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I almost mentioned this in my last entry about the kitties, but I was in a good mood then and didn't want to depress myself by giving the whole story. But yesterday I was depressed again, this evening I'm feeling pretty good, but anyway my car is over and done (fluid and filters have been changed and the car still won't go in reverse and will barely move forward) and at this point unless I win the lotto I am f-in screwed in the car department.
(Couldn't even drive it to trade it in for a new one, you know, if I could afford a new one, which I can't.)

So, anyway, what I didn't mention was that poor stray kitty that gave birth to four kittens (who are doing great BTW) wasn't doing so well herself. One of her eyes is very angry and swollen, about a week/two weeks ago is when that eye started looking real bad - I figured she'd end up losing it. The good news is that while she may never see out of it again, if I medicate it properly it shouldn't have to be removed, and her good eye should remain good.

Anyway, what finally made me decide to take the poor thing to the vet while I had a vehicle was because in bright light she'd close her "good" eye and it would start bleeding (which is what happened before the other eye went bad). Okay, I don't know if it was blood exactly, but there was something that would leak out her eye down her nose from the good eye, and while I am an ItchBay, apparently I'm not THAT big an ItchBay. Because I discovered that I couldn't just set back and let her go completely blind, at least if it could be avoided.
(For the record, if she'd ended up going blind, I know what would've happened, I'd have ended up bringing her in the house, and trying to take care of her. And honestly my house has too many animals as it is, so I wanted to leave the "wild" kitty wild if possible.)

Anyway, the doc gave me some stuff that's supposed to go in her eyes twice a day - I just hope she doesn't run off after today's adventure, cause honestly at this point she barely trusted me, and I'm a bit worried that putting her in a pet taxi and taking her to town (which is about 15/20 miles away) will have shattered that trust and she may not come near me again.
(Though to be honest, she was better behaved going for the drive then my cats - mine bitch piss and moan the whole time. This one ate a bite and slept mostly on the way out there, on the way back she did moan a bit, but still not as bad as mine.)

She also apparently got a "cat cold" from my white kitty - about three weeks ago, he wasn't feeling good. For about five days his nose ran like crazy, and for three nights his breathing was terrible. But then he got better, and is totally fine now. But apparently she caught the cold from him, and wasn't getting over it like he did. So, I've got meds for that too. So, yeah, I hope she doesn't run off now (and not just for the sake of her kitties) cause if she does she might not get better.

Update: 7-14-10

Several bits of good news. One the cat did not run off, in fact by dark(ish) last night she was coming up to me as she'd started to before. So, I played with her a little bit, then I used the meds on her.

By last night, I thought her "bad" eye was looking a little less swollen, by this morning I was certain it was. Don't get me wrong it's still very red, but it doesn't look like it's about to pop today. I think she may be getting some feeling back in that eye, as well. Yesterday she didn't flinch or anything when the doc or me put the meds in, but today she flinched when I put the meds in both eyes. It also looks like her "good" eye is doing better. She's still closing it (or squinting) in bright sunlight, but it's not leaking that blood-like subtance today.
(It was a bit hard to tell yesterday since it was cloudy, not that I'm complaining cause cloudy means cooler, and today is less cloudy and it's HOT! But thankfully there are still a few clouds around.)

Anyway, it's probably a good thing I took her in to get her checked out, because I noticed last night when I got to reading on the meds that most of the things this stuff treats appears to be stuff that could maybe be transferred to other cats, which means I could've ended up having a problem with my cats even though one of them is an indoor only cat.

I hope there's still some possibility to fix your car, maybe a scrapyard has the needed parts or the like.

Good to hear about the cat doing better. :)
At this point, as far as the car is concerned, I got nothing. My dad knows some people that he'll hopefully talk to this weekend, and if nothing else maybe one of them has a car (or a transmission that would work in my car) for cheap that I can buy. At this point, renting a car isn't exactly cost effective.

As for the cat, I think, but I can't be sure, but I think she's also feeling better. The bad eye is still red, but I don't think it's hurting her as much as it was. I'd also stupidly thought some of her laying around issues was first because she was pregnant, and then because she didn't want to stray too far from her babies, but now I think it's cause she wasn't feeling good, cause I thought yesterday she was being more active, and she's certainly more active today then she's been in about a month.