes for the worse.

So, last night when it was time for the second medication round, I went and found kitty, and was dismayed. It appeared that her bad eye was hanging out of her head, which made me sad, but at least I'd done my best to make her better, so I wasn't kicking myself. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and medicate her good eye, and give her the cold medicine, mostly because at that point her good eye had some of that blood-looking (but not blood) stuff running out of it again.
(And I didn't want to put eye medicine on an eye that was hanging out of her head, so I just left her bad eye alone last night.)

Then a bit later, off in the distance, I could see lightning, and knew it was going to storm (and it did, not badly just lots of raaaain!), so I decided to check on kitty and her babies whose eyes are now open) before the storm, and saw that whatever it was that had been hanging out of her eye was now gone, and that whole side of her face was bloody, or maybe it was just that rusty blood-looking stuff, but this time I think at least some of it was actually blood.

Now today I discover that what I thought was her eye hanging out was clearly not, because both of her eyes are still firmly in her head. The "bad" one is still there, and a bit weird looking but actually looking much better than its looked since before it got swollen and red. One of those eyelids on that eye is still very red, but as I said the eye is clearly still there. So I have no idea what was hanging out of her eye-socket last night, but now that it's gone it would seem her eye is going to be okay.

I also believe the kitty cold medicine is working, since the second day her nose has rather quickly stopped running, though I have heard her cough a time or two. But I spent some time with her this afternoon and didn't hear her cough once.

Hopefully all this means that she's getting better and is going to be okay, and therefore stray kitty (as much as possible anyway) will remain a wild kitty. On the other hand, I've noticed that as long as I'm not using the meds she seems to enjoy me holding her just a little too much, so I don't know, in healing her I may have turned a stray (or wild) cat tame, but you know what at least she's gonna be okay, hopefully.
(Kind of funny, because at this point neither one of mine actually like being held. Well, okay, my older one will tolerate it, depending on whatever mood she's in, but the little one is now at that age where he doesn't want mommy holding him.)
Cats are weird.. ;)
Ain't that the truth. ;)