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And I know what I giggled about last night is old news, cause instead of watching Bones this past season I watched The Vampire Diaries and used TNT/FOX (but mostly TNT, cause FOX doesn't seem to care all that much about encoring Bones - Boo-Hiss, FOX, BOO-HISS!) to catch-up with Bones.

Anyway, I'd have seen this one a little sooner, though it would've still been old news. However, I had intended to try and wait until I'd gotten all the Bones episodes I missed and then watch them in a big marathon session, alas yesterday there wasn't much to do or watch and so I broke down, and watched all the Bones I had on DVR.
(I'll still end up missing about two episodes from sometime in January/February, but in a couple/three weeks I should end up with every episode except for those two.)

Now as a Buffy fan I got really tickled by Booth calling himself a White Knight. If you watched Buffy you might have an idea why that tickled me.

Sadly, based on the schedules for next season I'll probably be waiting once again for Bones encores next season, though admittedly I'm getting less and less sad about that the more I watch - I hate the idea of Booth/Bones, and not because I ship either of them with anyone else, cause I don't.

*sigh* One day there will be a TV show where a male and a female work together and are friends, but they WON'T end up becoming lovers. One day. Back in the day I thought the X-Files was the one, and then they did it with Mulder/Scully. Early on I thought Bones might be the one, but in the past couple seasons it's starting to look like Bones won't be the one either.

(Honestly, why is it that no matter what the girl must always WANT a damn romance? Okay, fine, to be fair, Bones does seem to be making it the man that wants the ship and the female who doesn't, but I (of course) expect Bones to give in any day now cause she's a squishy little women who of course can't really function without a penis in her.

Weirdly enough, though, I wouldn't even mind if they had sex, cause I do actually like the almost clinical way in which Bones finds Booth hot, and I loved that Bones wanted his man-seed to make a baby with. Instead now this show seems to be trying to sell the fact that she does secretly want him as much as he openly wants her. UGH!

Well, well, well, it seems my mood from yesterday isn't entirely gone after all.
I watch Bones on occasion, not too bad, I get a headache from all the relationshipping and so on...

I wouldn't mind a meet & greet with Emily Dechanell.. she's cute. ;)
Well, until recently I thought the biggest shipper (in show) Angela was just insane when it came to shipism, but in the recent season the show has almost all the characters going "Bones/Booth YAY/YAY must happen!"

And, even though one of the episodes I watched had Bones saying she wasn't a good choice for Booth, I live in fear that the show is going to end up going there, and then instead of being a cool clinical scientist we'll have Bones magically turn into a so-called "normal" female cause she be healed by penis!

Edited at 2010-07-08 10:37 pm (UTC)