So, by now I know when, how, and (somewhat) why Jason Gideon left. Interesting. But the point of this entry really isn't about that, what I came here to tell you all (as though you're interested) is that I've (finally) found my Criminal Minds OTP - Hotch/Rossi, which I've dubbed Hossi (it's really a shame Hotch isn't named Hutch, cause then it would be Hussi, go ahead, say that outloud). Hotch is (obviously) the butch, and Rossi is the... Well, you get the idea. *grin* Yes, I basically ship them because of a certain scene between them in the episode Identity, but it was a very good scene.

What's weird is that in the episode just before that (when Rossi first appeared) I could totally understand why he wasn't well received by "CM" fandom as a whole, but then came Identity and he became one part of my OTP!

Why yes I am a strange one, thanks for asking. *grin*

Speaking of asking, I don't suppose anyone on my flist (or anyone just reading this period) has any links to some Hotch/Rossi fanfic. *wide innocent eyes*

PS - philstar22, I wanted to let you know that I have come to like Emily. I really warmed up to her over the ending of season two and the opening of season three. I still like JJ more, but now I'm even more sad about the things we were talking about before in regards to the female characters of Criminal Minds.

PPS - I don't know if I said this before, so I'll say it now - I like Spencer Reid, but I don't love him. However, I truly and honestly get why most of the fandom does love him - I do. His character is pretty much designed to make fangirls wet in their happy place, whether that was on accident or on purpose I know not. And in any other fandom I know he'd be my man, but with Criminal Minds there is another that makes me wet in my happy place, and that is Hotch. I haven't had such a visceral reaction to a character since I was practically a baby with Bo Duke. And honestly I can't really say what it is about Hotch (and I do mean Hotch, not Thomas Gibson, back then I didn't care one way or another about John either only Bo) that just does it for me, but it does.
Every time Hotch comes on-screen I want to grab him by the hair of his head, and well, I'm sure you get the idea. I just hope Thomas Gibson doesn't read this entry, cause he might never want to play Hotch again after knowing this, and I'm really starting to need my Hotch-fix.