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*sigh* I was just going to include this as a PS to another entry, rather than making an entry simply about fic list updates. However, I don't really have a lot to say at the moment, because other than the updates to the fic list, not much else is happening.

You see, Unexpected American Vacation hit an unexpected slump - no, the story isn't stalled, but those that post on Terran know that recently I was sick. Well, apparently sick = bills. So I've had to meet appointments in order to get help paying, and making calls about others, because I think one is actually trying to charge me for something I've already paid for. Hopefully by the weekend things will settle a bit and I can finish up chapter three.

As for the cat and the litter box - the litter additive failed. So, I dumped everything litter and additive out. Then I washed and cleaned, if that fails, I'm going to... Well, I don't know what, but it'll be something drastic!

*Before I finished typing this, I heard the cat in the box scratching, so hopefully that is a good sign. ;)

Anyway... Since posting the fics lists, I've updated them. Not all at once, I've actually been doing updates here and there, but I thought I'd call attention to them. Alas, the crossover list is the only one that hasn't seen an update since I posted, and shockingly the het/gen list has seen the most updates.

If you're interested in checking things out:
Harry Potter Het & Gen
Harry Potter Slash A - L
Harry Potter Slash M - Z
And even though it wasn't updated, I'll link to the X-Over list just in case there are some that missed it.
Just remember on the X-Over List fics with Gossamer links are marked with a *, because Gossamer doesn't allow direct linking. So, you'll have to c/p title or author and then search. The few fics I've recced from Gossamer are worth searching for.

And now for something different - at least from me. I've decided to quote great lines from various fanfics as a end to my entries. This will continue until I run out of great quotes... Or (more likely) I simply get tired of doing it.

"How's this sound . . . I'm Luna Lovegood, Lovegood by name Love very Good by reputation."
- Luna explaining how to get the really hard stories in Make A Wish Chapter 28.
*peeks in and hugs* :)